Masterclass with Lenka Lutonska


Extraordinary Live Case Study:

How I created super-transformative event for 100 women leading to £250K in sales within 7 days

one payment of £197

In this in-depth Masterclass, I will take you through: 

  • Approximate P&L breakdown – how much money I spent - and how - on the event, vs. sales and profits.
  • Marketing plan for selling out the event - and one KEY learning 
  • The event and content planning for the most extraordinary client experience
  • Planning and executing “sales pitch” leading to 250K in sales within 7 days – top tips, and mistakes to avoid!
  • BONUS PDF: Create Your Super-Seller High-End Program Checklist including 14 steps and journaling questions that will prepare you energetically for selling out your high-end offering. 

one payment of £197