Your personal energy is a field surrounding your body, while at the same time containing your body, often called your aura or energy body.Read more below to learn How To Create Extraordinary Growth In Your Business Using Your Personal Energy.

It is an invisible shield of yours that introduces you before you speak.

It is what quietly communicates with your potential clients on your behalf and gives them the feeling: ‘I have to work with this person, no matter what!’—or it makes them hesitate. It is what gives people the first, gut impression of you, when you walk into the room.

It is what you project into the web of energy that connects you with everything and everyone in this vast universe—either attracting your dream clients to you in droves, or repelling them.

Your personal energy communicates with the hearts and minds of your clients. It also communicates with the divine mind. It is through this spectrum that you create your reality as you know it.

So how can we use our personal energy to grow our businesses?

It is about becoming fully conscious of what energy you apply to your business.

The answer to sustainable business growth is to turn this normal sequence on its head.

Instead of your thoughts affecting your emotions, which affect your values, which affect your awareness which drives your actions, you need to do it the other way around. Decide what action you need to take and let that drive your awareness, your values, your emotions and ultimately drive your thoughts.

It is time to stop asking ourselves; ‘What do I need to do to grow my business?’ and instead, ask; ‘What do I need to change about myself to grow my business?’

We can apply our energy on any subject you can think of: children; fashion; parenting; health and fitness; romantic relationships—you name it. Naturally, we are applying our energy differently to different subjects and there are 5 keys areas to focus on:


What you believe, and what you know about yourself as the creator of your reality. How you feel about your ability to succeed and create anything you want. How you value yourself and whether you operate from the place of personal power or the lack of it.


What you project onto your potential and existing clients. Are they people who respect you and love to invest in you? Or do they pay you by pressing the like button on your social media posts and praising you to heaven which, by this point annoys the hell out of you?

You see, people do not behave independently of ourselves. They respond to our beliefs about them, and our actions based on those beliefs.

Furthermore, it is also important how we apply our energy in relationships beyond our potential and existing clients—family members, romantic relationships, our colleagues, employees, suppliers and so on—because what we project onto them is often reflected back on us through our clients.

For example, if somebody allows themselves to be treated with disrespect by their children or spouse, no wonder they keep attracting clients who treat them with disrespect. Our business is a mirror to how we live our lives. It is a mirror of who we are.


What you believe and know about selling; how you rank selling in order of importance; how you think about it and go about it.


What you believe about your ability to spread your message far and wide into the world, drawing your potential clients to you. How you feel about marketing, how you position it in your hierarchy of values and as such, how much and how well you market your business.


How you relate to money and how much money you allow or don’t allow to enter your experience, through your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, values and actions. Making more money is not about doing more. It is about allowing more.

In order to use your personal energy to grow your business, you need to look at each of these five areas and consider how your energy is affecting them.

Extraordinary growth happens when you align your energy in these five areas with that which you choose to accomplish: your business and life goals. This is when you become limitless.

You will discover how to apply your personal energy and tweak it, bit by bit, so you can become a complete match to your greatest desires in your business and life.

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