It`s all up to You!

Because money comes from selling.

But BIG MONEY (and BIG impact on the world, and your life with it) comes from YOU and what you bring to the sale.

The taste of SUCCESS is not one you can forget and you know you have the capacity to savour it all over again. You're hungry to multiply your ability to earn, multiply your ability to transform the lives of others, and your life with it.

But how to make it happen any time soon? (Since you feel like yesterday is too late?) 

Answer? You'll make it happen through MASTERING ENERGETIC SELLING: 

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    Discover the secrets that ALL successful change-makers have mastered to keep a consistent income and a growing base of their gorgeous clients every month.
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    Develop the habits that create the success you crave each sales cycle.
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    Tweak your approach so that sales becomes natural and not taboo
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    Learn who and how to approach the people that are perfect for working with you and increase your chances of getting a yes
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    Master the art of bringing your best and highest energy to sales conversations – and become very easy to say “yes” to.

Welcome to Energetic Selling


This mastermind will COMPLETELY TRANSFORM the lives and businesses of 10 very special women who are ready to bath in the success they’ve already had the opportunity to taste. Are you one of these changemakers who knows her niche, has had the luscious goodness of success cross her lips, and is ready to multiply her ability to make more difference, receive more money, more clients and more vavavooooom in this life? You are TOTALLY in the right place!


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    Discern the right clients for you and your business.
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    Learn how to bring your best YOU to the table, so that selling becomes one of the easiest, most natural things you do.
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    Closing more of your high-end packages, retreats, group programs, and masterminds so the impact you KNOW you can have on this world comes into fruition faster and with more ease.

The ENERGETIC SELLING MASTERMIND will help you to become the woman who is able to master the most important piece of the puzzle of every successful business - selling; so you can sell out  your high-end coaching, group programs, masterminds and retreats with EASE.


But being a master at selling with love, integrity and ease? 

Is completely different and brings a whole new you into your business. You’ll learn to get in tune with your intuition, so you can follow it and act on it.   

That alone? 


And when it comes to results, they are often immediate with the women I work with. So, after 8 weeks of this mastermind? Everything will be ingrained and success will finally become an everyday accomplishment.

Client Attraction Strategist 

I now have consistent 15k months! 

The experience of Lenka's VIP Mastermind so far has been fantastic. Once I had signed up, I had a couple of sessions with Lenka and as a result, I made back the money I had invested in the group before it even officially started.

Lenka has built an amazing business and is incredibly generous, she is keeping us on track and helping us to deal with any issues that arise along our journey. 

The ladies in the VIP Mastermind are truly AMAZING women - we are all focused on building our businesses and everyone is having success.

I now have consistent £15K months and one of my goals is to have my first £20K month.


8 x 90 minute weekly mastermind training and coaching sessions, in an intimate setting, where we will go through every aspect of energetic selling and coach you through you own sales process and how to master it. No challenge or question will go unanswered.

2 x private sessions with me (value £2k+) where we will make sure that we cover the nuances of your own business, your sales process and how you can personally maximize your own personality and energy so that you are bringing your A-Game every single time.

Facebook group with other mastermind sisters to encourage and support eachother and help ensure you reach your goals.

Weekly office hours to get your questions answered by me and my team.

Amazing accountability to make sure you are using your new skills to your fullest potential and not letting fear or doubt step in between you and your goals.


 2 monthly payments of £2500 or one full payment of £4500
Other payment options available.

Programme fees are inclusive of VAT.

CONSUELA DEZSO - Career Transformation and Business Coach

Career Transformation and Business Coach

I sold out my group program, launched a retreat and raised my fees! 

When I started working with Lenka, I was charging $1,500 for my private coaching package and I had never launched a group program.

With Lenka’s help in getting over my fears and blocks, as well as her amazing support and encouragement, I sold out my group program, I’ve launched a retreat, and I now confidently charge $8,000 for my private coaching package.”


{on top of the training, you will get personal coaching during these mastermind sessions with me. Obviously! :)}

Week 1: Harness the power of your own intuition

Access your quantum energy, get in touch with your intuition and prepare to hit your epic sales goals with this module. This is YOU on rocket fuel and you’ll begin to see your success from this module, alone!


Learn how to create sales conversations with ease...without feeling forced or icky. So you never need to think: "Where are my clients coming from?"... ever again. 

Week 3: Preparation for THE call

How you feel going into your sales calls is the foundation of how the call will turn out. Learn how to prepare for sales calls energetically, to maximise sales success, each time you get on the phone with a potential client (that you’ve already learned to vet through your intuition!)

Week 4: Help them say yes

This module covers the mindset you need to hold about the client and how to gently guide them to make the right decision for their future. This is where you break all of their no's into tiny specks of dust on their rearview mirrors.

Week 5: Offer positioning

Make them want to say yes before they even get on the phone with you. When you know how to position and describe your high-end offer for an easy “yes please”? This is when you'll have all the words that makes your sales calls even easier!

Week 6: Overcome objections with ease

Learn how to PREVENT objections before they even arise. And you’ll also learn how to address them IF they do, giving you the confidence to own each one of your sales calls. Never hear another no from your soulmate clients again.

Week 7: Ask for the sale and then follow up

This is where so many coaches and changemakers drop the ball. Either they assume the client isn’t right for them or that it’s not the right time. This method leaves you begging for clients at the end of the month. Learn how to ask for the sale and then follow-up with the potential to increase your chances of getting a yes.

Week 8: Wrapping it all up

We’ll be integrating, celebrating lots of successes and dealing with any other unanswered issues, such as what to do when the client changes their mind; where to look for those clients you really, really want; increasing your prices; getting paid easily, etc.


 Many people promise these things, but I deliver.
Over and over again.

Certified Dating and Relationship Coach


This is a very powerful and intimate mastermind that is set up and intended
to power up 10 changemakers and coaches who are hungry to make a much bigger impact on the world. 

It’s not for women who don’t have their niche yet or complete beginners,
as it is a mastery of the art of high-level selling.

Who am I! 

Hi! I’m Lenka Lutonska, your ‘Get Fully Booked’ Coach, Professional Speaker, International Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Master of Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, Founder of Get Fully Booked Academy and a passionate believer in every woman’s right to have the life and business she truly loves.

I train world-class women coaches and help them get fully booked with their dream clients because women who know what they want, deserve it.

Having trained and coached over one thousand women to grow their businesses and turn their lives around, I’ve developed an insight and a profound understanding of what skills and mindsets are necessary to succeed. Not to brag…much…but I’m the only UK based ABNLP Accredited Trainer and Coach with a 100% certification score, so you can feel at peace knowing you’ve chosen to work with a master of her craft.

There is one thing that I know and hold to be true:

We are POWERFUL creatures and the businesses we create
are extensions of who we are.

And it’s my job to teach you the skills I have mastered as a cutting edge business woman and as a trainer and coach, so you can live life fulfilled and profitable.

When you join the Energetic Selling Mastermind, you join so much more than a group of women who think they know what they are doing and you are going to walk away a woman powerful enough to take her thoughts and mold them into money, while changing the world through proven strategies and laser-targeted action steps.


The Energetic Selling Mastermind is an 8-week intimate experience. It has been created specifically with your epic growth in my heart so that the things you want most from your business afford you the things you want to give back to the community, yourself and your family…. And still THIS YEAR!

Because a multiple-six-figure impact isn’t just possible.

It’s inevitable.


Are you ready to say YES?

Then act now and put yourself on a waiting list.