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My business almost cost me my marriage

by | Sep 15, 2021

One of my clients shared with me that she has put this picture (to the right) on her vision board, saying, "This is the kind of relationship I want to manifest!"
It made me giggle. But it also reminded me how very very blessed I am.

Not a day goes by without feel immensely grateful for the deep love my husband and I share. 

Not a day goes by without us sharing plenty of laughs, hugs, and kisses. He's been my rock for the last 15 years. 

Well, except for one period (lasting a good few months) when divorce papers were sitting on our kitchen table.
It was during the time I was desperately trying to grow my second coaching business (after my previous coaching business was abruptly brought to the ground). 

We were extremely financially strained. We had to consider every £20 - £30 expenditure... and I worked many, many hours every day trying to make my business work. 

Ehm, ehm. It just WASN'T working. No matter how hard I worked. 

It was during this time that Tomas started behaving completely differently. All the years prior to that, he had supported me through thick and thin. (Oh, tears roll down my face when I think of his support. He would do anything to support his woman!) 

Yet suddenly, it was different. He would tell me, over and over again:

"Don't you think that if your business was going to work, it would have done so by now?"
"It's selfish of you to keep trying. It affects all of us... the kids, me. It's not just about you."
"You are not a good mother, what kind of example are you setting for our kids?"
"Why don't you just grow up and get a proper job like a decent person?"
It was horrible. Months of this kind of talk were gracing the walls of our very modest (well, shitty) house. And I was breaking inside.
Yes, of course I tried to get a job. I even got a high-paying job offer in my area of expertise (training). But I just couldn't take it. I couldn't give up on my dreams and the calling in my heart to make a huge difference in the world.
So it came to a point when I was seriously considering divorcing my husband. I realised that it was probably a choice between my business and him...

UNTIL: I realised that it was NOT about him.
People don't just suddenly change and go from super loving and super supportive, to super unsupportive.
He didn't change.
I did. And he was reflecting those changes. He was reflecting all the doubts and fears that were simmering in MY energy.
I no longer had the confidence that I had had when I was building my first business. I no longer had that unbreakable belief. I had hopes... needs.... prayers.
And unfortunately, no successful business is built on those.

I got to work. A different kind of work. Not the 'work 15 hours a day and continue praying someone will bite' kind of work.

  • I massively strengthened my belief in my vision. And I let my future self-identity guide my every step. 
  • I decided to master my mind, period. And I did. Those (often unconscious) limiting thoughts, fears, and doubts no longer had power over me. I got into the driving seat of my business and life. 
  • I worked on my relationship with money and decided I would make financial overflow my normal.
  • I started to take a lot more courageous steps forward. Risks. I started to play a far bigger game. 
  • I engaged the limitless power of the Universe within me to create miracles in my life and business - and it did!
I kid you not, in the space of several weeks from that realisation, things started to shift RAPIDLY. I started to experience a far greater flow of money, clients, fun, 'luck', you name it. Things started to flow. And before long, I was the proud owner of a multiple-six figure coaching business (and later 7-figure).
Lenka - is it time to release a lot more flow, fun, luck, effortless growth and miracles in your business and life?
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And step in, my darling.

It doesn't matter where you are now. It matters where you want to go.
If where you want to go is a place of effortless business growth, a ton of love, miracles and fun in your business and life?
Then the Manifestation Bootcamp will help you big time.
With all my love,
Lenka 💕😘

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