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When focus and hard work haven’t taken you as far as you wanted

by | Jun 1, 2023

I recall one client who came to me for business consultancy. Let’s call her Laura. She talked at length about her business, and how she desired to grow it. 

Then I asked her a simple question: “Tell me about you. Who are you, the woman behind your business, when you are not busy working?” 

There was a silence. 

Then tears. 

A breakdown. 

But from that silence and tears, huge transformation followed. 

While working with me, this client grew her business 5 times over in the space of several months and created record breaking sales revenues. 

But more than that happened.

She remembered Her Self - her Full Self. 

And she changed her life!

Because up until then she had, like most people, gone about achieving her goals logically.

With focus.

With hard work.

With a ton of effort. 

She had forgotten the woman that wanted to play; the woman that wanted to feel pleasure and euphoria; the woman that wanted to be deeply loved, and to love deeply. She had forgotten that woman inside all of us that has access to a lot more than our logic and focus does. 

When we remember Her, everything changes. 

A lot more success will follow, but also a lot more love, personal fulfilment, time freedom, sense of aliveness. 

Oh, the JOY!

But here’s the thing: 

To remember yourself fully, you’ve got to stop over relying on logic, focus and hard work. 

Yes, that logic, focus and hard work that has got you so far!! 🙈

…and you’ve got to start lifting the veil of your senses and start trusting the intelligence of your heart more - that heart of yours that is a little closed right now to protect you. 

But if you dare to open your mind and heart just a little? 

You will stumble across your FULL SELF, that which is dwelling inside of you… 

The you that can:

  • Change any circumstance at will with much more ease.

  • Tap into solutions that you had previously no access to. 

  • Create a lot more space and time in your life.

  • Open yourself to a whole new level of love and sense of aliveness.

  • Turn your greatest desires into an inevitability and then, into your lived experience.

That aspect of you is not logical - it’s far more intelligent than human logic 😉  

It’s multidimensional. 

It communicates through emotions, intuitive hunches and desires. 

It will challenge you to start with… and then, it will change your life. 🙌


It’s time for Desire Alchemy - a powerful experience that will awaken your heart, and that deeper aspect of you big time. 

It’s time to remember yourself. 

With all my love,


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