A wonder, a marvel, a miracle; or someone through whom the entire cosmic force passes.

It’s that something that has always dwelt within you and whispered through your intuition:

“You deserve more. You are destined for MORE.”


“Living the richest life materially, mentally and emotionally is not just your right. It is also your mission. Because how you live creates new pathways and possibilities for your loved ones at home, for the world, and for the generations that come after us. Now is the moment to step into your highest self, to embody your Miracle Self – and to live life to the fullest.”
Lenka Lutonska


is one of a kind.

She stands firm and steadfast in her feminine strength. Every. Single. Day.

She is full of love, peace, light. But also strength, passion and determination.

She lets the infinite creative power of the Universe flow through her. And by her shining example, she shines a light on the path of many others.

She opens the door to unlimited abundance.

Materially. Emotionally. Spiritually.

She is free, playful, courageous, full of joy.

The Miraculum respects herself and honours all her desires. She realises all that her heart desires, is rightfully hers.

She plays to the fullest.

She makes her own rules. And shows life what she’s capable of.

She’s an alchemist. She turns everything she touches into gold.

She transforms obstacles into victories. Challenges into new opportunities. Fear into bravery.

And so the miracles seek her out on their own. Constantly. Every. Single. Day.

Because she – herself – is

Because she – herself – is a miracle.

This woman dwells in you.
And you know it… you feel it in your heart… you are sure of it.

And yet, maybe you’re still struggling
with some form of a lack of…

Maybe you’ve been working on your dreams for ages. You’re committed to your vision and you’re saying to yourself, “Where the f*ck is my breakthrough achievement??? After all, I’m doing everything right! How many more hours do I have to work? How many more nights will I have to stay awake? How many more phone calls and meetings will I have to make? I can’t take it anymore!”

Or, you may be doing well materially, but you lack love, human connection, a spark. You sacrifice all your free time to work, but your tenacity is driven by frustration, not passion. And along the way, you’ve somehow lost yourself.

Maybe you tear yourself apart to satisfy everyone around you and fulfill what’s expected of you: a successful businesswoman or a meticulous employee. A devoted mom. A smart homemaker. A passionate wife. Just making everyone else happy – but where are YOU?

Maybe you’re scared. You feel deep in your heart that you have so many wonderful gifts to share with the world, but… BUT.

The fears, the obstacles, the expectations, they are holding you back tremendously.

And maybe you’ve put your dreams in a drawer a long time ago. There hasn’t been time, because your mind is consumed every day by anxiety about whether you’ll make it through this month. Financially maybe, but also mentally.

If you’re feeling desperate, exhausted and hurt from all this…

I get you.
And know that you’re not alone in this.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Lenka Lutonská, I am the author of the bestselling book Energetic Selling and Marketing.

Even though today I run an international 7-figure company, I remember very well the times when I had cramps in my stomach because I didn’t know if I would have enough money to pay the rent.

I arrived in London, UK, from Slovakia at the age of 19. With empty pockets, youthful naivety and blissful ignorance. This young immigrant girl gritted her teeth, got to work and, after humble beginnings, built her first successful business.

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Lenka Lutonská, I am the author of the bestselling book Energetic Selling and Marketing.

Even though today I run an international 7-figure company, I remember very well the times when I had cramps in my stomach because I didn’t know if I would have enough money to pay the rent.

I arrived in London, UK, from Slovakia at the age of 19. With empty pockets, youthful naivety and blissful ignorance. This young immigrant girl gritted her teeth, got to work and, after humble beginnings, built her first successful business.

However, the story is far from over there…

After six years, I stepped into a toxic business partnership. And… I took the most painful blow below the belt.

From one day to another,
I lost everything.

I ended up with no business, no clients, no income. But with small children, a family and of course… a pile of bills to pay.

When I rolled up my sleeves for the second time and tried to build my business all over again – with hard work, diligence and self-denial…

Somehow… it wasn’t working anymore.

