Is fear holding you back? Here is what to do…

I’ve been asked during one of my interviews: “Looking back, what is the one thing that helped your business to take off the ground faster?”

Not an easy question to answer. Business is certainly not about ONE thing. But talking about the one thing that makes the most difference? I’d have to say this:

The ability to act in spite of your fears.

You see, fear is often an unwelcome visitor in the mind of a new entrepreneur; a visitor that likes to stick around – sometimes a bit too much.

So much so, that after a while, it can become a faithful companion; silently influencing your thoughts, decisions and actions. So silently, in fact, that you don’t know about it…

This was certainly my case when I started my business.

Having over six years of experience in business and coaching at that point, one would say I should have had no problem when it came to starting another training & coaching business.


I struggled for a long time.

Because with the abrupt loss of my first business I also said (temporarily) “Goodbye!” to my confidence,  and “Hello!” to fear-based thinking.

Yes, I struggled. And I dare to say I didn’t have to if I had been a bit more willing to listen to those fears, recognise them for what they were, and act in spite of them.

So today, I want to share with you four areas of business where fear used to hold me back. I hope it will inspire you to become more aware of fear in YOUR mind and tell it to shut it!

1. CLARITY ON THE IDEAL CLIENT (and my role in the world).

Having previously worked with over one thousand people from all walks of life, I found it rather challenging to pick just ONE group of clients to focus on.

I knew it would make sense to focus on serving one type of client – but which one?

Business executives? Women entrepreneurs? Coaches?

I was SO confused.

I did several branding & marketing courses in a hope to nail my niche.

Answers were STILL not coming.

Until one sunny day in my garden.

There I was, still searching for “my thing.”

And a question popped into my head: “What would I do if I was not afraid?”

So I answered this question. And in the next millisecond, my ideal client avatar, the core offering and the pricing & marketing strategy were super clear to me.

In the next two weeks, I sold six places for my (brand new) high-end group program – without having a word written about it on my website.

That’s the power of clarity and alignment.

But it would not have happened, should I not have asked myself that question – a question that forced my mind to go beyond my fears; it forced me to recognise what I was afraid of (in my case it was the fear of not being taken seriously and the fear of losing out) and open the door to “fearless possibilities”.

“What would I do if I was not afraid?”

Such a good question. Note it down! 😉


I had lots of ideas for how to take my business off the ground. I needed a few new systems in place (CRM, landing pages etc.); also, I needed more know-how about growing an online coaching business; and I needed some expert guidance.

So what did I do?

I told myself: “When I have more clients, I will get x,y, z.”


This kind of thinking never works.

It’s fear-based and quite frankly, very lame.

If you believe something is going to help you grow, you’ll take a calculated risk and invest.

Sometimes with your money, sometimes with the credit card, sometimes with the money you laboriously saved.

That is what fearless entrepreneurs do and yes, it DOES require a level of confidence.

Luckily, I got over this fear.

Some women never do.

Don’t allow yourself to be one of them!


Yes, it can be scary to go out there and put yourself in front of your clients.

It can be scary to go vulnerable, share your successes, show the world the full YOU.

It can be scary to promote yourself, reach out to your potential clients.

“What if nobody likes it?”

“And what will people think of me?”

“What if I come across as pushy?”

“Consequently, what if they judge me?”

Screw these fears. They mean shit.

Focus on service instead.

Follow your butterflies. (Those in your tummy, I mean. They let you know when you’re about to do something that will result in your growth)

The better you get at this, the faster you become THE coach you’re dreaming about.


Your heart says: “I want to connect with my audience whenever I have something to say.”

Your head says: “I can’t send more than one email per week. Otherwise, I’ll have too many unsubscribers.”

When you think about it, how illogical is this fear? If someone is bothered by hearing from you, why on earth would you want to hold an energetic space for them and hold them captive on your mailing list?

Let them go! You’re not right for each other right now (You might be later).

They leave, and someone who is EAGER to hear from you, AND buy from you will fill their space.

So here they are. The four areas of business that initially suffered because I got influenced by my fears.

With each and every one of them, there came the point when I recognised them and told myself: “No more! I’m doing it anyway!!!”

My business smiles and thanks me for it every day.

And you? What would you do if you were not afraid? What WILL you do?

To your extraordinary growth,

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