My heart is beating fast. I can hardly contain my excitement, because? Great news – the Extraordinary Growth Academy – the Doors are now open!

Why? Because I just opened the doors to the Extraordinary Growth Academy!!


Before Monday 1st July, I will be welcoming more women who will drastically change their life, and their business with it, over the next 12 months!!

You see, what truly drives me in my work is the changes, growth and results I get to hear about as a result of women immersing in my work:

  • Like when I heard from Ruby, who for the first time was able to take her kids to Disneyland. Because she no longer had to be penny-pinching. As she developed a fabulous £5K offering and learned how to sell it with impact.
  • Like when I got a message from Sonia, who simply shouted, “Lenka, you changed my life!”. She went on to explain how 12 months previously she didn’t even have a business. But was now fully booked with her dream clients, made close to 5 figures every month, was supporting her family and organising her working days in exactly the way she wanted. #freedom
  • Like when we celebrated one of my EGA clients. Because she was recognised as the fastest growing business in her country.
  • Like when many, many women have celebrated their first 10K or 20K months with me. That magical moment when the curtain unveils and suddenly you realise that you truly are limitless.

I could go on and on and on. But yes, it is so…

I just LOVE the sense that I’m part of someone’s life-changing… my clients are happy (very happy!), their families are happy, their clients are happy…

THIS is how we are changing the world!

And now, I’m ready to welcome more powerful women under my wings. Women who are ready to live the highest version of themselves, serve at their highest level and BECOME THEIR HIGHEST LEVEL.

Technically speaking, within Extraordinary Growth Academy I will work with you to get you to create a six or multiple six-figure impact a year.

But there is more to it than that.

Along the way, you won’t be only developing your business skills and strategic thinking big style. You’ll be shifting your identity – as a woman, a thinker, a change-maker.

‘Cause that’s where the magic lies.

On your part, I will need you to commit to doing the work.

On my part, I will hold the energy for you, guide you through my proven system of building a successful business (a system where strategy and energy meet in a perfect union) and give you all the support you need to create this extraordinary growth and change.

Together, we will make sure that you will:

🎁 Claim your place in the marketplace by becoming aware of your unique gift and how to wrap it up into a powerful message through which you’ll change the world (and the status of your bank account!).

💖Develop high-level offerings that are super-sellable and will help you to scale your impact with ease.

💰Master high-level selling. My clients are routinely doubling, tripling, even quadrupling fees for their services – and selling them with far greater ease than ever before.

💸Heal your relationship with money – and open yourself up to multiplying your ability to receive.

🔥 Master the energetics behind extremely effective selling and marketing – and apply it to your business, setting your results on fire.

You see, I know that no matter how far you have already come, or how far you have to go, your life and your business has more potential than you have ever dared to dream of.

And now it’s time to live it, breathe it, become it.

Do you agree?

If so, I invite you to read more about Extraordinary Growth Academy here and apply today – next time the doors will be open the programme fee will have doubled!


I am very excited to offer you the opportunity to join Extraordinary Growth Academy & change your life today.

Gorgeous one, I am ready to support you to skyrocket your success and create extraordinary growth in your business – without struggle and sacrifice.

Are you?

If so, head over here and apply before the timer hits Zero:


And let’s make it happen!

With all my love,