The clients weren’t coming. The marketing strategies weren’t working. After success, the ground crumbled 

And on top of that…

Divorce papers were suddenly on the table.

My life began to collapse, like a house of cards.

Until a certain point.

One day, in the midst of this huge chaos, I went to sunbathe in my garden. I slowed down, lost in my thoughts. And I asked myself:

“What would I do if I didn’t care,
what others think of me?”

And, boom.

Then it – finally – came.

I realised that I had to take off the mask of a “professional businesswoman” who works hard to deserve at least some semblance of success. I had to let go of what the people around me thought of me and let go of the fear of not being taken seriously.

And I decided to completely change my approach to success. In business, and other areas of life.

To quit the hard work.

And instead start in business
(and other areas of life) using energy.

You may have heard this quote from Albert Einstein:

“Everything is energy. And there is nothing more to say about that. Tune into the frequency of what you want, and you can’t help but receive that reality. This is not philosophy. It is physics.”

If you think this is the old and familiar “Law of Attraction” that you’ve heard a thousand times before, pay attention…

Before I reveal more, however, I have something to share with you…

After I stopped working hard and started using an energetic approach, an avalanche of successes started in my life:

I sold out my group program within two weeks;

I only had to work a fraction of the time and my income still started to grow to huge proportions;

I saved a failing marriage and turned it into an even deeper and more fervent relationship than ever before;

We moved into our beautiful dream home;

I built an international million dollar business with clients in over 50 countries.

The successes came one after another!

I started teaching this new approach to my clients and the results were breathtaking:

They began to raise their prices five times and yet they were selling with ease, even more than before, their annual income converting into a monthly ones;

Life partners were coming into their lives;

With the snap of a finger, they were ridding themselves of unhealthy addictions;

They were even finally manifesting a coveted pregnancy after years of futile effort.

Here are just a few examples

Never in my life have I felt so enriched in everything I have

“From the moment I jumped on board with Lenka, I felt like I’m surfing a big wave and I’m riding it without any problems. For example, in 14 days I managed to make two-thirds of what I made the year before. So my change while working with Lenka showed up in the numbers as well.

But the amazing growth I’ve experienced isn’t just about business and money. I’ve also resolved a painful issue that has haunted me since childhood, I’ve let go of inner limitations, and I’ve finally opened up to the world. I started traveling and listening to my intuition.

Never in my life have I felt so enriched in everything I have.

If you are thinking of working with Lenka, go ahead and don’t overthink it. I have personally invested in even her most expensive VIP program, but I always feel like I’m getting more than what I’m paying for, that the value is sort of priceless. That’s what I appreciate so much about Lenka.”

Aneta Imediade Lacinová

Lenka showed me how to deal with my shadows

“Thanks to the techniques I learned from Lenka, I have developed a habit – whenever I wake up feeling anxious or insecure, I get up and use Lenka’s P4 belief change process. And it’s brilliant! Thanks to it, I’m able to alchemize negative emotions and eventually turn them into something really valuable

Lenka said she “eats a few shadows before breakfast”, and now I do that too. Lenka has given me the tools to really actively work with this, and it’s yielded huge results.

The money is just a symbol. It’s about how much self-worth you have. And why you feel like you’re worth what you’re worth. Money is a deeply spiritual subject. Because it is a clear indicator of our worth. 

And if you’ve ever found yourself in a situation that led you to think you weren’t worth it, or that you weren’t good enough, you need to work with that lack of value and all the circumstances that led to it. This will cause all the old limitations to disappear, allowing you to fully embody your Miracle Woman and become a version of your highest self. And Lenka is the best mentor for that.”

Nina Furu

Within a year, my profits shot into the millions

“I’ve been involved in Buddhism for a long time, so I’m not completely unfamiliar with energy work. But I was interested in how it can be connected and used in business. And what Lenka showed me was the discovery of a whole new dimension in business.

