Have you ever felt that what you do is not original enough? Maybe you create some program or you create a certain piece of content and then you suddenly think, “This is not original enough.  

This is one of those things I hear over and over and can really discourage us to put our gift into work. If you ever feel like that, these three things will help you to reframe your mind really quick. 

  • We do not create thoughts, we perceive thoughts. – Everything that you do and how you serve people is essentially some form of thought. It is easy to perceive or to think that we are creating a thought. That woman that has got an incredible program? She created it!  

We know that the thought has the power to create. Based on a thought, you can create the most phenomenal thingwhether it is a program, you can build a house based on the phenomenal thought.  

However, it also has the ability to make you stagnant. One of those thoughts is–” I’m not original enough.” You didn’t create that thought, it doesn’t speak for the truth, all the thoughts already exists.  

  • Originality doesn’t exist because we do not create those thoughts; every answer already exists. – All the ideas already exist in the universal mind and we simply need to tap into it. In that sense, we can never ever come with something completely original because it already exists in energy form. 
  • While there is no idea that is original, the conduit of that idea is always original. – You as a person is 100% original, you cannot have it in any other way.  

As you perceive these energies and thoughts and as you get these ideas for how to serve your clients, or for your message or whatever, you are applying your unique filtering system. That filtering system is made out of essentially your energetic field, experiences, values or beliefs and every single assumption you made in your lifetime.  

The way you perceive them is original and the way you pass them on is going to be original and cannot be any other way because of the conduit of that idea.  

You are original, there is no other human being on the planet that is exactly like you that has the same filters, energy, knowledge, and experience as you. Never entertain that thought that you’re not original enough. If you ever felt like this, remember these three powerful things to remind yourself and keep putting yourself out there!