It`s all up to You!


MONEY comes from selling.  

But EXTRAORDINARY IMPACT (and BIG money)? Comes from:

High-Value Selling Mastery 

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    Goodbye to undercharging yourself or wavering over your fees. Hello to selling £5K - £20K offerings with confidence and ease!
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    Goodbye to avoiding selling because of unconscious fears. Hello to being super excited to sell your genius every single day!
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    Goodbye to, "I hope some people will approach me when I send this out". Hello to, "Wow, requests for discovery calls are flooding in!"
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    Goodbye to, "I need this sale, I hope I will get it right" before talking to your potential clients. Hello to hearing, "Yes please!" again and again, and again and again!
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    Goodbye to unpredictability and a feast or famine cycle. Hello to simply knowing that each and every month, you will serve the perfect amount of perfect clients in a perfect-for-you way and grow your business to multiple six or seven figures this year! 

Because you didn't just master the strategic secrets behind consistent income and growth of a base of your high-value clients every month.

You didn't just master the energetics of your "Yes please!" sales process.

You mastered both. 

You married business strategy and energy. And you became... UNSTOPPABLE.

Welcome to the Energetic Selling


A transformative eight week 1-2-1 experience where you'll work side by side with Lenka, one of the leading coaches for women in Europe, and an intimate group of talented women change-makers who are ready to scale their impact to multiple six or seven figures now

During these eight weeks, you will be guided, step by step, to become a woman who is operating at the highest level in your marketing, selling, serving and living!


I've increased my monthly revenues 5-times over!

 Spiritual Teacher & Coach

I've been a spiritual teacher & coach for women for over fifteen years. But all the while I've been making a tremendous difference to other people’s lives, I've been struggling with valuing my work properly.

 And then… Lenka. With her help, I fell in love with selling, embraced receiving lots of money for my work and started to approach my business from a higher level of consciousness. After booking Lenka I made 10K in two days, increased my monthly revenues five times over within weeks, and opened the doors to continual growth and expansion in my business. 

Talk to Lenka. Her coaching changes lives.

By participating in this EXCLUSIVE MASTERMIND, you will walk away with: 

  • A strategy (of both action and energy) that will ensure you attract high-level clients on autopilot.
  • The knowledge of exactly who a perfect-for-you 5K-20K client is and how to reach an abundance of them.
  • The knowledge of the exact mental and emotional process that your high-value client needs to go through in order to say, "Yes!" to your 5K-20K offering; and how to adjust your sales and marketing process to satisfy their buying decision strategy.
  • The creation of (or tweaked) high-value offering that will be perfectly aligned with you, and will be irresistible to your ideal clients.
  • The knowledge of how to bring your best YOU to the table so that selling becomes one of the easiest, most natural things you do.
  • The mastery of every bit of the selling process - from generating enquiries through to handling objections with absolute confidence and certainty.

You will: 

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    Close more of your high-end packages, retreats, group programs and masterminds so the impact you KNOW you can have on this world comes into fruition faster and with more ease.
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    Turn all fears and doubts into fuel that will help you to manifest incredible amounts of abundance and impact.
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    Have mastered the energetics behind 50K-100K months as a coach and have a plan in place for taking away any bit of uncertainty when it comes to scaling your impact to multiple six and seven figures this year.

The ENERGETIC SELLING MASTERMIND will help you to become the woman who is able to master the most important piece of the puzzle of every successful business - selling; so you can sell out  your high-end coaching, group programs, masterminds and retreats with EASE.

I  tripled  my  multiple-six-figure business in six months! 

CEO and Founder at Project Positive Change 

I'm one of those women who is totally committed to creating a maximum impact in the world and running a REALLY successful online business. So I hired Lenka. 

The last six months while working with Lenka have been incredible. I tripled my already multiple-six-figure business and crossed the seven-figure mark. 

Lenka guided me to make some crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, changes to spur my business growth. At the same time, we continually worked on my mindset and energy because that's where it all starts.

Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way I've never experienced before. What difference did this make for me, my business and the people I work with? A huge one, if you ask me!!


