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YOU are in...

YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE QUANTUM LEAP BOOTCAMP - a 4-DAY ONLINE BUSINESS BOOTCAMP helping you take your sales revenues and business to a whole new level.

Please check your email inbox for your welcome email with the course access details. In (an unlikely) case of having difficulties to access your course:

Check your spam folder - sadly, even the most brilliant emails are sometimes filtered out by spam filters. The subject line of email in question will read: "Welcome! {Quantum Leap Bootcamp}". Please, remember to whitelist our email address.

You will also soon receive an email with subject "How to access the course... {IMPORTANT INFO INSIDE}" with important info and a link to register on my training portal where you will be able to access the Quantum Leap Bootcamp training.

If you still cannot find the welcome email with the course access details within one hour of your purchase, please contact us at love@lenkalutonska.com and we will sort you out pronto.

Thank you and here it to your quantum leaps!


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