Have you ever experienced a huge disappointment? When you really have got such a strong intention and it just doesn’t happen the way you want it.  

On the first edition’s cover of my book, on the spine, it says “Matketing” instead of “Marketing.”  And I felt a sinking feeling like, “Oh my gosh! This is not how I envisioned. This is like the worst nightmare!

I will tell you how I dealt with it and how I turned it into an advantage. 

But before we got into my story, I am going to share a story of one of the dear clients that I love deeply because her tenacity just inspires me.  

This client is in the Extraordinary Growth Academy. She lives in Africa and never left her country. She never traveled outside. She was living with her parents and they supported her. For her, to commit to Extraordinary Live was a massive thing. She was scared to come clean in front of parents and family that she wants to go to the UK, travel for her own selfish purposes, and she felt really scared. 

She said it’s enough time now to rely on her parents and she wanted to do things on her own. So, she got herself an apartment in a Metro and started to grow a business in that way. She had to go through obstacles to be able to come to UK and guess what? She got denied a visa! 

So, how to deal with it? 

I believe that our experience always has a good reason and a good purpose. Of course, some experiences cause disappointments but nevertheless, it also has a purpose and that is always something hugely positive. And the process of getting over it can be of use to help you grow much faster and impact people positively 

As for me, I am thankful that I found it right away. Yes, it’s true. I shed a few tears with the typo of my book. I had a disappointing moment but I had spoken to my publishers and save the situation. 

So, I did have a misspelling on the cover of the book but I’m not going to change the first edition’s copies. Isn’t this a powerful metaphor? That things do not have to be perfect for them to make a massive impact. 

Then, I brought two books to the book launch and had everyone choose. They can have either a perfect and corrected version or take a metaphor with you.

As for my client’s story, this is what I coached her through and told her “My darling, listen to this. This is very important. If you were meant to be in London to get the massive change, believe me, if it was absolutely the best for you, you would be there. But it’s not yet the best scenario for you.”  

It’s the same thingthe reason and the purpose. 

For her, the reason was whatever she learned about the visa applications in the embassy, it will motivate her to do even better and do it better next time.  

The purpose is, she’s going to enjoy the Livestream of the event instead and she will have 18 months until the next Extraordinary Live.   

There is a reason and a purpose to everything but I don’t know if it’s absolute truth. But I know this, there are truths that limit us and there are truths that if we choose to live by them, we’ll get so much further and faster.  

I want to hear from you. Did this help? What you’re taking out of this? One thing you must remember–reason, purpose or truth.