A transformational, one-day live event to help you become the woman you want to be!

VIP Event: Create Miracles In Your Life
Live in London, 30th June 2023

In-person & virtual tickets available

VIP Event:
Create Miracles In Your Life
Live in London, 30th June 2023

In-person & virtual tickets available

The era of following the crowd is over.

It is time to step out of the prison of our minds and rise into our infinite potential.

We are going to fly.

Miraculum Live is a live one day event that will profoundly change the course of your entire year… and LIFE….

… when you fully activate the life and business you were born for

… when you tap into that aspect of your psyche where all your dream relationships, clients, and abundance of money and time lives 

… when you tackle the inner obstacles that are in your way, and activate the Miracle Woman within you to alchemise them into the fuel of your dreams.

You will experience transformation like never before.

The hundreds of women who’ve attended my past in-person VIP events have gotten results like:

Debbie finally launched her business after thinking about it for years

Leigh manifested her dream of buying a big farm in the countryside,

Jessica finally let an unaligned client go, and while she was on the call, received a message from a brand new soul-aligned client who signed for three times as much.

Liz landed multiple huge speaking events and became massively known in the media in her industry,

And Heidi leaned into the power of energetic entrepreneurship and became CEO of the fastest-growing company in her country… in the same year!

Everything you need is ready for you, so take courage and reach for what is rightfully yours.

Get the golden key to the magical chest of your inner treasures!

No idea where it’s gone? Where to look for it?

I discovered it on my journey and it would be my great honour to guide you back to this sacred part of yourself.

Therefore, I warmly invite you to

At this transformational One Day LIVE event, you will recollect your essence, who you really are, and you will get what you have been longing for with all your heart for all eternity.

During this One Day event, you will allow yourself to:

Fully believe in yourself, and your unique abilities

Remove the barriers that keep you from recognizing your true worth and living your limitless potential.

Acknowledge and set your own boundaries, and let those around you know in a loving way when they are crossing them.

Find the courage to stand up for yourself, and finally stop asking permission from your parents, your partner, and your friends, and instead I follow your inner voice.

Experience deeper relationships based on trust, love and understanding in which you feel fully accepted and seen, yes, even with your shadow side.

End the cycle where you are constantly hitting rock bottom after rock bottom and unable to recover from life’s difficult challenges.

Have the resources to live the life you dream of, pursue your visions, and give a happier life to your family.

Yes, all this can happen in one single day!

During this special day, you will start a chain reaction for your inner transformation to receive more love, happiness, and abundance.

If we have not met before…

I’m Lenka Lutonska, the author of Energetic Selling & Marketing. I’m a wife to one wonderful husband. A mom to three wonderful boys. And a slave to a bossy cat and a pack of tiny dogs. I’m also a Limitless Millionaire Mentor for women change-makers.

I might run a gorgeous 7-figure business now but I still remember those knots in my stomach as I lost my first business and then for two years tried extremely hard to rebuild that level of success. 

I remember crying my eyes out on a regular basis because no matter how many hours I put in, it wasn’t working. I wasn’t living out the huge calling that was firmly imprisoned in my heart.

And then, in 2015 it all changed.

I stopped relying on “doing” alone. Instead, I tapped into my energetic essence and let it flow through all the veins of my business.

What happened next? ‘Miracle’ after ‘miracle’, and very quickly I turned an absolute business failure into millions.

I went on to help thousands of women change-makers across the globe to experience growth like they’ve never experienced before.

And I’m so excited to help YOU live out your heart’s desires and bring your dreams into the world.

And I’m so excited to help YOU live out your heart’s desires and bring your dreams into the world.

What are other women saying about my vip events?

“I attended Lenka Lutonska’s Event yesterday and I’ve woken up this morning like…what the **** just happened?  I cannot put into words the impact that this day had on me.

What I just did not expect was just how next level Lenka is in person.  This woman is the real deal and her incredible talent is off the scale.  After 13 years as a teacher I don’t impress easily – but I am absolutely reeling by how bowled over I was by her and by the entire day.  Even now I feel like crying!  I think I must’ve cried at least 4-5 times as I experienced my own healing and expansion through the day.

If any of you are thinking of getting any of Lenka’s programmes then just do it.  Get as close to her as you can. You simply will not get a better mentor, one who fully understands the inner work needed to be successful and helps you to get there.”

