Recently I hired another coach (I work with a few – and I bloody love my team!) to help me regulate my sleep. And lose some weight. But mostly to regulate my sleep.

Here is why.

If you know me by now, you know I’m all about extraordinary growth. I love helping my clients create extraordinary growth in their business, and grow extraordinarily as women and thinkers.

The same goes for me. And I know that the route for me to grow my business further big style is NOT about new, never-unheard-of strategies. For me, it’s about a new level of connection. Connection with ME – God within me, the source of all ideas, inspiration and feeling of being alive.

When I’m connected (or ‘switched ON,’ as I sometimes call it), the world better watches out. The words I want to write are being written FOR me. The words I want to speak are being spoken through me. I don’t strain. I simply alow, and I bloody love it. Marketing, sales, service, coaching… everything FLOWS effortlessly. And fast. You know this feeling, right?


Everything slows down. Or stops. And I feel more inspired to do something unproductive (or not do anything at all). You also know THIS feeling. Right?

Well. The honesty fairy whispered in my ears: “Lenka. You know how to be connected. You’re connected most of the time. Now work on yourself so you’re connected all day long. Every day. That’s who you are.”

Be full of life! (in other words)

Increase your productivity! (in other-other words)

Stop lazying around! … That’s my ego talking, but it still describes a couple of hours a day I waste pretty damn well. Because I’m not as inspired as I could be. Because I don’t have as much energy as I could have. So for those 2-3 hours a day? … Yes, I keep myself busy. But – I’m not 100% productive during this time.


2-3 hours a day of little productivity is a s**t ton of wasted time. Around 1000 hours a year, to be exact.

Now, don’t take me wrong.

I am all for taking time to relax, fill your own cup, spend time with people you love, do things that make life worth living. I do that, I endorse that, I love that. That’s not wasted time. It’s a gift of life.

But working in your dream business and not getting absolute best out of every single minute of the day?

It`s a sin.

It`s a trait of a lazy mind.

Harsh, but I’m guilty of it too. So I CAN say it.

And for all I know, this type of ‘Being’, even if it’s few hours here and there, is NOT part of my highest self. It’s NOT who I am.



Being switched ON full time. All day, every day. That’s who I’m supposed to be, that’s what’s calling me, that’s what I desire.

Where does it start?

With a good sleep.

Because when I sleep well, I have a ton of energy during the day. When I don’t, I don’t. A simple logic.

And my sleep is scattered.

Luckily, with a little bit of discipline (or devotion, call it what you like), sleep CAN be regulated. New habits can be formed.

So my coach created for me a fantastic, 20 minutes long meditation that encourages my brain to produce melatonin, and gently lullabies me to sleep.

My task? Is to listen to the meditation when it’s time for bed.

And I did that. On day 1, day 2, day 3. I slept a little longer. A little better.

And then… I stopped.

Because “Oh, I don’t feel tired yet. Maybe I’ll listen to the meditation a little later…” No, I did not.

And I didn’t listen the next day, and a day after, and a day after that.

Yep. This comes from a woman who runs a pretty damn successful business. But, not THE business that is in me.

And if I dare to mind-read for a second, you too don’t run THE business you know is in you. Am I right?


I stayed overweight with my baby number three.

Then I lost some weight, then I stagnated.

The same coach gave me a simple practice I can do daily to encourage my body to breath out the fat (literally). It is REALLY bloody simple.

Again, I did it for a week. In that week, 2kg fell off, just like that. With no additional effort.

And then?

I stopped.


I have a Personal Trainer coming to my house three times a week.

She tortures me every time. And I LOVE it. My body loves it.

But when she leaves?

That chocolate my hubby bought for me… because he loves me… often ends up being my dinner.

Freaking fantastic! #not

There you go.


But for a good reason. I want to demonstrate three points on how to stop self-sabotage:

1.) Extraordinary growth requires CHANGE. For me, it’s about – in simple words – increasing my productivity through a connection. For you, it may be different. Maybe it’s about stronger boundaries. A different way you communicate. Make decisions. Market and sell. I don’t know. But your growth requires change, period.

2.) Change is NOT complicated. It’s freaking simple. For me, it’s about listening to a short meditation, so I fall asleep quicker and have a better quality sleep. Do a simple breathing exercise every day. Plus, sit down and write. THAT’S IT. I’m okay on all other fronts (at least, for now.)

And I bet that if you reviewed the stuff YOU need to change in order to grow big style, you’d also assume you’re looking at pretty simple things. Unless you set to live on Mars before Elon Musk gets there, of course. But still, a complex goal like that is a collection of many simple steps. So all in all, we can confidently assume that change IS simple.

3.) Self-sabotage? Is not only simple. It’s also EASY. Certainly easier than following those simple steps you know are right for you.


It’s always easier to stay.

Also, it is easier to do the same thing we did yesterday.

It’s easier make an excuse and tell ourselves we’ll start again tomorrow.

But tomorrow?

We’ll come across the SAME freaking choice.

And the next day.

And the next.

The next year too. Unless we recognise what the hell we are doing to ourselves and accept that growing and changing ourselves requires DISCONNECTION from ease. So we consciously take the harder route. We choose simple over easy. Again. And again. And again.

Until that change becomes part of us. The part of ourselves we love. Because it IS us. It always has been.

We’ve always been this way – switched on, full of life, manifesting like badasses, impacting millions, making millions.

But once upon a time, we stopped lying to ourselves. And followed the TRUTH through the path of consistent, simple, devoted action.

With love,

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