What My Lovely Clients Say


What My Lovely Clients Say


CEO and Founder of Project Positive Change

I tripled my multiple-six-figure business in six months and went over a 1,000,000!

“I`m one of those women who is totally committed to creating a maximum impact in the world and running a REALLY successful online business. So I hired Lenka. The last six months while working with Lenka have been incredible. I tripled my already multiple-six-figure business.

Lenka guided me to make some crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, changes to spur my business growth. At the same time, we continually worked on my mindset and energy because that’s where it all starts.

Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way I’ve never experienced before. What difference did this make for me, my business and the people I work with? A huge one, if you ask me!”


Business & Mindset Coach

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks!

“I hired Lenka as a coach because I wanted to grow my business further and I loved Lenka’s energy. It deeply resonated with me. So I went for it, even though it was a big leap for me.

Working with Lenka is the perfect combination of heart and mind, strategic guidance and energy work. It can be challenging at times but Lenka showers you with love (even tough love too when you need it), gives superb guidance with any situation that may arise, she believes in you and celebrates you like nobody else. It is a genuine love for humankind.

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks and 10x my income in several weeks.



The Modern Day Shaman

Working with Lenka changed my business forever!

“After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately manifested 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

This is a BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”


Conscious Maverick

6 clients in 5 days!

“I highly recommend working with Lenka to every single person on the planet!

Using Lenka’s methods, I increased my revenue 5-times over and I serve clients internationally!

Seriously… I have not seen this type of results in my business, sales and overall energy in 13 years of business.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lenka!”


Manifesting & Law Of Attraction Coach

I made £13.5K within first 4 weeks!

“My ego did kick in when I was deciding whether or not to do the programme. BUT, I ignored it and took the leap to work with Lenka as I had been drawn to her for a while and gained so much insight from the free content she offered, I knew I wanted to work far more closely with her.

The experience has been incredible and life-changing for me, I have hugely quantum leapt! It has been scary at times and it’s been a huge turning point for me in my business.

In the first four weeks alone, I had sold £13.5k worth of programmes. This STILL blows my mind as I now feel that if I can do this, what ELSE can I do?!

Lenka – you are incredible. I adore the way you weave energy alignment into everything you do and I have learnt soooo much from you. If you are thinking of working with Lenka, please don’t let your ego talk you out of it – just take the leap. Jump – and the universe and Lenka will catch you.

I have already FAR exceeded the money I’ve invested and working with Lenka is undoubtedly one of the very best investments you can make!”


Client Attraction Strategist

I now make consistent £15K months!

“The experience of Lenka’s VIP Mastermind so far has been fantastic. Once I had signed up, I had a couple of sessions with Lenka and as a result, I made back the money I had invested in the group before it even officially started.

Lenka has built an amazing business and is incredibly generous, she is keeping us on track and helping us to deal with any issues that arise along our journey.

The ladies in the VIP Mastermind are truly AMAZING women – we are all focused on building our businesses and everyone is having success.

I now have consistent £15K months and one of my goals is to have my first £20K month.”


The Rich Woman Mentor

Since working with Lenka I have built a business that I once dreamed of owning!

“When I first hired Lenka I had made only $99 in sales in the past 7 months. I came to Lenka with a BIG dream to sell out a group coaching program and was looking for some major help. Lenka provided me with a sound strategy and killer mindset work to launch and SELL OUT my coaching program that brought in over $22K in sales!!! I cried some happy tears when I realized something I once dreamed of was coming true right before my eyes. I have also been able to confidently raise my coaching rates from $1K to $5K (and will be going up again soon!).

I love Lenka’s ability to help me see a bigger vision for myself and truly own it. I have literally surpassed all my goals I set out in my welcome package with Lenka that once felt like a far distant dream. I am in AWE at how fast my life and business has shifted in just 4 short months. The best part? I know this is just the beginning! I am so blessed and grateful to work with Lenka and I look forward to building a multiple 6-figure business in the coming year working with her help!”


Shake Up To Wake Up Coach


Simply Organised Coach


Spiritual Teacher & Coach

I increased my monthly sales five times over!

