Free VIP Session with Lenka Lutonska


Replay available until end of Sunday 30th June.

During this VIP session:

I will take you behind the scenes of my business (and mind!) and share the process and mindset behind creating my next-level business model with you. You’ll have a real life example of what needs to change in order to take your impact and income to the next level too.

You will see what changes I’m making to my current offerings, marketing, selling, the way I serve, and why.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding on what a Business Model actually is, and what influences the effectiveness of your business model for all involved.

You’ll get deeper clarity on how to create the most transformative client journey inside of your business model.

You’ll discover how to powerfully deal with fears, doubts and, “I can’t decide” during this creative process. I’ll share with you specific self-sabotaging patterns that can negatively influence your business model, and how to avoid them.

We’ll talk about your Capacity Container – your current ability to make an impact and receive, and how to massively expand it.

And you’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions about anything we talk about.

Lastly and Importantly:

If you’ve been called to work with me inside Limitless Entrepreneur, you’ll receive a final invitation to step in under the current investment fee structure.

From July 1st, the investment for this game changing energetic container will be increasing. So you’ll also have an opportunity to ask me questions about Limitless Entrepreneur during this VIP session too ❤️

Replay available until end of Sunday 30th June.