Take complete charge of your business and life, and manifest the heck out of it!

with Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing

Ease.  Fun.  Flow.
Effortless Growth.
Miracles on Demand.

These words hold the TRUTH of who you are. They represent the calling of your soul. They represent what you were born for. 

And you are moments away from inviting these words fully into your experience. 

Yes, you are moments away from being able to: 

Finally stop worrying about money and, instead, create the financial overflow you desire and deserve.

Attract all the right people into your life with ease – soul-aligned clients; a soul-aligned romantic partner; and the best mentors and guides that will guide you to fulfil your rich destiny.

Dissolve challenges in your business and life and replace them with Miracles that put your heart and soul on fire.

Create effortless growth in your business, and the ability to thrive in all areas of your life.

This is what the magic of
Manifestation Bootcamp holds for you.

But before I tell you more about it, I need to take you down memory lane and share something important with you…

One Inspired Action that changed everything

It was the beginning of 2016. Not long before, I had let go of my tiny (well, let’s say it as it is: unsuccessful) in-person coaching and training business and ventured forwards with my dream to ‘change the world’ online. It was a big risk for me because even though my previous business was hardly surviving, often leaving me worried about how I will pay each month’s bills, guess what? It was all I had.

But it was a risk worth taking. 3 months into my online coaching business, and I experienced my first £20K month. This was nothing short of a miracle for me at the time but I settled myself into 5 and multiple 5 figure months quickly, helping purpose-driven women get fully booked with their high-end clients. 

Yes, I called myself the “Get Fully Booked” Coach and booking high-level clients became my zone of genius…. 

…until that start of 2016, when I heard a loud whisper in my mind: 

“Create a course on how to manifest the heck out of business and life.”

Hmm… my logical mind didn’t like the idea.

There were 2 reasons for this: 

Reason One: Manifesting was not exactly my “niche”. I was, at the time, coaching my clients on how to get fully booked with high-end clients using effective mindset and business techniques…. And I didn’t fancy diluting this message. 

Reason Two: There are already so many manifestation and LOA courses. People surely don’t need another one?? 

And yet, the whisper continued: 

“Create a course on how to manifest the heck out of business and life.”

So? Eventually, I listened.

I acknowledged that I didn’t always need to do the things I was used to and, if something is calling me, it is God/the Universe nudging me to serve in that way.

I recognised there is power in my journey (just like there is power in yours)

A journey of rising from the ashes like a Phoenix following the loss of my first business, and turning years of struggle into ease, fun, and effortless growth. Among other things, I turned the few dollars I was left with to my name into a 6-figure a year, then a 7-figure a year business!

I also recognised the power of my methodology: As a mighty experienced trainer and coach, and a passionate advocate for marrying business and spirituality, I have a unique ability to allow others not only to understand the concepts of conscious manifesting but also to HEAR them with their heart and soul…. and, as such, massively increase the likelihood of their success.

This is what would make my course different (and still does) and, unlike most other manifesting courses, I structured the Manifestation Bootcamp in a systematic way so as to create a journey – a journey into the depths of your creative abilities, and an experience that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Yes, I acknowledged that this would be THE ONLY manifestion course people would ever need!

So? I created it.
Well, the course used me to come into the world… and I offered it to my community.

What happened next? 


Clients who purchased the course reported their joy and results on a daily basis. Cumulatively, what they created over a period of just a few short weeks, felt nothing short of miraculous: 

Women manifesting money left right and centre – from “suddenly” selling their services with much greater ease, through to “random” income and gifts;

Women attracting the attention of world-class media, getting their brands and businesses onto the world stage;

Women fulfilling their life-long goals – in a matter of 5 weeks;

Women reporting more progress in their businesses within a few weeks, than they had created in the months and years before that;

Women manifesting a lot more passion and love in their existing relationships, or attracting new ones;

Women doubling, tripling and, in some cases, increasing their income fivefold, creating “miracle” after “miracle”.

Furthermore… many women from this course later became my high-level clients (which I couldn’t have known at the time of course), scaling my business immediately to multiple six figures. 

All in all, this one inspired idea and action – creating the Manifestation Bootcamp course – changed everything.