“I’ve been a spiritual teacher & coach for women for over fifteen years. But all the while I was making a tremendous difference to other people’s lives, I was struggling with valuing my work properly.

And then… Lenka. With her help, I fell in love with selling, embraced receiving lots of money for my work and started to approach my business from a higher level of consciousness. After booking Lenka I made 10K in two days, increased my monthly revenues five times over within weeks and opened the doors to continual growth and expansion in my business.

Speak to Lenka. She changes lives!”


MC & Founder Of World Class Female Speakers

Lenka accelerates that which you think will take months or years!

“I can list off the things in my life and business that have transformed as a result of being held to such a high account by Lenka and my Mastermind Sisters.

What Lenka does it to accelerate that which you think will take months or years.What Lenka does it to accelerate that which you think will take months or years.

I’d recommend the Mastermind in a heartbeat and if you are thinking about it…stop. That thinking is exactly why you have not yet got the results you truly desire.

Just sign up, and prepare for the transformational ride of your life!”


The Digital Marketing Strategist for 6 Figure Coaches

I had my biggest month ever in 7 years in business!

“If you think Lenka is a coach for coaches only, you are so wrong!

I’m a #DigitalMarketingGenie and definitely not a coach but you know what, it doesn’t really matter! Lenka gets me and I don’t know where would I be if I haven’t met her. It happened suddenly. I saw her post in her FB group and it clicked right away! She is a powerhouse! Every time I take her class or talk to her I feel energised to take action. Her support and loving push help me to overcome my fears and make me do things, the RIGHT things!

In the first month of the Mastermind, I had my BIGGEST month ever for 7 years in business!

Right now I have doubled my prices, have a waiting list of soul clients and a steady £10k months on the horizon. I’m right on track to achieve my BIG goals which seemed impossible a few months back. I knew a lot of coaches before and did a ton of programs.

No one does help so much as Lenka does! If you are serious about being successful – get on board!”


Creative Passionistas Coach & Mentor

Over 8K in two weeks!

“I always thought that earning 5K or 10K per month was a myth or something that other women did. Not me. So making 8.5K in just two weeks (and selling out a brand new program) was something I considered near impossible.

Well, my thinking changed. With Lenka’s guidance, this is now my reality! As Lenka says: “Anything is possible!”


Career Transformation and Business Coach

I sold out my group program, launched a retreat and raised my fees!

“When I started working with Lenka, I was charging $1,500 for my private coaching package and I had never launched a group program.

With Lenka’s help in getting over my fears and blocks, as well as her amazing support and encouragement, I sold out my group program, I’ve launched a retreat, and I now confidently charge $8,000 for my private coaching package.”


My business grew exponentially!

“My decision to work with Lenka was absolutely pivotal in my business journey. She helped me master my money mindset, refine my message, and get laser-focused in terms of the type of client I’m meant to serve.

I can honestly say that both I and my business have grown exponentially as a result of our work together. If you’ve hit a plateau and you have no idea how to get your business to the next level, then Lenka is definitely your woman.”


Attending my NLP Coach Training means deep personal transformation and growth. It means learning a powerful set of tools for improving all areas of your life, from business through to health and relationships. And it also means an unforgettable experience.

But don’t rely on my words! Read on for just a few comments from my past NLP Practitioner delegates…

I trained with Lenka for my NLP Certification and it was probably the best career decision I have made to date. I came away from the training and set up my own business which is still going strong. Lenka doesn’t just train you; she keeps in touch and is genuinely concerned about your well-being. On top of that, her Get Fully Booked brand is a great business coaching resource which enables women to empower not only themselves but each other. I would highly recommend Lenka as a trainer and coach if you wish to have a successful career.

T. Fearon, Relationship coach, Hertfordshire

Wow is the only word I can say about this training. I didn’t know much about NLP before, but boy – I do now! Lenka has presented this whole training in a very client-friendly way, so I could  grasp all the training material easily. I now feel empowered because now I can apply this to my business and take it to another level. All in all a very empowering, thought-provoking and motivating course. It’s definitely a training to be on!

