Drop into the energy of Overflow.
Make magnificent money manifestations your normal.

11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST 
(replays available for 2 weeks)

Drop into the energy of Overflow.
Make magnificent money manifestations your normal.

11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST
(replays available for 2 weeks)


Imagine waking up in the morning to fabulous sales revenues because your perfect-for-you clients are finding your way to you even when you sleep. 

Imagine receiving large amounts of money while you are on holiday or when you have decided to take a prolonged period for rest and fun because receiving and the amount of action you take are no longer related for you.  

Imagine receiving “Thank you” and love notes from your clients on a daily basis, and joy in your heart because those powerful client transformations are happening so much, and so easily. 

Imagine making magnificent money manifestations your normal and fueling your dreams more and more each week, each month, each year. 

Imagine having to pinch yourself because you feel so much gratitude and joy you think your heart might burst.

This is overflow

And as incredible as it sounds, it’s not a fantasy. (I used to think so too… until I started to live it.) 

Overflow’s home is deep down within you, way beyond your mind. Way beyond those, “I am not ready for this” or, “This is not possible for me” thoughts. 

It’s a God-given gift available to every woman with a desire to live her life fully, and make a big difference in the world. It’s a gift waiting for you to unlock and gratefully receive….

… and make Overflow your Normal.

And that’s exactly what you’re about to do during this powerful 3-day energetic activation.

Make magnificent manifestations your normal.

11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST 
(replays available for 2 weeks)


I’m Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing, Business Energetics® Genius, Wealth Activator and Limitless Millionaire Mentor for women with the whisper in their heart, “You’re meant for more. You’re meant to make an extraordinary difference in the world.”

Today, I live in Overflow and my heart is full of gratitude for it. Think ever-flowing streams of incredible clients from all around the world; think millions in sales revenues and financial abundance; think abundance of time freedom; think overflow of love, support, fun, adventure and incredible opportunities, both in my business and personal life. 

I have created my Overflow from nothing. My starting point was financial struggle (with close to nothing in my bank account many times); being overlooked in the marketplace; and regular feelings of inferiority, struggle and hopelessness.

But the one thing I had? 

A never-dying flame of desire. 

Desire to be of massive purpose and make a huge difference in the lives of many people. Desire to get to do what I love on a much larger scale; desire to live my life fully, be able to afford to give my children and family what they deserve, enjoy financial and time freedom and …. be full of life!

That desire led me into the depths of myself, from which I started to receive signals, and whispers and guidance of a different kind. The kind that challenged my logical mind; the kind that made me scared shitless at times, the kind that often went against the common thought. 

But I continued to listen. And it led me here, into my Overflow. 

And now it’s your turn!

Because nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to guide powerful women like you to the way of being, living and serving that they dream about. 

Dropping into Overflow and making it your normal state of consciousness? 

Is the most fertile ground for all those dreams to turn into tangible reality. 

That’s why I created this powerful 3-day Activation, where I will guide you to unlock your Overflow, foster your Overflow, and become Overflow!

This will profoundly impact every aspect of your business and life – from the quality and amount of clients you naturally attract, through to money rewards, and the quality of your relationships. 

11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST 
(replays available for 2 weeks)


I wrapped this powerful energetic activation into three online sessions,
focusing on 3 energetic phases of Overflow: 


During these 3 Overflow activation sessions, we will work a lot with the energy of Money. It is one of the most focused forms of Overflow energy. From there, we will expand this energy into all other aspects of your business and life.

Overflow sessions will happen live on 11th, 12th & 13th June at 3pm UK time / 10am EST time. Each session will be approximately 1 hour long (but please reserve 90 minutes in your diary – I will finish only when I feel you have got exactly what you needed to get from each session).

Overflow activation sessions will consist of spoken word and working with your energy directly. They will happen on Zoom. You will receive a joining link upon registration.

It’s best to attend these sessions live, but if you absolutely cannot make it, relax. The replays will be available for 2 weeks. Or, you can upgrade your ticket at check-out and purchase replays for life.

I’m not making any promises in terms of how much extra you’ll earn as a result of Overflow, when exactly you’ll see tangible results, and so forth. What I know however is that this 3-day activation will deeply support you in creating overflow in your business and life. Kindly don’t join if you are looking for quick fixes, guarantees or, “Tell me exactly what to do to make millions, Lenka”. Such recipes don’t exist. If you are however beyond ready to make overflow your normal, willing to do your own work, and are called into this activation, you will benefit profoundly.

There will be a dedicated Overflow Facebook Group where you can share your thoughts, observations and shifts, and ask me questions directly. I will cover these questions in the live sessions, or during a bonus Integration Session (date and time are to be confirmed).

Finally… to get the most out of your Overflow experience, please reflect on these simple questions (and if you are feeling called, I will be very happy if you share your reflections in the Overflow Facebook Group. I will drop these individual intentions into the energy of the whole experience): 

  • What does Overflow mean to me? 
  • If I lived in Overflow, what would be different in my business? What would be different in my life? 
  • Why am I ready to live in Overflow?

11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST 
(replays available for 2 weeks)

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11th-13th June 2024 @3pm UK time / 10am EST 
(replays available for 2 weeks)