Women ask me these questions day in, day out – How to grow a super engaged and super profitable Facebook group:

  • “How did you grow your group so quickly?”
  • “My group has got very little engagement. What can I do?”
  • “My members like my stuff but they don’t buy my paid offerings. How can I turn it around?

I’m not claiming to have the biggest or the best group on Facebook. (Even though many women tell me it’s their favourite group and I’m not going to argue with that, ha ha!)

What I know though is this: I LOVE my group AND it helped me massively in building a multiple-6-figure online coaching business that I love. And yes, without any advertising – I started to do Facebook Ads at a much later stage in my business.

And today, I’m going to help you to grow your Facebook group and make it super profitable!

Watch this video to make it happen and learn how you can also grow a super engaged and super profitable Facebook group.

Oh – and have a fat notebook ready. These tips are fantastic – and I’m not the one who said that!! 😉

Grow a super engaged and super profitable Facebook group


Here’s one more resource for you:

Using simple questions as part of your visibility strategy has got sooo many benefits.

Grab this handy-dandy PDF with 63 QUESTIONS that will spark engagement in your groups; create a deep connection with your tribe, and convert your raving fans into your gorgeous paying clients! You are welcome! 🙂


Of course, it is our responsibility to build on what we created and continue to grow. Here are the three main ways that I can support you in this so you can be the one who shares her huge wins and inspires other women next year!!

1. Extraordinary Growth Academy

My signature program and powerful group coaching experience for women who need to build strong business foundations (business structures + ‘Fully Booked’ mindset) in order to turn their passion for helping others into a steady 20K+ a month business that feeds your soul and bank account in an equal measure.

2. NLP Coach Accreditation Training

This powerful NLP accreditation training will give you mastery in three crucial areas that are the basis of extraordinary growth and creating an impact in the life that you desire:

1. Personal Mastery – this training, even though very comprehensive in training content – is a journey of self-discovery, learning and growth. It is practically impossible to walk out of this program as the same version of yourself. Instead, using powerful NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques, you will release inner blocks and ways of thinking that might be sabotaging you from achieving your boldest goals. You’ll develop unwavering self-belief and equip yourself with a set of tools that will help you deal with the challenges entrepreneurial life has to offer.

2. Coaching Mastery – you will master some of the hottest coaching tools on the planet so you can create rapid and long-lasting transformations in your clients.

3. Communication Mastery – you’ll master the conscious use of language and how to use it to communicate with your clients so they ‘get it’. Think coaching, marketing, sales, personal relationships – NLP will totally transform the way you communicate and, as such, you’ll get far better results from your communication.

3. Energetic Selling & Marketing Book

We sold out of all printed copies of Energetic Selling Marketing that were available on day one (oops!) but the good news is that it’s now back in stock. And the first results are coming in!!

One incredible reader created over £8K extra sales revenues after reading the book, in just a few days! Yay, how I love reading messages like this. 😍

Please feel happy to order your copy and claim some fabulous bonus courses at energeticselling.com if you haven’t done so yet!

Want to talk about any of these powerful programs? Not sure which one to take or whether it is a perfect match for you? Simply book a complimentary connection call here.

With all my love and here is to your EXTRAORDINARY success.