May I ask you – do you use journaling as a business growth strategy? I find that journaling is one of the most effective ways to work on our vibration, get to know our egos and get super familiar with our next-level self and business. It can also spark an incredible amount of inspiration and show us the way forward.

It happened to me today.

As I shared today’s journaling prompt with my VIP clients and went on to complete the journaling exercise myself, I had a nudge knocking on my mind: Share this with your audience, many women will find this valuable.

So here I am. Not only I have for you a journaling prompt with an explanation about the benefits behind this journaling exercise; I am also sharing with you the exact contents of my personal journaling. In short, in what way will you benefit?

I have no idea. I’m just following my intuition. But if you do benefit, please comment and let me know whether you’d like to see more journaling prompts like this on my blog.

So here we go… I trust it will benefit you and help you to journal your way to business success.


“In what ways can my soul-aligned clients find their way to me right now?”

How does it work:

It’s important for us to stay in a state of positive expectancy when it comes to attracting clients with ease and making a ton of money our everyday experience. But sometimes?

Uncertainty. In addition: “But where will my clients come from?” And: “What do I need to do, do, do, do, doooooo to make it happen?” (relying on By Me consciousness).

Journaling on this question will help you to get from the energy of lack and uncertainty to the energy of possibilities and knowing that at any given moment, there are multiple channels open for you to receive what is rightfully yours. An abundance of perfect-for-you clients, and money, freedom, and joy.

So – can you list seven random ways how perfect-for-you clients can find their way to you? Or ten? Maybe 20?

List all the obvious ways, but also, get playful and think outside of the box. Stretch your awareness. Above all stretch the field of possibility.

Your vibration will shift when you do – and consequently, you’ll be a lot more ready to receive.


Below is my own example of this journaling exercise. For instance, I adapted the focus of the exercise for the forthcoming Extraordinary Live event, as that’s my main focus right now. And my ego is showing its teeth from time to time. So doing journaling exercises like this help me massively. Also, I am including a few links to the event, in case you want to be part of it! Here it goes:

In what ways will my soul-aligned clients find their way to Extraordinary Live 2019?

There are millions of women who feel deep inside they are meant for something bigger; that they are here to make a huge impact on the world; to sum up they are on a brink of growing their businesses into multiple six and seven figures…

She – my soul aligned client – is looking for ways to make it happen; to get out of her own way; grow her client base dramatically with ease; to scale her impact without constant hustle; and simply bring her business and life to a new, exciting level.

Her Higher-Self is constantly guiding her, showing her the next perfect step.

And… she is listening.

For many women, this next perfect step is to get out of her comfort zone, invest in herself, and make her way to London in March and immerse herself in Extraordinary Live 2019.

That’s when everything else will open up for her. Everything.

She – my soul aligned client; and many of them – will find her way to Extraordinary Live 2019 in various different ways…

1. She will “randomly” see one of my interviews with Andrew, Sarah, Elena, Sashka, Bushra or Penny and therefore receive a nudge: “I’ve got to be there.”  She will honour that calling.

2. FB ad will pop up for her. She’ll get curious. Most importantly, she’ll follow the inner guidance.

3. Some of the powerful women who already booked their place – or many of them – will tell their friend about the event. And that friend happens to be her – my soul-aligned client, who will, at one point, get the feeling: “I’ve got to be there with you.”

4. Something that I wrote or said, will get “randomly” into her attention; something that will deeply resonate. She’ll then check out the event page, and conclude:

“Blimey, it’s my time to go big, and this will help me so much!” And, she will honour that calling.

5. She will read one of my newsletters. Because there is something of value to her. And she will click on the event page and with each word, the knowing that she’s got to be there gets stronger and stronger. No matter what the circumstances, she’ll say yes to herself. And decide to claim her extraordinary.

6. My team members may casually mention the event to somebody; and that somebody happens to be her – the woman who co-created this event through me. And she’ll immediately know she will be there, no matter what.

7. That one tweet will get in front of her at just the right time. And that right moment will spur her to take action.

8. She’ll come to the end of another working day with no sale, with no new soul to serve. And she’s wondering

“WTH, no progress today… what needs to happen for me to create sales every day with ease??”

She decides to check Facebook to take her mind off things… only for Extraordinary Live event related post to pop up in front of her… and will immediately know what to do.

9. She’ll go to bed but cannot fall asleep. As she turns from one side to another, she is wondering, how is it possible that after investing so much in her and her business, she is still not reaching her financial goals? How come she is still not living the level of freedom and purpose she desires so much? “There must be something I can change!”… Meanwhile, she decides to google something. And google search will bring her all the way to London to Extraordinary Live, where SHE will change.

10. She’ll get to know about my forthcoming book launch event through Eventbrite. And decides to attend. That will lead her to get to know about the Extraordinary Live event, and she’ll say to herself: “I may as well go all the way in.” And she will.

All in all, she – and many versions of her – can find their way to the Extraordinary Live in an infinite amount of ways.

After all, she’s not someone separate from me. She’s a reflection of me, helping me to experience myself in a new way. I’m a reflection of her consciousness. We are ONE, and we are creating this phenomenal weekend experience together.

And so it is.

That’s me, gorgeous. How about you? In what ways can your soul-aligned clients find your way to you right now? Share with me!

And should you be HER, that woman who has the calling to be part of the Extraordinary Live event, follow that calling, darling. Claim your Extraordinary. Early Bird disappears when the countdown hits 0:

With all my love,