There are no ifs or buts about this:


(and selling out your gorgeous high-end offerings with ease) starts in your mind!

This POWERFUL AUDIO with 100 Energetic Selling Affirmations will gently align your entire belief system with the woman you desire to be - filling your diary with 5-star client conversations with ease;
holding sales conversations with confidence, love and integrity; and experiencing ’sale after sale after sale’ as your everyday reality!

ONLY £19

You will receive two versions of the audio:

The FULL version (45 minutes long) for deep mindset work. Each statement is repeated three times. Focus on each statement fully so that you can bring the energy of it into your body. That's how the change happens - through awareness.

The SHORT version (15 minutes long) for an immediate energy boost and for those days when you can’t do the full mindset routine.

Please note: while listening to these affirmations will raise your vibration instantly (so you can be more energetically “attractive” to your potential clients), for the best results, daily listening for 30-90 days is required.

All sales are final.