3-Part Masterclass exploring the Energetics and Strategy behind scaling your Impact and Income through Group Programmes

£555 + UK VAT 

You’re a powerful change-maker, born to impact many.

That’s what drives you. That’s what has already taken you through many peaks and valleys on your entrepreneurial journey. That’s your mission on this earth.

And group programmes?

Are the most powerful way to do that. They have the ability to:

Facilitate as deep (or even deeper) transformations as 1:1 work – regardless of the exact quantity of your group programme participants;

Leverage your time and energy big time, without sacrificing the quality of your work;

Scale your business success to limitless highs.

But. You are also aware that creating, marketing, selling and delivering a group programme is not a matter of a few minutes or even a few hours. And when you put all that energy into your group programme, it’s not fun when: 

You excitedly introduce your group programme to the world, and… crickets. Then doubts. Then disappointment. 

You end up running a group programme that was meant to create a huge difference for many people for just one, two or three clients (and then you try to reassure yourself it’s ok, even though you feel a quiet sense of resentment).

You finally successfully launch your programme, only to be exhausted even before you start delivering it… because the process of marketing and selling took the whole life out of you.

You deliver your best work inside of your group programme, only for some clients to complain about this and that. And you feel like crying. Because you gave it your all.

Yes, all these scenarios can happen when you decide to scale your business through group programmes. 

So what do you need to do to scale income and impact through group programmes successfully and sustainably?

– Is it about working harder?

– Is it about finding a ‘missing piece’?

– Is it about learning more marketing and sales tricks? 

No, no, and no!

You’ve probably tried that anyway!

Simply put – to ensure limitless success with your group programmes, the strategies you use to create, market, sell and deliver your programmes need to work with energy. 

Powerful energy gives birth to powerful strategies, which gives birth to limitless success. 

Yes, it’s time to marry the powerful energetics behind creating, selling and delivering group programmes, with powerful strategies!

It’s time to IMPACT MANY!

£555 plus UK VAT

Hi, I’m Lenka

Just in case we don’t know each other that well, my name is Lenka Lutonska. I’m the best-selling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing, the creator of Miraculum and other powerful group programmes for women change-makers.  I am the CEO of a multiple 7-figure a year coaching business, a very happy wife, and a mom to 3 lovely boys, 4 tiny dogs and one cat. I spend an awful lot of time in my garden, with those I love, or travelling. 

At the same time, I run a thriving business, powerfully serving and impacting many highly driven, professional women, who desire to marry their next level professional success with their personal fulfilment. 

And the main way I am able to do that?

Powerful, high-value group programmes!

In this brand new, 3-part masterclass, I will take you behind the scenes of my business, and share with you the energetics and strategies I use and teach to my VIP clients, which will help you to:

Create profoundly impactful group programmes;

Market and sell your group programmes successfully, on demand;

Deliver the most profound transformations inside of the programmes & turn your clients into passionate ambassadors;

Scale your business through group programmes – gracefully, without sacrifice.

£555 + UK VAT


How we are going to make it happen:

module 1

Make it Irresistible

It’s common sense: If you want to scale your income and impact via group programmes, making them irresistible to your ideal clients is key. 

And that’s what we will focus on during the first part of the Impact Many Masterclass. 

But beware: this session will go a lot deeper than how to make your sales pages pretty and how to use your language to persuade your ideal clients to buy. 

Instead, you will discover the power of energetic conception – that period of time before you even introduce (or re-introduce) your group programme to the world. 

It’s during this energetic conception when your future results are determined, such as: 

  • How easy – or not so easy you will find attracting ideal clients to your group programme;
  • The quality of clients stepping into your programmes;
  • What level of results your clients will achieve inside your programme; 
  • And much more. 

I will take you through the exact energetic process I use during the conception period of my group programmes – the process that will predetermine your success and create the most transformative experience for your clients.

You will gain a deep understanding of how energy behaves during this process – and how to mould it for the highest purpose of your clients, and your business. 

In short, you will make your group programme irresistible to you and your ideal clients, and ready to scale your impact.

module 2

Make it Matter

Scaling your impact through powerful group programmes requires your focus and staying power. First, you’ve got to create it. Then you’ve got to successfully sell it (out!). Then you’ve got to deliver it.

Of course, you want your efforts put into this process to truly matter. 

And that’s what the second module of Impact Many will focus on – the strategy and energy that will support you to: 

  • Ensure amazing success with your group programmes – from conception all the way through to delivery;
  • Hold the energy for your groups powerfully so your clients can experience the most profound transformations; 
  • Turn your clients into your passionate brand ambassadors, shouting about the power of your group programmes from the rooftops;
  • Make the process of creating, selling and delivering group programmes graceful, stress free, and rewarding in all ways. 

This session will include an energetic activation which will get you ready to succeed with your group programmes big time. 

module 3

Make it Limitless

I’m sure you’re not into the idea of ‘one off success’. Instead, you’ll want to make your group programme part of your business ecosystem, so you can continually grow your impact and profits for years to come. 

This bonus session will focus on the energetics and strategies behind scaling your group programmes and your business with it.

I will also take you through an energetic assessment, where you will recognise what aspects of your energy are supporting your success, and what aspect of your energy you’ll want to address, so you can create lasting, ever growing, limitless success with your group programmes, and your other entrepreneurial activities. 

You will get answers to: 

  • How can I attract more ideal clients to my group programmes – again and again? 
  • How can I break through my current ceilings and open myself to a lot more? 
  • How can I create my next level of success and thrive? 

All in all?

This 3-part masterclass will get you ready to Impact Many and reap generous rewards for it.

One payment of £555*

*Plus UK VAT 

I am here to help you create limitless impact and thrive

My group programmes are fully booked and my clients breakthroughs are amazing

“Lenka’s group container brought me so much like:

– Trusting myself to ask for 4-figure rates per client;
– Fully booking my programs and even opening a new group because of overbooking;
– Learning to deal with failure and trusting my Inner Queen – then fully booking again;
– Having clients appear out of nowhere;
– Listening to my heart and stepping out of my spiritual closet – extremely important!
– Offering an even higher service to my clients that are amazed by their breakthroughs.

Thank you for inspiring me, each penny was well invested, no doubt about it.”

Adriana Spataru

Lenka helped me unlock my Limiting beliefs leading me to a 100K launch.

“In May, I had a launch, that was approximately £25k, maybe £30k, which is not bad in itself. I launched again end of August and I had not changed a thing because I didn’t have time or capacity, so I just launched it like I would normally launch it, and I sold for over £100k in 4 days. I have never sold for that. That was almost what I would sell for 2 years and I did it in 4 days.

What I had noticed, is that the limiting beliefs and all that stuff that was hindering me, big time, it wasn’t there anymore. The feeling around my business had completely changed to, “Holy crap, I can actually do anything here.” This is the best thing I have done in my 18 years of business.”

Inger Lise Kontochristos

my soul-aligned client found me.

“During Lenka’s group programme, I focused on discovering my soul aligned client, and afterwards, she showed up. 

Now, everything that I have been taught within this container tripled it’s value for me. And I am sure it will do that for you too. So if you have the opportunity to join Lenka and her team, I highly recommend it. Not only for business but for your own well being as well.”

Nina Maithili


Email us at love@lenkalutonska.com and my team will get back to you within 24 hours.

£555 + UK VAT