Plus FREE access to the
Shatter Your Money Limits workshop!

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for you change-makers who deserve to be well-paid and well-rewarded for the life-changing services you deliver to your clients. 

No more reducing your fees so people can “afford” you, my dear!

No more wondering when (or if) your next client payment will come through.

No more feeling like you’re “at the mercy” of money. 

When you tune into this reality, you decide how much money you want to make…and you make it! Non-negotiable.

Ready to skyrocket your income this Autumn?

Not 100% sure how you’re going to make that happen?

Inside the Money Honey Challenge You’ll Learn:

How to Set Powerful Money Intentions – To create your IDEAL lifestyle (with no limits)

How to Get in Control of Your Finances – So you’re no longer afraid to look at that bank balance or those credit card statements!

Overhaul Your Money Beliefs – Create your own financial reality with the power of energetic work (what I call “Law of Attraction on Steroids”😂)

How to open Yourself to Receive Abundance – Rewrite your past money story, get rid of old patterns that blocked your income in the past, and…

“I was struggling with my relationship with money when I took the Money Honey Challenge. It gave me a robust foundation, and the manifestation bootcamp took it all further. By the time they were over, these techniques had been cemented into place and I could build the structure of my success much more easily.

Yes, there have been challenges and hiccups along the way. But these are much easier to overcome now, and a whole lot more quickly too.

Suddenly, my financial review was like sitting down having hot chocolate with a good friend, rather than the abject horror it was 6 months ago!

Through your help, I’ve outgrown my limited thoughts and now am opening to even bigger ones. My business is adapting accordingly, and the plans are now even bigger and roomier for me to grow into!

And to think, 6 short months ago, I was asking you where my clients were and being too scared to go out and find them. Now I have them approaching me!”

– Cheryl-lya Broadfoot

We’ve made this self-study course simple and infinitely easy-to-access

so you can binge it like a good podcast, while sipping your piña coladas on your summer holiday!


4 Modules you can watch or listen to on any device (including your phone!)


4 Play Sheets (not “Worksheets”) you can print off and fill out wherever you are.

Inside the bonus workshop Shatter Your Money Limits You’ll Learn:

My 7-step energetic process to massively upgrade your financial reality in as little as ONE MONTH!

 This 90-minute workshop will expand your awareness,

Shift your energy,

And give you an easy-to-follow process to create your whole new financial reality

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Plus FREE access to the
Shatter Your Money Limits workshop worth $197!

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“Money Honey challenge was the door opener to bigger things for me and I got offered a 7-figure job.

Money Honey is deep and thorough. Lenka is sooo giving in her knowledge and her programmes are imbued with her purposeful and supportive energy.

You simply can’t afford to miss the opportunities she gives you, they are like gold dust. Lenka is a beautiful infusion of logic, knowledge and a great spirit and that makes her a Queen in my book.”

– Lisa Davies

My name is Lenka Lutonska and at the age of 19, I left Slovakia with just a few pounds in my pocket, headed for the UK and the big city of London.

Over the following years, I went through extreme ups and downs with my relationship with money.

Any time I had a lot of money, I was fearful of losing it. 

And, because of my relationship with money….I did.

After I had grown my first successful business, my business partner cheated me out of everything I had built.

He brought it crashing to the ground leaving me with nothing but £7.30 in my bank account and no means of putting a family meal on the table.

Back to struggle again.

Only this time, I decided I would call the shots in my money story.
Not the other way around.

In the years since then, I’ve built up a 7-figure coaching business!

My team is filled with experts in their own fields. 

I’ve served thousands of impact-driven women, and have helped them radically change their relationships with money too:

Ilona went from €11,000 per year to €200K+ in just a few years,

Alessandra went from £1,000 per month to £400K per year (in just 18 months),

Love went from €1K months to consistent €10K months,

Noha booked 6 new clients in 5 days,

And Iveta made $10K in 4 weeks!


Get Money Honey + Shatter Your Money Limits for 43% Off!

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Call in your desired level of income and get it.

No matter what.

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