Absolutely everything she taught us made profound sense to me, and I learned to look at my business in a completely different way because of it, and I discovered a way of thinking about business that opened up a whole new dimension in business, and within a year my profits shot up to millions of dollars.”

Kristina Škrabalová

Lenka helped me to see my power

‘Lenka’s energy is just amazing. What she talks about really magnetizes me. 

Lenka helped me crystallize what I wanted to talk about, what my mission was, and determine the right price for my course. I felt empowered the entire time I spent with Lenka. When I’m with clients, I know I’m well priced. It’s a great energy – they’re super happy and I’m super happy. It was the support I wanted to feel and the support I was waiting for – and I got it.  

Lenka has also helped me a lot in my private life. She can point out anything you need to sort out. She cares very much about her clients and it’s very lovely to be a part of that.

If you feel the call to enroll in Lenka’s program, I highly recommend it. Just go for it.

Lenka Ondruchova

Lenka fascinated me with her energy and attitude

Lenka fascinated me with her energy and approach to life and business. That was the beginning of my ride of miracles. 

Well, but first it started with a huge fear, if I can invest so much money in myself, what if it doesn’t pay off, what if I take it away from my family, what if I fail… Fortunately, I decided for vision and not fear.

Working with Lenka, I created my first premium offer and sold it.  

I believed that this version of me was real. Since then, I’ve started to get used to miracles, I’ve allowed myself to not do everything on my own, my team has grown, and I invest in myself regularly through working with a mentor. My secret dream of performing live in front of 600 women has come true, and I could go on. 

My family began to open up to miracles. My husband enthusiastically agreed and arranged a luxury vacation to the Maldives. My daughter threw away her self-doubt, believed that what she dreamed of could be lived, and got a place at her dream school. What mother lives, children live.

Overall, I have stopped believing the sabotaging voice, I know it is not telling the truth about me and my possibilities. Lenka’s inspiration is still alive and fresh for me, joining her programs was the best possible investment for me.”

Linda Berger

You may be asking…

“What did all these women (starting with me) start doing differently that they were suddenly creating such miracles?”

What is this whole energetic approach to success?

There is one key process behind it all.

The process that helped me build a million-dollar business from scratch. 

The process that saved my marriage, too.

The process that triggered an avalanche of success in my life and in the lives of my clients. 

And that process is…

9 Steps to Miracles

9 steps by which you will enter a new reality.


Your first turning point that will lay the foundation for all the next steps.


New ideas, new thoughts, new perspectives coming from your intuition.


Breaking established patterns of behaviour and action.
New decisions and actions coming from a new consciousness.


 A HUGE step forward that is hugely DIFFERENT from your old self and in complete alignment with your new self.


The most critical point at which 99% of people reverse back to safety because they don’t know what’s going on. It is at this point that you have the opportunity to truly cross the threshold of the past and enter a new reality.


The dissolution of fear and worry. Absolute trust and embodiment of change.


Transition to a new frequency. THIS is where the real magic begins to happen.


Creating an energetic space in which the new reality is inescapable.


Manifestation of the desired reality. And the embodiment of your Miraculum.

This process is what gets you into perfect harmony and resonance with everything you desire.

And the Universe will have no choice but to adapt to this frequency and trigger an immediate profound transformation

in every area of your life.

As Einstein would say:

It’s not philosophy.

It’s physics.

However, knowing the 9 Steps to Miracles is not everything…
To embody your Miraculum, you need 2 more ingredients.

Yes, the 9 Steps to Miracles is an energetic path to creating miracles and desired realities, but knowing them is often not enough.

Because there are still two key aspects…


Just because we know something intellectually doesn’t mean we can do it. Right?

Knowing how miracles are created is powerful, but nothing will change in our lives unless we put it into practice.

And we only put it into practice when we master our personal energy.


Creating a new reality requires a lot of changes and completely new decisions that are NOT in alignment with your old (and current) self.

