When it comes to selling out our high-level offerings, the first thing that comes up, again and again, is the positioning of the actual offer.  

I’m going to presume that most of you will be in some form of service-based profession, coaching or healing profession. In other words, you probably love making a difference and be paid by it.  

Now, for us change-makers, it’s very natural to think in terms of the processes and tools and things we can use for clients to create the change they want, whatever it is that you’re working on. Unfortunately, this often reflects when we are creating our offerings and then we want to sell out those offerings.  

For instance, in relationship coaching, oftentimes I catch them saying “I will help you develop self-love” or “this one-on-one coaching will help you to love yourself.” Here’s the thing, the success in your selling really starts from the positioning of your program or offer.  

When we base our offerings on the process rather than the outcome, they are going to have a much harder time because it makes common sense if somebody wants a loving relationship. They absolutely need to develop self-love in the first place. But not with our client who is going to part their money 

They‘re not thinking about “I am so unhappy because I don’t have enough love towards myself. I don’t love myself enough and I really wish I love myself more.” That is one of our buying buttons. That’s not what really makes us want to change and want to invest in professionals to help us. 

The more likely scenario will be that our ideal clients will be thinking in terms of “I want a loving relationship, I want someone to love me.” So, positioning the program around attracting an ideal partner or creating a deeply loving relationship would make it really the forefront. 

Thus, make it a very visible big bold promisethat is what clients are thinking about at night. Tune into what your ideal clients are thinking about and then position your offer around that. Make sure that your offering is not process-based but outcomes-based. So, keep asking yourself, “What do they truly want?” “What is the end of the transformation?” And you want to create that package that you are selling.