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Lydia Wilmsen  

Business & Mindset Coach

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks!

"I hired Lenka as a coach because I wanted to grow my business further and I loved Lenka’s energy. It deeply resonated with me. So I went for it, even though it was a big leap for me.

Working with Lenka is the perfect combination of heart and mind, strategic guidance and energy work. It can be challenging at times but Lenka showers you with love (even tough love too when you need it), gives superb guidance with any situation that may arise, she believes in you and celebrates you like nobody else. It is a genuine love for humankind.

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks and 10x my income in several weeks. ONE WORD? PHENOMENAL!!!


Eyenie Schultz



"The contrast between where I began this journey in Extraordinary Growth Academy and now is logic-defying and mind-blowing!

For years I lusted after the elusive (for me!) 6-figure year, and I not only hit it with ease but EXCEEDED IT and had a $134,000 year!! WHAH?!

Here comes the mind-blowing part: My first 20K (cash) month opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I entered a new paradigm and had a $54K month right after it!

We are only 3 months into the new year and I'm at around 130K in sales for the year already! The seemingly impossible goal I kept trying to reach for YEARS has been collapsed into less than three months... WOW.

The best part is that MY CLIENTS are experiencing spectacular results themselves, and so are THEIR clients (I'm talking $100K WEEKS and DAYS)!!! I have a lot more gratitude for the work I do and how I'm able to help others change their realities (while changing mine!) than ever before!!! It has really been a game-changer!

I can't even begin to express my gratitude!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"


Ilona Sibold



I had already benefited from Lenka’s smaller courses so when the doors to EGA opened, I just knew I had to join. Swimming in the energy of the program helped me to upgrade absolutely every aspect of my business - from brand message, to ideal client, pricing, programmes and everything else in between. My mind was flooded with ideas and guidance on what to do next.

As a result, I created my first 50K month in business. I still cannot believe how natural this growth has been and am excited about the future. I know I would not be able to do this without EGA, so I am extremely grateful!


Sarah Morgan



"Investing in working with Lenka was a massive leap for me. At the time, I was used to selling low-end and mid-end programmes. I had a huge calling to quantum leap my business to the next level but my profits didn’t allow me to do that. This work was not easy at times. I had to make several uncomfortable decisions and on a few occasions, my ego had a really good field day.

But within two months, I was able to offer and sell out a 10K group program -  this completely revolutionised my business and massively expanded it."


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