I’m not going to lie to you…

It’s really hard to go through all these steps if you’re on your own. Especially if you have people around you who keep you in your old world and discourage you from making bold new decisions. It’s like going mushroom picking in the beaten down city center instead of the damp forest.

On the contrary, your rapid changes are literally inevitable if you enter this process in a supportive environment. And that means:

You have a mentor showing you the way;

You have a crowd of women who are on this journey with you;

You have access to information that will expand your consciousness;

You have somewhere to turn if you are facing a challenge and don’t know what’s going on (especially in Step 5 – Alchemical Crossroads);

You are in a space that will energetically hold you at the frequency of your new reality.

Therefore, if you want to become a Miraculum, a woman who
creates new realities with ease, not through hard work, but through energy, like a Magician – this is your magic equation:

9 Steps to Miracles
Mastering your energy
A supportive environment

How to bring all these aspects together and put them into practice?

This is what it is all about:


My deep transformational online program where I show you how to use energy tools and techniques to transform every area of your life.

Say goodbye forever to hard work and open yourself up to infinite abundance.

Materially. Spiritually. Emotionally.

How will the program be run?

Miraculum consists of six large modules. I will take you through these modules LIVE over the course of five months. They will be followed by 7 integration months, so you’ll have plenty of time to put all the changes into practice.

Each module will consist of four parts:

Two training sessions (or more) where I will introduce you to energy concepts and techniques for rapid growth and change. Each training will be approximately one hour long.

“Journey Through Your Consciousness” – a meditation process that I will guide you through that will directly influence your energy and help you activate tremendous growth and inner expansion.

Beautiful supplemental workbooks with exercises for integration and journaling.

A live Q&A with me, where I’ll help you work through the specific challenges you’re facing in the process.

Two training sessions (or more) where I will introduce you to energy concepts and techniques for rapid growth and change. Each training will be approximately one hour long.

“Journey Through Your Consciousness” – a meditation process that I will guide you through that will directly influence your energy and help you activate tremendous growth and inner expansion.

Beautiful supplemental workbooks with exercises for integration and journaling.

A live Q&A with me, where I’ll help you work through the specific challenges you’re facing in the process.

Each of these parts will be live, but you’ll also be able to watch it from a recording whenever it suits you.

How you will create your miracles in six big modules…

Let’s take a deeper look together at what modules you’ll find in Miraculum:

Module 1:


In this basic module, I will introduce you to your shadow archetypes and the archetypes of your Higher Self. We will activate your Miracle Woman, one of your highest archetypes, and I will give you many tools to create miracles in all areas of your life.

This module will create the foundation upon which we will build truly miraculous changes in the months ahead.

    Module 2:


    The energetic waves of the past and future collapse into the infinite moment of “here and now” that makes up your reality. 

    In this module, you will learn how to navigate the waves of the past and future to create the most amazing present. You will be given very powerful techniques and concepts to rapidly activate your change and growth. 

    Module 3:


    Every person has two polar energies within them (regardless of their gender or identity): the Feminine and the Masculine.

    Each of these energies is like a knife. A knife that, when used correctly, has the power to “cut” and free us from even the greatest limitations. However, if used incorrectly, it can do a lot of damage. 

    Through deep work in this module, you will heal the wounds in your Feminine and Masculine energies and create perfect harmony between them – an Alchemical Marriage. When you do this, a world of new possibilities will open up before you that you never dreamed possible. 

    In this module you will discover:

    • What is Masculine and what is Feminine energy and why both are extremely important;
    • Your Inner Magician and how to activate their full power;
    • The shadows of your Feminine and your Masculine energy and how to alchemize them to bring more lightness, flow, love and joy into your life;
    • The power of sexual energy and its role in manifesting the most powerful intentions in your life and business;
    • How to multiply your ability to receive, with ease, the miracles and abundance you desire;
    • This module will have a huge impact not only on your career, but also in your relationships and intimate life.

