Coming this Autumn:

Ready to live your best life, lead, and make an extraordinary difference to yourself and those around you?

In the 12-month Miraculum programme, you’ll dive deep into the power of your energy, master it and, as such, fully embody who you’ve always meant to be.


A wonder, a marvel, a miracle; someone through whom the entire cosmic force passes.


She, who is incredibly rich – financially, emotionally and spiritually, and who guides herself and others on a path to unlimited possibilities.


Dwells in the depths of your being, patiently waiting for an awakening kiss… so that you can fully express yourself through your every thought, decision and step forward, knowing a life of abundance and happiness.


Is a Brand New Programme for 2023 with Lenka Lutonska, the author of Energetic Selling and Marketing, and a pioneer of the energetic approach to creating extraordinary success in life and business.

It’s an opportunity for women like you to dive into the depths of your personal Energy, and use that Energy to “kiss” and awaken your Miraculum within… and thus open yourself to the opportunities, abundance and happiness that you didn’t even know existed.

Miraculum will be launched in September 2023.

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