It unlocked a ton of miracles, ease and flow for everyone involved.

And today…
it’s your turn!

It’s your turn to dissolve issues that are bothering you in your business and life

It’s your turn to experience financial overflow

It’s your turn to invite a lot more ease and fun into growing your business

It’s your turn to manifest miracles on demand!

I’m extremely excited to bring the Manifestation Bootcamp back again and with it, your ticket to unlocking the Manifestation Queen within you. 

So that you can say good-bye to any form of lack. 

And instead? 

Hellooooo abundance of money, time, fun, freedom and flow!

Oh yes, I am ready to manifest the heck out of my life and business!

One payment of £555

+ UK VAT where applicable

So many of my bucket list items started to manifest in front of my eyes

I joined the Manifestation Bootcamp and was astounded by the content and value provided by Lenka. She truly made me a manifesting queen. The content of the programme created a major shift in me and gave me a clear road map towards achieving my goals. At one point, I cried a little, as so many of my bucket list items started to manifest in front of my eyes!

Katrina Young

And here’s how we are going to make it happen..

Each module contains:

An audio training session

Each audio training session is approx 1 hour long and dives deep into the core module teachings.

A Q&A session

With real questions from women like you. Each Q&A session is approximately 1 hour long.


These will take you deeper into the concepts shared on the training calls, and deeper into your manifesting power.

Manifesting challenges

The challenges will help you to integrate these powerful teachings into your business and life.

An audio training session

Each audio training session is approx 1 hour long and dives deep into the core module teachings.

A Q&A session

With real questions from women like you. Each Q&A session is approximately 1 hour long.


These will take you deeper into the concepts shared on the training calls, and deeper into your manifesting power.

Manifesting challenges

The challenges will help you to integrate these powerful teachings into your business and life.

Module breakdown

module 1

#ManifestationMachine Bootcamp

The first module of the Manifestation Bootcamp will take you down the rabbit hole a bit – and for a good reason. It’s time for you to truly get – not just with your ears, but with heart and soul – how the manifestation process REALLY works. 

This will immediately shift your awareness to a whole new level, and with it, your ability to create miracles on demand. 

From there, you will be setting powerful intentions for this year that you WILL achieve (no perhaps, no maybes and all that stuff). WILL. Screw it. Will doesn’t justify it. It’s done. And you’ll know it. 

Plus, you’ll start integrating some simple time management, productivity and magic-making hacks into your daily routine so that you can start seeing results immediately. 

module 2

#MindMastery Bootcamp

This module will help you to harness the most powerful gift you were born with – your mind. Amongst other things, I’ll help you to:

  • Harness the power of both positive and NEGATIVE emotions (no, I am not kidding)
  • Tame and master your mind monkeys once and for all! (Mind gremlins? Negative self-talk? Call it what you like!)
  • Make fears and doubts work FOR you, rather than against you.

Because when you master your mind? The Universe won’t be able to ignore you or your commands!

module 3

#MoneyHoney Bootcamp 

In today’s society, money is the essential tool for experiencing freedom – the freedom to choose, the freedom to be you, the freedom to create a legacy in your way.  And it’s only when you master the dynamic laws of money abundance that you can enjoy freedom in ALL areas of your life.

And that’s what this module is all about. I will guide you to get really intimate with your money, heal your relationship with it, get in full control of your finances and open your energetic channels to receive as much financial abundance into your life as you desire.

Yes, you’ll make money your honey, so you can start powerfully attracting it into your life.

module 4

#GetFullyBooked Bootcamp

This module is about creating conditions for receiving amazing abundance through your business.

It’s time for some serious Business Magic!

I’ll share with you my best strategies for getting fully booked with your dream, high-end clients, selling out your programs and basically rocking it in your business.

The best bit? No hustle or grind (let alone hope and pray!) is invited into the process of sky-rocketing your business to success.

Instead, get ready for powerful, focused and inspired action that will bring tremendous results.

This module also contains a bonus (approx 1 hour) session: The Fastest Way to Get Fully Booked – the HOW.

module 5

#makeshithappen Bootcamp 

During this final module of Manifestation Bootcamp, you will put all of your powerful learnings together and integrate them at the unconscious level.