G. Grivenevicius, Hertfordshire

My interest in NLP started primarily as a way to improve my sales and management skills. However, having experienced its power through this course subsequently I now see it as having much wider applicability.  Lenka is a wonderful teacher, patient, charming, fun and very very knowledgeable – and, she is modest, only gradually revealing the truly admirable extent of her achievements within the field of NLP. It really is rare in my experience that we are lucky enough to meet a person who changes our lives.

C.Kenny, London

Excellent trainer! Wonderful pacing! Fantastic new learnings! If you want to improve on all of the resources you have, if you want to live your life to the max, if you want to successfully and effortlessly set your goals and achieve all of your dreams then this is the most definitely, 100 %, without any doubt, the course for you!

K. Jhite, London

Lenka was my trainer for Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy(TM), and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis certifications. Lenka brought together all the material and with her considerable experience and expertise it all started to make sense. It was outstanding. Lenka is so knowledgeable every question gets comprehensively answered. It was the most valuable, life-changing training I have had in my 50+ years.

K. Cooper, Hertfordshire

Quality of presentation of course content and friendliness of trainer brought together all elements of the course to show how we could use them in ‘the real world’. The most professional experience from start to finish from booking the course to receiving the certificates – and the most enjoyable.

K. Todd, Manchester

Great course! If change is what you really want and you are prepared to work hard then this is perfect. The techniques are great and I am walking away with the feelings of excitement and motivation to achieve my goals.

A. Pandya, London

Good atmosphere on the course, made booking easy and friendly and encouraged responses to all exercises. Great experience – I signed up for a business course and got so much more out of it. Lenka was friendly and helpful and it was great to see the positive changes occur within the group. Like the most refreshing holiday, you can go on! If only we could go on this course every week!

R.Fenner, Hertfordshire

The course was truly truly excellent. I feel it has changed my life and I am confident that this is the light at the end of the tunnel that I have been looking for. As a result of the changed me I think the world is now going to be a much better place for me and even more importantly for all the people I know.

S. Haria, Hertfordshire

I would like to say thank you for a fantastic training. All elements of the course exceeded my expectations: the course content, the way it was presented and the people I met were all top notch. It was, without doubt, the most effective and enjoyable course I’ve ever done. I would recommend this NLP course to anyone who would like to improve themselves, their career prospects or personal life.

D. Sykes, Hertfordshire

I came on this course full of expectations and a little nervous. Wow, WHAT A WEEK!! I have learned and experienced in a very short period some very useful skills in helping me reach my goals both in my business and personal life. An excellent course that I truly recommend.

J. Mudaliar, Bedfordshire

I’ve been really tired today but I’m just buzzing from the effects of the whole week. I can’t stop looking at my certificate I’m so proud. I have changed and it all feels so positive. I know I have a great future now and I can’t wait to get started and, Lenka, you will always be a key part in that transformation.

K. Ferguson, Leeds


Conscious Catalyst

A life-changing week!

“I really would not have trained in NLP with anybody other than Lenka. She goes so far beyond the mere delivery of a bunch of information in the wonderful space that she holds (above and beyond the actual curriculum too), and offered a truly life-changing week for everyone involved. Despite my introvert hangover I genuinely missed returning on Sunday/Monday morning to continue what we’d started the week previously!

It was an incredible experience; such profound personal change, amazing connections made, and just all-around perfect.

Having done the training and been “therapied” myself (this really says a lot…) I have no qualms in saying quite comfortably and openly that I personally was able to completely eliminate all residual symptoms of PTSD that have absolutely plagued me for over 20 years, despite my best efforts to shift them through other methods (including high spirituality). I woke up on I think Friday morning with a profound feeling of whole-being (specifically neurological) “safety” – something I have truly never felt before in my life. I can barely contain my excitement for what this might do for my beloved clients and loved ones, alongside the rest of the methods I’ve got at my disposal.

Thank you, Lenka!”


Career Coach

I will always be grateful

“Lenka introduced me to NLP for which I will always be grateful.

Her expert knowledge of her subject was matched by her insightful approach to using NLP in business, coaching, personal and business development.

Lenka is a flexible and intuitive trainer who always works centred on her learners’ needs, her knowledge of the application of NLP in business is second to none.”


