Fully Booked

With Your Soul High-End Clients?

Fully Booked

With Your Soul High-End Clients?

Welcome to your new normal!

Every woman with desire CAN start and grow her coaching business.

Some choose baby steps. Others prefer FAST growth.

And then, there are some women who settle for nothing but QUANTUM LEAPS

That would be YOU.


Anything less limits your soul.

You’re simply driven by GROWTH, EXPANSION and making a positive DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD.

And yes. You are totally ready to GET FULLY BOOKED with your dream, high-end clients.

Welcome. This is about to become your new normal.

the Modern Day Shaman

Working with Lenka has changed my business forever!

“When I first came across her I’d been online for about a year with patchy success, feast then famine in terms of clients and finances. That has all changed. Lenka has coached me through my own ‘hook ups’, gently but firmly, she has given me strategies to build my list, attract my tribe and to send the right message to my soul clients. She is there supporting me through thick and thin and has been a beacon of light in my growth. She is the best mindset maven I have experienced, this for me made all the difference, that together with her business acumen makes magic.

After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately manifest 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

This is a BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”

What’s Cooking In The Oven…

Quantum Leap Mastermind

Y ou’re in the business long enough to know you’re on a right track. You have gorgeous clients, and money coming in. But now? You’re ready for extraordinary growth because making a multipe-six-figure (to start with) impact on the world and your life is calling your heart loud and clear. You’re simply ready for quantum leap. And thanks to this exclusive mastermind, this is about to become your ultimate reality.

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1 on 1 Coaching » 

1 on 1 Coaching

You didn’t step on this crazy entrepreneurial journey to get lost in the sea of other coaches and become one of ‘many’. You want to be an EXTRAORDINARY coach with an EXTRAORDINARY business that sets your soul on fire, makes a profound difference in the lives of your clients and funds your dreams. And you want it fast. (Because yesterday is too late). Working with me will cut years between where you’re now and a 10K – 50K monthly income by doing your best work.

With Me

With Me