Booking a new high-end client within 24 hours… Who wouldn’t fancy that, right? Read below to learn about 3 simple and easy tips on how to book a new high-end client within 24 hours.

Here are a few simple tips for you on how to book a new high-end client within 24 hours, so you can make it happen today:


I don’t care if you can’t remember when the last time you booked a paying client was. I don’t care if the struggle is your current normal.

The struggle is NOT normal.

Nature doesn’t know such a thing. (Can you imagine a tree thinking: I’ve got to hustle all day every day to grow?) You’re part of nature. And your natural state is ease.

So decide that booking your next client is going to be easy, regardless of what your experience has been so far. Decide it’s going to be easy to book a client today.

Naive? Perhaps. But certainly more productive than operating from the place of “I’ve got to work very hard to succeed.”


Many women dislike the idea of offering “discovery calls.” They perceive doing so as “please book your time with me here so I can sell you something.”

If you’re offering client calls from this place, don’t even bother. It’s not going to work.

Instead, shift your vantage point.

Discovery calls (Or clarity calls, sales calls, call them what you like) are about connection. They are about serving others. They are about exploration.

There’s no place for “I need you to buy from me” (even if you just think so in your head) when you offer or run these calls.

Lean back, stop focusing on the outcome. Operate from the place of highest service. Rename your sessions if you must (for many women, calling their calls “Connections calls” or “Clarity Calls” is enough to shift their perception).

Then proceed to the next step.


If you are selling high-end packages, the chances are that your clients will sign up with you through conversation. So?

Do what it takes to create those conversations. I’ll repeat… Do what it takes.

And yes, I could give you a hundred and one ideas on how to do it.

However. You already instinctively know what to do to create those calls.

Perhaps there are people who expressed their interest in working with you in the past but nothing happened. You could invite them to talk.

Perhaps there are people who you served in past and now you can serve them in a different way.


But if you’re not fully booked yet, chances are you’re not taking proactive steps to create your calls.

Why? Let me take a guess.

You fear coming across as salesy or pushy. You fear judgement.

I hear you.

But listening to these (illogical) fears won’t take you places. I promise. (Been there, done that!).

The moment you start recognising these thoughts for what they are and act in spite of them is the moment ANYTHING becomes possible for you.

Including signing up wonderful high-end clients in the next 24 hours.

I dare you. 🙂

With lots of love,

P.S. A gentle reminder: Everything that happens in your business:

  • the amount of clients;
  • the quality of your sales conversations;
  • the sales revenues you are used to;
  • and the rate of your business growth,
    is a direct reflection of your personal energy.

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