Woman’s Health Coach

I will always be grateful

“Lenka, what a turning point it was meeting you and attending your training.

It was a life-transforming experience and now with knowledge, I gained from you, I am able to pass on that level of transformation to others.

I continue to enthuse about the training and have recommended you on many occasions. Thank you for your grass root approach that kept me buzzing and inspired throughout.”




Business Consultant For Coaches Who Are Ready To Become Location Independent

10K in 4 weeks!

“I signed up to EGA about 2 months ago to see what I can learn from Lenka.

I’ve worked with numerous business mentors before but nothing and nobody compares to Lenka and her approach.

I’ve had my best month ever (made almost 10k in the last 4 weeks) and you know what’s best about that? I know it’s just the beginning of a very long and amazing journey.

The Extraordinary Growth Academy is an absolutely AMAZING program and you will learn TONS from Lenka.

Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence – go for it (and thank me later 😛 ).”


Reach For Greatness Coach

I went from 0 to 10k months within 3 months!

“What an extraordinary year it’s been being part of the Extraordinary Growth Academy family!

I connected with my energy and with other powerful female entrepreneurs. I’m no longer scared of putting myself out there and really going for it. I re-launched my business with Reach For Greatness TV and have interviewed over 100 women so far, published my first book and took my business from 0 to 10K months within 3 months!!”


The Recovery Coach

Lenka has changed my life!!

“I could not even imagine how much could change for me a year ago. Back then I didn’t even run a business.

Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to get fully booked with amazing clients. I now earn almost 5 figures a month and I support my family and run my business and life, exactly as I want.

I can honestly say Lenka and her Academy changed my life!”


Go Virtual Support

I doubled my prices and my income tripled!

“Joining the Extraordinary Growth Academy was the best decision of my year! I’ve received a ton of clarity and support, not just from Lenka but from the whole community.

My tribe is growing, I doubled my prices and I’ve achieved so much that I cannot fit it all in here! Most importantly, I fully stepped into my power – and my income tripled!”


Ambitious Women Mentor

I got myself fully booked!

“I almost talked myself out of signing up for Lenka’s Academy. It was June so I thought I wouldn’t have time to study since the kids were about to start their holidays, plus I only had enough money just for the first instalment. Luckily, I said to myself: “F**k it, I’m doing it.”

Shortly after I signed up and dived in, I landed a new client, then another one. I truly fell in love with selling (it was my biggest issue before). Then I increased my fees and got fully booked. By the time a year was over, I was earning 5.5 times more than ever before in my coaching… and I had brought my vision board to life!

As Lenka says, “Anything is possible. Anything is possible for me. Anything is possible for me right now.” It’s true for me and if you are willing to do the work, it will be true for you too!”


The Rich Woman​ Mentor

I Sold Out!

“My first ever group launch? 20K, SOLD OUT launch – without a website or Facebook ads and with less than 200 people on my mailing list.

With alignment, a good plan and Lenka in your corner, anything is possible!”


Wealth with Heart Coach

Joining Lenka’s Academy was the beginning of my first 6-figure year!

“When I signed up to Academy, I only had the money to pay for the first instalment. At that time, I only had two clients and charged them £1100.

Being part of the Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to increase my fees by 5 times, sell out my programs and create a 6 figure impact all in the same year!

I’d highly recommend signing up to everyone!”


The Aligned Style Image Consultant

I doubled my Facebook group, tripled my prices and signed up my first 4K VIP client!

“Since I started working with Lenka, I signed up a client for my year-long coaching package, then doubled my Facebook group, tripled my prices and signed up my first 4K VIP client.

Most of all, I made the transition from fledgeling entrepreneur to titan-in-the-making and committed to making Energetic Selling the basis of my business.

Having had the privilege of helping out within EGA, I can testify that the Academy is a world-class marketing and personal growth resource for all coaches and service providers.”


Visibilty Diva, aka Queen of Connections

I started to offer 5k packages!

“The Academy helped me to connect to more ease, less hustle. I have shifted my mindset massively and stepped into a new area of offering 5k packages. It feels exhilarating!

Even my hubby says joining the Academy is the best thing I’ve done for my business so far!”




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