A study of 13,000 business executives by Harvard researcher Jagdish Parikh showed that they credited their intuition for a staggering 80% of their business success and there is no wonder why; intuition is how your higher mind communicates with you at all times.

Your intuition can truly be the greatest sales coach and business mentor you can ever hire, given you know how to work with it. Personally, I dedicate time and effort to not only learning about intuition, but most importantly— strengthening it—learning to trust its guidance.

There are five things you need to take into account when you want to power up your intuitive intelligence:

1) The more you listen, the more guidance you receive

We are all receiving divine guidance. There is no question about it. But some people can ‘hear it’ more easily than other people. The good news is that we can all work on opening up this communication channel and making that inner voice louder, so to speak.

How? By simply listening.

For example, including listening time—even as brief as three minutes—in my daily morning routine has worked wonders on how easily I can receive guidance. Simply ask yourself, ‘What is my part in this?’ As in, achieving your goals with ease; or overcoming a specific business challenge; and then, listen.

Note down all the ideas that come into your mind, no matter how crazy they sound, no matter if you think you are making it up. Take each piece of information as it is given to you. Sometimes you will receive lots of ideas, other times you will get nothing. It doesn’t matter. Simply listen. The more you do this, the clearer and more frequent the voice of your inner genius becomes.

2) The intuitive ideas you receive are always a perfect match to your energy

Yes, we can receive inspiration both from lower vibrational states—such as anger, fear, and so on, and from higher vibrational states such as excitement, belief and love. If you feel stuck, needy or desperate and you are looking for guidance from that place, you might receive inspired answers.

But guess what? Applying that guidance will give you more of the feeling of being stuck, needy or desperate! Attend to your vibration before seeking answers from your higher-self. If you want to receive intuitive ideas to create extraordinary growth in your business, visualise what that extraordinary growth looks like for a few minutes, and notice how you feel as if you already achieved it. From this emotional place, you will be able to receive divine guidance more easily, and the ideas will be a perfect match to creating the extraordinary growth you desire.

 3) Intuition is a whole-brain function

Your intuition is filtered through your physical mind. Have you ever walked into a strange environment and immediately got a gut feeling about it? In the millisecond you entered this new environment, your higher mind integrated all the aspects of the situation.

This is why learning about your craft and especially practicing your craft is incredibly useful when it comes to being able to receive intuitive guidance that will lead to your greatest growth.

This is also why it is so important to work on yourself; your personal energy. Because, let’s say, if the programming of your lower mind is, ‘No matter what I do, it will never work’, your higher mind can scream and shout at you all it likes, but you won’t be able to hear it

4) Relaxed state enhances your intuitive hearing

The best state of consciousness to communicate with your higher-self is when you’re in a relaxed state. As you relax and your brainwaves enter Alpha and Theta states, you calm your ego-self; you get out of your mind, so to speak.

You need to allow yourself to get out of your mind often and listen for intuitive guidance in that state. For many people, a brief visualization or meditation will do the trick. For others, it will be dancing, or walking in nature. Whatever relaxes your mind, use it as a doorway to the infinite wisdom possessed by your higher-self.

5) Intuitive ideas often don’t make sense at first

Your higher mind is the highest form of intelligence and it holds energetic data ripe with potential to transform your world and fulfil your highest potential. It knows far more than your logical mind knows. As a result, it is only natural that your intuitive guidance will often sound illogical.

When intuition hits, refrain from judging the idea solely based on how much sense it makes; instead, evaluate it by how it feels. If the idea feels expansive and exciting, you can be assured that it is your higher mind talking and it is surely a worthwhile exercise to explore your idea further.

Get to know your threshold between following your inspired ideas and being foolish. Then, stretch that threshold.

I can tell you that my intuition has never failed to deliver and yours won’t either.

Looking back, every applied intuitive idea—no matter how crazy—was an important step towards enjoying the business success, and everything that comes with it, which I enjoy today. So, excuse me if I say that ‘this is too foolish’ should not belong in the vocabulary of extraordinary entrepreneurs and change- makers and certainly not be an excuse to disregard our ideas.

‘Am I foolish enough?’ is a much better question to ask ourselves!

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