Lenka Lutonska
Module Challenges 
Read here about how challenges and point system work. 
Going through your training materials, you will notice that lots of modules include ‘Module Challenges”. These are simple challenges that will help you to implement what you learn in your business and as such, see the growth you want to see faster.
Each completed challenge is worth certain amount of points, depending on the difficulty of the challenge (between 5-15 points normally).
Once you complete the challenge, please post about it in our EGA group and tag Jenni P, so she can record the challenge points for you.
Your can use the Challenge Points in 2 ways: 
1.) Become a Challenge Leader Board Winner for the month.
The woman with the most challenge points for each specific month will win a feature interview with Lenka. This means recognition and publicity to Lenka’s tribe.
2.) Use the challenge points towards Lenka’s high-end services.
Once a year we recognise members who have been consistent in utilising the Academy challenges. The points will be accumulated and the first 3 women at the end of each Yearly Challenge Leaderboard will be able to use their challenge points towards some of Lenka’s higher-end services upon booking (to be used within one year's time):
NLP Coach Certification Training (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level).
1-2-1 Coaching with Lenka.
Please note you need to redeem your points upon your booking (each ‘point’ is worth 1£, and accumulative challenge points will be deducted from your full / first payment). There is a limit to apply 500 points towards a single service, and limit of £1000 overall points across all of Lenka’s services listed above.
Good luck and here is to your extraordinary success!

With Love,