How to deal with MASSIVE disappointments

Oh. my. goodness.

You know that moment when you want to put your head under the pillow and scream from the bottom of your lungs because that’s how disappointed you are?

You know that sinking feeling… when tears just flow down your face because something that you held SO much intention for didn’t happen as you had envisioned?

And that feeling of massive fuck up?

Yeah, I know.

It happened to me today.

For a few moments, I thought my entrepreneurial journey ended there and then.

It didn’t.

Tears flowed only for a few moments.

And guess what? I turned that disappointment into an advantage.

That’s what we women do, Tatiana – we turn our greatest moments of disappointment into advantages and moments of massive growth, right?

Yesterday, I live streamed about what exactly happened (oh yeah, the details of the giant f$$k up) and how we can turn situations like these around. Catch up on the replay here.

Because let’s be honest with ourselves:

If we put ourselves on a trajectory for extraordinary growth… if we are truly committed to expanding our businesses and impacting exponentially, we will also meet with those moments of huge disappointment along the way. Probably on more than one occasion.

That’s why it is essential that we are able to deal with moments like these in a healthy way – and turn them into advantages and massive growth.

I truly hope that this live stream will help you with that.

With all my love,



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