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Step forward in Love

by | Mar 15, 2022

Not long ago, I was told by someone that they have this picture on their relationship vision board. It made me giggle. How sweet! 🥰 
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It’s true. We are connected in deep Love, my hubby and I, and we make each other laugh every day. I feel very blessed and deeply appreciate and cherish all moments of Love in my life, from the many gentle kisses from my hubby throughout the day and the laughter, embraces and fun we have with our kiddos to the feeling of deep connection and love with my friends and clients. 💖

The thing is, deeply loving relationships are just one aspect of the external manifestation of Love.

There is more to this emotion. A lot more. I truly believe that Love is the basis of all good, great and phenomenal in our lives, and yes, even in our businesses!

So I thought it would be useful to remind you of the limitless power of Love and how to use it to unlock much greater levels of abundance and success.

1. love creates

Love is the very fabric of the Universe. The energy of potentiality is the energy of Love.

And disconnection from it? Manifests as fear. That is Love’s polarity and any other emotion is somewhere in between on this continuum, indicating how connected, or disconnected, we are from Love.

It is Love that gave you the idea to start your business.

It is Love that whispers to your physical mind, “This is what you’re meant to do; this is who you’re meant to be.”

It is Love that is supporting you, guiding you every minute of the day to unlock the highest levels of your income, impact and everything that comes with it. For Love already holds the potentiality (energetic existence) of the highest version of your business and life. Now.

So our part in it?

Is to trust it.

Accept it.

And lovingly step forward, even in the face of not knowing it all (or with any other doubts you may hold).
When the idea for the Energetic Breakthrough Method® first knocked on my mind, I didn’t know any details. Not even the name. But I knew one thing that was strongly communicated to me: “Create a space for it.”

I had a strong nudge to let go of certifying others as NLP Coaches, something that I’ve been lovingly doing for the past 14 years up until then.

So I did. I let go of good in order to welcome great.

Then masses of clarity came, bit by bit at times and in avalanches other times.

But it all came and resulted in the Energetic Breakthrough Method® Certification Programme, my most meaningful work to date because I trusted the vision that was given to me, as well as the steps as they came.
Trust Love!

It doesn’t lie.

It shows itself to you as a feeling of desire, calling an expansion in your body.
With that feeling, Love shows you how it wants to express itself through you.

Here’s a few journaling prompts to support you in this:

✒️ “How does Love want to express itself through me right now?”
✒️ “Where can I trust more in my vision?”
✒️ “Where can I trust more that I am being supported, fully, at all times?”

2. love chooses right now, not convenient

You might have heard me speaking about the moment when the idea of joining forces with Sarah Negus, Modern Day Shaman®, in order to create the Energetic Breakthrough Method® Certification Programme, was first expressed.

To be absolutely honest, I didn’t like the idea of joining forces with Sarah. Or, to be more accurate, my Ego didn’t like the idea.

You see, I trust Sarah implicitly and I am aware of her deep wisdom and I knew that EBM would become infinitely more powerful if we combined our knowledge, experience and approaches.

But, I have also had an experience in the past when I joined forces with someone to create a new venture – and lost an entire business because of it.

Plus, I was aware that when two people create something together, the process is longer, more complicated so to speak.

So there was a pause between the expression of this idea and my decision. A long pause.
In that pause, I asked myself, “What would Love do here?”

And I knew immediately that, should I say ‘no’, it would be coming from a place of Ego - choosing an easier, more convenient option.

‘Yes’ carried a lot of unknown but both Sarah and I decided to trust. And we gave birth to Energetic Breakthrough Method® together.

And OH-MY. I am SO freaking glad we did. Now, that we have finished the first cohort and certified some incredible EBM Practitioners who will be carrying on the EBM legacy, I can truly appreciate the power of choosing RIGHT over ‘easier’ or ‘more convenient’ fully.
And by the way, the entire process of creating the EBM program was in flow. Yes, we spent a significant amount of time creating content, proprietary and powerful energetic processes etc. but there wasn’t any form of hardship or complication along the way.

Just flow. So those initial fears of mine? 

Were truly an illusion!

Journaling prompt for integration:

✒️ “Where can I choose RIGHT over convenient or easier?”

3. Love is honest

A couple of days ago one wonderful woman reached out via the Energetic Breakthrough Method® sales page chat, asking for support. She had bought one of my courses recently via a payment plan and she “would also LOVE to do EBM” but her budget didn’t allow it. She was asking us for a solution.

I looked into it. One solution was to extend the payment plan for the EBM certification programme, so it would fit into her budget.

But the more I felt into it, the more I was sure it wouldn’t be very empowering to offer it to this client. It would be falling into saving consciousness, something that from time to time I still battle with.

Of course, I wanted to help, but I wanted to help in a way that will actually help a client, not give her a temporary ‘fix’!

So instead, I decided to be honest with her. And encourage her to finish the programme she recently invested in, benefit and grow from it, and then join EBM for the next round, when her finances allow it.

She thanked me for my honesty.

And a few hours later, we received a message: “I reflected and I decided to join EBM now. I’m signing up.”
In other words, a woman who was reaching out to us to find her a solution was now empowered enough to find the solution herself.

That’s a biggie. And a completely different state of consciousness. I almost cried, I was so happy for her. Because I know that from this place, she will reap infinitely more benefit out of the Energetic Breakthrough Method® Programme than she would have had without this ‘shift’. And I suspect her life and work will reflect this shift quickly too.

You see, it’s really worthwhile to empower, rather than save our clients and people around us. It’s a tricky choice at times since, of course, we want to help! But from which place we help is hugely important too.

💖 Love doesn’t save.
💖 Love empowers.
💖 Love is honest.

That honesty builds a huge amount of trust with your clients. And it also carries a transformative power.

Here are a few journaling prompts for integration:

✒️ “Where can I do less saving?”
✒️ “Where can I do more empowering?”
✒️ “Where can I seek less saving?”
✒️ “Where can I empower myself more?”
✒️ “Where can I be more honest with myself?”
✒️ “Where can I be more honest with my clients? And other people in my life?”

We could go on and on about the power of Love  but this is more than enough for today, methinks! 😍

Love is infinitely powerful, period!

I encourage you to journal on the prompts given and see where you can lean more into the power of love in your business and in your life, of course. And perhaps share the answers with me?
Lastly, I would also lovingly encourage you to consider the opportunity to join the Energetic Breakthrough Method®.

One could say that it is a revolutionary coaching certification programme – and that would be correct. Inside this programme, we teach our clients how to work with energy directly and use this skill to facilitate incredible transformations and growth in their clients.

One could also say that it is a deeply transformative experience – and this too would be correct. With each module of EBM, you will go deeper and deeper into your own energy, letting LOVE flow through you more fully and show you who you really are.

But Energetic Breakthrough Method® is more than that.

I truly believe that this programme is facilitating the birth of the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Those who not only appreciate the infinite power of our energy but use it fully – for the benefits of ourselves, our clients, our loved ones and the world.

It’s a movement, a way of life when being in FLOW becomes your normal, when you move through each day in full Love and, as such, create an unspeakable amount of miracles.

The opportunity to save £500 is open until Monday, 21st March. I invite you to step in. 💖

With all my love,
P.S. We want to take a moment to support those who have been affected by the horrendous war in Ukraine.
We will be donating 10% of all profits from this week’s promotion to BStrong, an organisation providing emergency assistance to Ukrainian people in crisis. 💖
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