When we take our actions to grow our business, we often perceive and sometimes forget that growing our businesses and making a bigger impact and more money is not only about the actions we take. This is important but it’s ultimately about who we choose to become at any given moment.  

According to science, the average person on an average day habitually does 99% of things completely unconscious. Controlled by obviously our subconscious habitual mind, a person will just go without paying attention to what’s really happening in his mind and heart.  

This is why I truly believe that the secret to the fastest extraordinary growth to unleashing your millions or 100K business a year is awareness from moment to moment in your day.  

The first step to make conscious entrepreneurs different from this 99% is to pay attention. You don’t just go blindly with it. As you start paying attention and become aware, it is absolutely one of the key things for you because then you know what is happening over your mind and you can start making choices.  

The second step is when you recognize what you do over your mind and heart, then you start disassociating yourself. It means that no matter what is happening over your mind does not mean it speaks for the truth or for reality. We do not create thought as such, habitually we learn to attract certain thoughts and associate ourselves with it and that’s the very function of our conditioned mind to make us think that what we think is real.