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My secrets to insane productivity

by | Mar 7, 2024

There’s a common myth in the minds of women entrepreneurs that says, “The more successful your business becomes, the more busy you become.” 

I lovingly call BS on this. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I’m far less busy while making millions on repeat by doing what I love, in comparison to, say, when my business was 10 times smaller. 

I enjoy far more free time for holidaying, travelling, doing whatever I fancy, than I used to. 

But: I’m insanely productive…

… as is every super-successful Conscious Entrepreneur. 

So today, I’d like to share with you my personal secrets to insane productivity. These are the tips that help my impact to grow, put my soul on fire, and give my body and mind the joy and rest it deserves. 

Let’s go…

1. Prioritise Connection

Connection leads to infinitely more productivity than action alone.

Connection with what? 

Your vision and purpose.

Every morning, I powerfully connect with my vision and purpose. I let the energy of the version of myself that lives at the next level vision flow though my body. I become ONE with it. 

In the same way, I get deeply connected to my purpose. 

This drops me into FLOW. And from there, I create

  • Valuable content for my super-aligned clients (like this blog) 
  • Business strategy for the foreseeable future 
  • Landing page copy / ad copy / emails… whatever is calling my focus on that particular morning.

One might think this takes forever.


When you are in Flow, everything simply flows. You’ll create more in a couple of hours than a hired professional (who could never be in as much connection with your business / vision / purpose) could do in a whole day. 

So yes - Flow is the keyword here. And to get into Flow, you need a deep, deep connection with your Vision and Purpose. That’s why I prioritise Connection.

2. Prioritise your energy over other people’s energy.

I used to start my working day with a meeting with my Business Manager. 

Not anymore. 


Because a single innocent business call has the power to pull you out of your own energy, and your powerful CREATIVE consciousness, into REACTIVE consciousness… because you start focusing on other people, solving problems etc. 

That’s not a recipe for insane productivity. 

As such, now the first couple of hours of each working day belong to ME, and me alone. 

No phone calls. No smartphone, full stop. No scrolling through social media and sh*t like that. 


My vision, my purpose, my soul-aligned client that I am here to serve. 

This is a must for insane productivity and effortless business growth.

But - let’s not be too rigid here. 

I mean, I have kids and they need me before going to school. Or maybe I need them, haha. I currently also have a couple of morning client sessions. 

You can still have a life and prioritise your energy over the energy of others. 🙂

3. Prioritise support

I’ll admit it. I’m blinking spoiled with support. 

I have an incredible team of women who support my work and fill in all the details and processes that are not mine to worry about. 

I have a Personal Assistant at home, and my loved ones support me no end. 

Of course I also have incredible mentors, coaches and friends around me. 

I’m deeply grateful for such a robust support network. Yes, I realise I’m privileged.

But - I designed it this way. 

Over the years, I have BUILT this powerful support network through: 

> Working on alchemising my Prostitute Archetype energetic patterns, such as overgiving and proving; and 

> Embodying my Queen Archetype more and more through powerful (and often uncomfortable) choices, such as hiring when I wasn’t fully ready, etc. 

We women are incredibly powerful creatures. But we are NOT meant to create incredible things by ourselves. Plus, it would be kinda impossible to be insanely productive and lack support at the same time. 

Prioritise support.

4. Prioritise yourself

I prioritise my joy. My space. My peace. I prioritise myself, full stop…. With decisions around who to hire (or sometimes fire, which is much harder), with decisions around how I choose to spend each day, with decisions around how to run my life-changing programmes and client containers… with decisions whether to travel and where to travel…

… well, with everything. 

Ultimately, you’ll find that the more you prioritise yourself (and send the ‘Good Girl’ in you to sleep), the more you will walk that path to more Connection. More Flow. More support. More insane productivity…

…and everyone around you benefits massively. 

Much love,

Lenka ❤️

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