One more THING… 

Did you know I have a best-selling book on Energetic Selling & Marketing?

This book will become your constant companion for creating extraordinary business success and is the perfect partner to the Effortless Selling Masterclass.

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s what others are saying:

I just want to really thank Lenka for this book and, not only the book, but all the bonuses that have gone with the book.
It has been absolutely incredible.

I personally have been working towards achieving 10K months for what felt like forever, and it wasn’t until I read Lenka’s book that I set myself a really strong intention and, I think it was within a week, I had hit over 8k in overall sales.
So, thank you Lenka.

Not only that but the resources are so incredible. I found myself going back to them time and time again, even when I had already been through them, so I really really appreciate it.

I really appreciate all your support and I have recommended this book to so many of my friends. I really highly recommend that everyone grabs a copy and grabs the bonuses. It’s just just amazing. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

– Rebecca Lockwood