    You will welcome much more ease into your life. Joy. Personal power. Self-confidence. You will become a true leader of change within yourself. This will be the result of the transformational work you will experience in this module.

    Module 4:


    For generations, financial abundance has been perceived as something “unchaste” or “dirty”. It has been drilled into us that “good people are frugal and should be content with little”. And that even if we acquire some money, we should hide it. 

    Yet money is one of the most powerful means to our personal freedom. A means through which we can manifest our full potential. 

    And right now, we are in a breakthrough age of unlimited possibilities, when truly anyone can create enormous wealth.

    In this module you will discover:

    • What the energetic essence of money is and how to use this energy to turn scarcity into wealth;
    • Practical techniques and exercises that have personally taken me from zero and financial stress to millions in profits;
    • How our relationship with money is directly related to our relationship with Masculine energy, and therefore directly translates to our relationships with men;
    • What energy makes money hard and what energy makes money easy – and how to use this in your life and work;
    • Why some people can make a lot of money, but it only brings them stress…
    • How to create financial abundance in a way that enriches all areas of your life.

    After completing this model, you’ll know exactly how to open yourself up to the endless stream of abundance and prosperity that has been eagerly waiting to manifest in your life.

    Module 5


    Your tongue is the gateway to your subconscious. It is the way you create your experiences, a tool for creating extraordinary change. Your language truly holds all the power.

    It is through your language that you harness the full power of your voice: your divine essence, which, when fully manifested, will create miracles in your life and in the lives of many others.

    In this module we will explore:

    • The energetic essence of your tongue and your voice.
    • How to connect to YOUR voice and express yourself.
    • The archetypal language and how to use it to your advantage.
    • The 3 energies supporting the expression of your full voice.
    • The 5 words to use consciously – and why it’s important.
    • The most important language patterns.
    • Changes to the energy of your language and your experience.
    • The 4 quadrants of communication – and their power.
    • The power of storytelling.
    • Your unique message to the world – and the foundation of your legacy.
    • The method of deep questions for an energetic breakthrough.

    This module is very nourishing. And when fully integrated, it can change your life on its own.

    Module 6


    Do you have your own business? Do you have an idea that you’re yet to turn into reality? Or are you not interested in your own business, but want to make a huge shift in your career? In all three cases, get ready for the fiesta module for revolutionising your working life.

    In this module you will discover:

    • How to turn an idea/thought into reality so that it brings tremendous value to your clients’ lives;
    • How to define and attract your ideal clients – who will see massive value in your product and be willing to pay you handsomely for it;
    • How to build a business that aligns with your soul’s highest calling;
    • How to influence millions and make millions;
    • Where the greatest source of your creativity resides that will bring you the most amazing life-changing ideas;
    • How to stop undervaluing yourself and be able to adequately value yourself and your products financially.

    You will become a true master of your business and your career. You’ll say goodbye to outdated “success principles” that come from wounded masculine energy. And with a whole new perspective on your work, you’ll start creating breathtaking miracles.

    And that’s not all…

    After five months of deep learning, we will continue together on an exciting journey of miracle making.

    Over the course of seven integrative months, I will accompany you on your journey through group coaching broadcasts each month.

    In total, this program will last one full year.

    In the Miraculum program, together we will break deep blocks and dysfunctional patterns.

    We will break down many generational limiting beliefs that may still be keeping you stuck in poverty, fear and lack.

    You will be given the tools to tap into an infinite source of abundance. Manifest miracles.
    And to manifest any desire of your heart with ease.

    This program is ICONIC and will go into tremendous energetic depth.
    It will last 12 months and turn your life upside down in ways you can’t even imagine now.

    And I’ll be guiding you through it in real time and live.

    A fascinating journey full of possibilities opens up before you.

    The era when success was achieved with sharp elbows and hard work is definitely coming to an end.

    And a new era is coming.

