What My Lovely Clients Say

the Modern Day Shaman

Working with Lenka has changed my business forever.

“When I first came across her I’d been online for about a year with patchy success, feast then famine in terms of clients and finances. That has all changed. Lenka has coached me through my own ‘hook ups’, gently but firmly, she has given me strategies to build my list, attract my tribe and to send the right message to my soul clients. She is there supporting me through thick and thin and has been a beacon of light in my growth. She is the best mindset maven I have experienced, this for me made all the difference, that together with her business acumen makes magic.

After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately manifest 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

This is a BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”

The Rich Woman Mentor

Since working with Lenka I have built a business that I once dreamed of owning!

“When I first hired Lenka I had made only $99 in sales in the past 7 months. I came to Lenka with a BIG dream to sell out a group coaching program and was looking for some major help. Lenka provided me with a sound strategy and killer mindset work to launch and SELL OUT my coaching program that brought in over $22K in sales!!! I cried some happy tears when I realized something I once dreamed of was coming true right before my eyes. I have also been able to confidently raise my coaching rates from $1K to $5K (and will be going up again soon!).

I love Lenka’s ability to help me see a bigger vision for myself and truly own it. I have literally surpassed all my goals I set out in my welcome package with Lenka that once felt like a far distant dream. I am in AWE at how fast my life and business has shifted in just 4 short months. The best part? I know this is just the beginning! I am so blessed and grateful to work with Lenka and I look forward to building a multiple 6-figure business in the coming year working with her help!”

Certified Datings and Relationship Coach

The first 5K month within 5 weeks!

“I first came across Lenka almost a year back, I did her group program Manifestation Bootcamp, and something about this program just clicked for me, it gave me the right mindset, it showed me what I was capable of and really ignited that passion in me, that I already knew I had, to serve more and more women.

As a result of this work with Lenka, I started to have 5K months very, very quickly. I signed up with Lenka and there has not been any looking back. I am literally soaring in my business. I am making anything between 10K – 16K Euros a month!

Behind those numbers are amazing results that my clients are getting. There are happy women, happy wives, women are getting married as the result of my work.

Lenka is an amazing coach, she has shown me that money is not a bad thing, and when I was being acknowledged through money for the energy I was giving my clients, I was actually making a huge impact out in the world.

Lenka is a Coach With the Soul, she is an extraordinary woman who creates other extraordinary women. I find her 100% honest, transparent and vulnerable at times. I highly recommend to work with Lenka, my business has taken off in a way I could have not imagined a year back and next year is going to be even more freaking amazing. The first investment is nothing if you think about what returns you will get.

And of course with a happy business and a good mindset, it is not just your business that gains, it is also your life that changes for the good.

Thanks to Lenka’s help:
• I went from earning 5k per year to 5K+ per month
• I exceeded my annual income estimate within 4 months
• Hired 2 members of my team
• Grew my business to 6 figures and got fully booked with my high-end clients
• Sold out a luxury retreat”

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