(What’s included in 8-week long Energetic Selling Mastermind)

8 x 90 minute weekly mastermind training and coaching sessions, in an intimate setting, where we will go through every aspect of the high-value selling process and coach you through your related obstacles and challenges. No challenge or question will go unanswered. The calls will take place on Tuesdays at 2pm London time and the first call will take place on 29th January 2019.

2 x private sessions with Lenka where she will make sure that you align the nuances of your own business, energy, sales process and growth strategy with your most ambitious intention for this year.

Facebook group where you will have other mastermind colleagues, my associate coach and myself available to you every day to answer all your burning questions; deal with 'in the moment' sales situations; and of course - celebrate your sales successes!

Amazing accountability to make sure you are using your new skills to your fullest potential and not letting fear or doubt step in between you and your goals.

Tailored resources (worth £££) specifically for you so you will get absolutely EVERYTHING you need to master high-value selling and start playing a much bigger game in your business!


I  made my first 20K month within 2 weeks!

Business & Mindset Coach

I hired Lenka as a coach because I wanted to grow my business further and I loved Lenka’s energy. It deeply resonated with me. So I went for it, even though it was a big leap for me.

Working with Lenka is the perfect combination of heart and mind, strategic guidance and energy work. It can be challenging at times but Lenka showers you with love (even tough love too when you need it), gives superb guidance with any situation that may arise, she believes in you and celebrates you like nobody else. It is a genuine love for humankind. 

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks and 10x my income in several weeks.



 Many people promise these things, but I deliver.
Over and over again.



This is a very powerful and intimate mastermind that is set up and intended
to power up small group of changemakers and coaches who are hungry to make a much bigger impact on the world. 

It’s not for women who don’t have their niche yet or complete beginners,
as it is a mastery of the art of high-level selling.

Who am I! 

Hi! I’m Lenka Lutonska, your Extraordinary Growth Coach, Professional Speaker, International Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, Founder of the Extraordinary Growth Academy and a passionate believer in every woman’s right to have the life and business she truly loves.

I train world-class women coaches and help them build mulitple 6 & 7-figure business, creating even bigger impact in the world. Because women who know what they want, deserve it.

Having trained and coached over one thousand women to grow their businesses and turn their lives around, I’ve developed an insight and a profound understanding of what skills and mindsets are necessary to succeed. Not to brag…much…but I’m the only UK based ABNLP Accredited Trainer and Coach with a 100% certification score, so you can feel at peace knowing you’ve chosen to work with a master of her craft.

There is one thing that I know and hold to be true:

We are POWERFUL creatures and the businesses we create
are extensions of who we are.

And it’s my job to teach you the skills I have mastered as a cutting edge business woman and as a trainer and coach, so you can live life fulfilled and profitable.

When you join the Energetic Selling Mastermind, you join so much more than a group of women who think they know what they are doing and you are going to walk away a woman powerful enough to take her thoughts and mold them into money, while changing the world through proven strategies and laser-targeted action steps.


When you master high-value selling, creating multiple six and seven-figure impact isn't just possible.

It’s inevitable.


Are you ready to say YES?

Then act now and apply for a call with me!


I made 13.5K withing first 4 weeks!

  Manifesting & Law Of Attraction Coach

My ego did kick in when I was deciding whether or not to do the programme. BUT, I ignored it and took the leap to work with Lenka as I had been drawn to her for a while and gained so much insight from the free content she offered, I knew I wanted to work far more closely with her.

The experience has been incredible and life-changing for me, I have hugely quantum leapt! It has been scary at times and it’s been a huge turning point for me in my business. 

In the first four weeks alone, I had sold £13.5k worth of programmes. This STILL blows my mind as I now feel that if I can do this, what ELSE can I do?!

Lenka – you are incredible. I adore the way you weave energy alignment into everything you do and I have learnt soooo much from you. If you are thinking of working with Lenka, please don’t let your ego talk you out of it – just take the leap. Jump – and the universe and Lenka will catch you. 

I have already FAR exceeded the money I’ve invested and working with Lenka is undoubtedly one of the very best investments you can make!