– Dawn Wyatt

Turn your setbacks into victories, your obstacles into challenges that will propel you forward, and turn your past failures into sources of strength and courage!

Activate your Miraculum

and become the alchemist of your own life

How will the event unfold,
and what will you experience?

Elevated energy and spontaneous dancing.

Coaching live from the stage, in four different sessions

Energetic activations that will help you tune into a new level of consciousness.

Practical techniques and exercises that you can then use in everyday life which will help you more easily achieve what you desire.

Together, we will discover the hidden blocks that keep you from living your full potential.

You will become aware of your current state, who you are now, how you think, perceive and feel, and find ways to become a dream version of yourself.

Because when you initiate your own change and get into a higher vibration, the whole world will respond to you in a new way!

It’s your time to say goodbye to all that no longer serves you and to welcome a new reality full of miracles


Option One


The Waldorf, London


A day-long programme in the beautiful Waldorf Hotel in the heart of London that starts at 09:30am and finishes at 5:00pm on the 30th June 2023.

Four powerful coaching sessions with Lenka live from the stage that will uplift and inspire you, help you to alchemize your struggles, and step forward with courage and strength as you live out your heart’s desires.

Energetic activations, joyful dancing, and support in rewriting old patterns as you step into your limitless potential.

You will be integral in co-creating the experience with Lenka, as she reflects the needs and energy of the container on the day. This day is all about you, Queen.

All refreshments, including a delicious buffet lunch prepared by the hotel’s chefs

Lifetime access to a replay of the entire event

An exclusive discount for my powerful, year-long extraordinary expansion programme called MIRACULUM, which starts in September 2023.

PRICE: £747
Get it now for only

Option Two



A day-long programme live streamed straight to your computer

Experience Lenka’s energy that will uplift and inspire you, from anywhere in the world.

Optional: add a replay to keep the recording for life.

PRICE: £77

Or get live access and the recording of the day for £197


Below you will find some useful information about the VIP event.

Is this just a one-day event, or will there be support after?

This is a one-day event, but your transformational journey won’t end when the event does. An  incredibly powerful, year-long extraordinary expansion programme called MIRACULUM, starts in September 2023, and, as a ticket-holder for Miraculum LIVE, you will qualify for an exclusive discount for the entire programme. Curious? After you’ve bought your ticket for Miraculum LIVE, sign up to the waitlist to be the first to hear about MIRACULUM.  

What is included in the price?

In one powerful day you’ll learn how to listen to your intuition and create miracles in your life – more health, wealth, abundance and happiness. Remove the barriers and outdated paradigms keeping you stuck and prepare to transcend into the woman you want to be. This 1 day event will leave you changed.  

For in-person tickets:

  • Coaching live from the stage that will uplift and inspire you
  • A day-long program in the beautiful Waldorf Hotel, London
  • All refreshments including a delicious buffet lunch prepared by the hotel’s chefs

For virtual tickets:

  • Coaching live from the stage  that will uplift and inspire you
  • A day-long program live streamed straight to your computer
  • Please note: you need to purchase a “lifetime access” ticket to have replays for life.
What will happen during the event?

You’ll arrive at the event (or login online) and the day will proceed with powerful coaching and training that will help you alchemize your struggles and step forward with courage and strength as you live out your heart’s desires.  You’ll get four sessions with Lenka live from the stage as well as powerful activations.  Expect life-changing content, joyful dancing, and support in rewriting old patterns as you step into your limitless potential.    

What’s the difference between this event and your past events?

Because I don’t plan my events/courses/programmes on strategy alone (i.e. I let the energy of the container guide the structure), every single event is different. My gift is holding the energy for the group (whether you’re in-person or online). So the activities we do, the guidance I give, etc., are always reflective of the needs and energy of the container in that moment. When you participate in this live event (even if you’re watching the replay) you will be co-creating the experience with me.💖

How do I know if this is for me?

If you are feeling called to this event, trust that it is for a reason. Join thousands of other women who have created miracles in their lives that they formerly thought were impossible.

How will I get to the venue?

The Waldorf Hilton London is the heart of the city centre. Its nearest tube station is Covent Garden and the hotel is just a 6 min walk from there. For the most updated directions, we’d recommend using the Waldorf’s address Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD, UK in GoogleMaps or your gps device. You can see more information on the hotel’s website here 

What time will the event start and finish?

This event is an all-day event starting at 9:30am and ending at approximately 5:00pm UK time