I’ll help you to overcome any remaining blocks that might be holding you back from FULLY stepping into your power.

You’ll be creating powerful habits  that will help you to continue growing your consciousness and with it, your ability to create more and more miracles, with greater and greater ease.

bonus time

And because it’s my love and passion in helping you to bring your maximum income, freedom and purpose into reality, I am also including a couple of powerful bonuses that will support you in manifesting miracles in your business and life even more: 

Bonus One:
5 Figure Months Now! Audio 

This audio contains 333 affirmations and afformations (empowering questions) that will help you to make 5 figures or more by doing what you love, month in, month out. 

As you listen to these affirmations and afformations, you tune into the energy of the version of you that is eager to live through you. You become a perfect energetic match to that reality and, as such, you open yourself up to miracles, guidance, clarity and ideas that will cause the full manifestation of this reality much quicker.

Bonus Two:
Put Your Sales on Fire Affirmations Audio 

These affirmations are the blueprint of the mind of a woman who sells with confidence, sells with ease, sells with integrity, gets generously paid for her genius and grows her impact and business rapidly day-in, day-out.

By using these affirmations, you are creating new pathways in your brain as you rewire it for incredible success in sales, business growth, flow and prosperity.

You are meant to be paid extremely well for sharing your talents with the world – and this audio will help you with it. 

Oh yes, I am ready to manifest the heck out of my life and business!

One payment of £555

+ UK VAT where applicable

Love notes

your questions


Q: What will happen once I sign up?

On signing up, you will get an email with programme access details. Kindly allow 20 minutes for this email to arrive. 

When you log in to the beautiful training portal where the Manifestation Bootcamp lives, you can dive right in and start changing your life.

Q: How is this different to other manifesting/LOA courses out there?

When it comes to how to use the Law of Attraction to grow your business, all of the information is already out there, on the internet, for free. But.There’s a huge difference between “listening” and “hearing”. As a mighty experienced trainer – and one who cares about your success like nobody else – it is easy for me to deliver the information in a way that both your mind AND soul will hear it. 

I hear again and again from my clients that I deliver the message in a way that helps them to truly “get it”, “hear it” and, as such, change them at the very core level. Chances are – since you are here – that you will have the same experience. 

Plus, I have structured the course in a (systematic) way that will give you a journey, an experience. An experience that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Q: Are there refunds?

Upon purchase, you will get access to the entire Manifestation Bootcamp, including bonus material. All materials are downloadable and you will keep them for life. As such, there is no possibility for refund. And, of course, it wouldn’t serve you to step into this program with the energy of ‘trying it out’. Full commitment to reap the full benefits of what Manifestation Bootcamp has got to offer is essential.

Q: Is there some personal support in this programme?

While this is a self-study programme, you will never be alone. I have a client support group for change-makers who go through any of my  self-study courses. You will get access to this group, and with it, the ability to ask any questions as you go along.

Q: How long will I have access to this course?

You will be pleased to know that once you sign up for this programme, you will keep it for life.

Q: I really want to do this (and take advantage of this special offer) but I’m already signed up to other programmes. Should I still go for it?

My intention is not to overwhelm you but to transform you. The workload is not heavy but your energy IS required to get the results you want. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the training materials.

The manifestation bootcamp changed my life!!!

The power in that one course is immeasurable and I cannot recommend it highly enough!! The stuff I’ve manifested since taking part in the course at the beginning of the year is immense!!! All of a sudden the ‘light’ went in for me and ‘bam!!!’ No looking back since….amazing coach and amazing course!! Do it!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

Tamsin Henman

In closing…. 

You’ve read this far. So it’s safe to assume that there is something about Manifestation Bootcamp that is calling you in. 

Here’s my invitation to follow that calling – and here’s why:

One inspired action can truly change everything. 

As for me, I followed my inner guidance to create this course. I already shared with you how this rocked my world, and the world of my dear clients. I also followed my inner guidance to re-introduce this powerful program after a few years, so you can get your hands on it. 

Now, YOU, my darling, are one inspired action away from giving yourself permission to bring a lot more ease, fun and miracles into your business and life. 

It’s time…