What My Lovely Clients Say


What My Lovely Clients Say

the Modern Day Shaman

Working with Lenka changed my business forever!

“After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately manifest 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

This is a BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”


Mindset and Business Development Coach

I found my zone of genius, increased my prices 5 times and sold out my Mastermind!

“When I signed up to GFBA, I only had money to pay for the first installment. At that time I only had two clients and charged them £1100.

Now I charge £5000 (the increase was aligned with what I offer now as Lenka helped me with digging deep into my zone of genius!!), I’ve learnt to create my high-end clients, just filled up my Mastermind and with Lenka’s help I rock girls’ lives and businesses.

GFBA is continuing to give me the support and challenge I need and want. I’d highly recommend signing up to everyone!”

RUBY MCGUIRE, Visibilty Diva, aka Queen of Connections

Visibilty Diva, aka Queen of Connections

I started to offer 5k packages!

“Get Fully Booked Academy helped me to connect to more ease, less hustle. I have shifted my mindset massively and stepped into a new area of offering 5k packages. It feels exhilarating!

Even my hubby says joining Get Fully Booked Academy is the best thing I’ve done for my business so far!”

Shake Up To Wake Up Coach

Simply Organised Coach

The Rich Woman Mentor

Since working with Lenka I have built a business that I once dreamed of owning!

“When I first hired Lenka I had made only $99 in sales in the past 7 months. I came to Lenka with a BIG dream to sell out a group coaching program and was looking for some major help. Lenka provided me with a sound strategy and killer mindset work to launch and SELL OUT my coaching program that brought in over $22K in sales!!! I cried some happy tears when I realized something I once dreamed of was coming true right before my eyes. I have also been able to confidently raise my coaching rates from $1K to $5K (and will be going up again soon!).

I love Lenka’s ability to help me see a bigger vision for myself and truly own it. I have literally surpassed all my goals I set out in my welcome package with Lenka that once felt like a far distant dream. I am in AWE at how fast my life and business has shifted in just 4 short months. The best part? I know this is just the beginning! I am so blessed and grateful to work with Lenka and I look forward to building a multiple 6-figure business in the coming year working with her help!”

ANNA LANGA - The Digital Marketing Strategist for 6 Figure Coaches

The Digital Marketing Strategist for 6 Figure Coaches

I had my biggest month ever in 7 years in business!

“If you think Lenka is a coach for coaches only, you are so wrong!

I’m a #DigitalMarketingGenie and definitely not a coach but you know what, it doesn’t really matter! Lenka gets me and I don’t know where would I be if I haven’t met her. It happened suddenly. I saw her post in her FB group and it clicked right away! She is a power house! Every time I take her class or talk to her I feel energised to take action. Her support and loving push help me to overcome my fears and make me do things, the RIGHT things!
In the first month of the Quantum Leap Mastermind I had my BIGGEST month ever for 7 years in business!

Right now I have doubled my prices, have a waiting list of soul clients and a steady £10k months on the horizon. I’m right on track to achieve my BIG goals which seemed impossible few months back. I knew a lot of coaches before and did a ton of programs.

No one does help so much as Lenka does! If you are serious about being successful – get on board!”

Creative Passionistas Coach & Mentor

Over 8K in two weeks!

“I always thought that earning 5K or 10K per month was a myth or something that other women did. Not me. So making 8.5K in just two weeks (and selling out a brand new program) was something I considered near impossible.

Well, my thinking changed. With Lenka’s guidance this is now my reality! As Lenka says: “Anything is possible!”

Client Attraction Strategist

I now make consistent £15K months!

“The experience of Lenka’s VIP Mastermind so far has been fantastic. Once I had signed up, I had a couple of sessions with Lenka and as a result, I made back the money I had invested in the group before it even officially started.

Lenka has built an amazing business and is incredibly generous, she is keeping us on track and helping us to deal with any issues that arise along out journey.

The ladies in the VIP Mastermind are truly AMAZING women – we are all focused on building our businesses and everyone is having success.

I now have consistent £15K months and one of my goals is to have my first £20K month.”

CONSUELA DEZSO - Career Transformation and Business Coach

Career Transformation and Business Coach

I sold out my group program, launched a retreat and raised my fees!

“When I started working with Lenka, I was charging $1,500 for my private coaching package and I had never launched a group program.

With Lenka’s help in getting over my fears and blocks, as well as her amazing support and encouragement, I sold out my group program, I’ve launched a retreat, and I now confidently charge $8,000 for my private coaching package.”

With Me

With Me


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