    For us, for our children and for the generations that will come after us.

    And you know it deep down inside, my dear.

    You hear the voice of your intuition that knows there is something more. That you are destined for MORE.

    Not just for yourself, but for the many whose lives you will affect forever, just by crossing their path.

    You have within you the ability to turn everything you touch into gold. With ease, joy and gratitude.

    This path may not be for everyone. This path is not for 99% of people.

    But you are not everyone. And you are not 99% of the people.

    You are here and now for a reason.

    And the opportunity to become the alchemist of your life is opening up before you.

    A powerful creator.

    A Miraculum.

    Frequently asked

    Maybe you have questions about the Miraculum program and want to know more about how it can help you. Read the FAQs and answers section below where you will most likely find your answer.

    What is the Miraculum program about?

    Miraculum is a deeply transformational online program that will give you everything you need to create wealth in ALL areas of your life. You will activate your wealth codes in life, work, relationships with yourself, loved ones, the world and say goodbye to any form of lack and fear to move forward.

    How will the program run?

    The program will be live in a private Facebook group and all recordings will be available in our online portal where you will be able to log in with your personal credentials, which you will receive as soon as you register for the program. 

    The live broadcasts will last approximately 60-90 minutes and will consist of training, coaching, question answering and an activation meditation.

    When does the program officially start?

    You will get access to the program immediately after you log in.

    What if I don't manage to watch the individual broadcasts live?

    If you can’t make it to the live broadcasts, you’ll be able to watch them in the online portal, where everything will be sorted by module.

    How long will I have access to the program?

    You will have access to group coaching and high-level training for one year. However, even after the one year is up, all the learning materials will remain with you so you can return to them repeatedly.

    The program will consist of two phases. The first phase will be the Expansion Phase, which will last for 5 months and will have 6 main modules.   

    The second phase will be about Integration, where you will be able to embody everything you have learned so far and I will support you through live coaching sessions that will take place once a month.

    What if I decide it's not for me after signing up, can I ask for a refund?

    Your investment is non-refundable. My mission is to guide and show you the path of abundance, love and infinite possibilities as much as possible, but only if you are ready for it. 

    If you want to experience change, you must be fully committed to making it happen, because it takes the utmost commitment to make any full-fledged transformation. That’s why I don’t offer refunds, because that wouldn’t support you in what you really want to achieve in life.

    What if I don't think I'm ready for the program right now. Can I sign up for it later?

    This is a brand new programme and, as the program will run for 12 months, I don’t know when I will open it again. And, this round of the programme is the only time you will be able to take advantage of the coaching in a live format. The next round of the course will no longer have live broadcasts.

    What if I have concerns or doubts about joining the Miraculum program?

    It’s perfectly normal for some doubts, concerns or fears to get in the way of you doing something that is aligned with your greatest growth.

    First and foremost, ask yourself, “What would the version of my BIGGEST SELF be doing here?” And if the answer is, “Join in!”, follow up with a second question, “What’s stopping me from doing that?”.

    Put these reasons and concerns on paper and ask if they are based in truth.

    Your fears and doubts largely reflect the areas of your psyche and energy that you will be working on during the Miraculum program.

    Will the Miraculum program work for me even if I don't have a business?

    Miraculum is not just for those who have or are in the process of building a business.

    This transformational online program will help you in all areas of your life; personal, professional, love, relationships, finances. What you can achieve is truly limitless.

    How can I best prepare for the start of this program?

    Have a pen and paper ready. Take the last opportunity to document your current situation. This is your “before” picture and things will never look like this again.

    Then set some strong intentions for this program!

    What have I got to lose?

    A lot. For example, your fears, doubts, hours and hours of hard work, frustration, inner limitations, disappointment, and never settling for less wealth than you truly deserve. ♥

    Sounds great, how do I get started?
    What if I have more questions?

    If you have more questions, please email us at love@lenkalutonska.com We will be happy to answer you there.