💃 £4,000 Giveaway! 💃

Woo hoo! I have got something juicy for you – Energetic Selling & Marketing book £4,000 Giveaway!

Is growing your impact to six, multiple six or seven figures one of your main priorities? Then I have some incredible news that will help you to do that with greater ease! Yes, it’s giveaway time!! 😍

But first, let me rewind a little.

I spent a good part of the last year writing the Energetic Selling & Marketing book, with a vision to inspire thousands upon thousands of women around the world to stop hustling. And create extraordinary growth in a business in a NEW way…

By using the most powerful currency on the planet: our personal energy.

The book, I am so humbled to say, has been received extremely well.

A day doesn’t go by without me hearing how it is changing women’s perspective on running a business, and how it helps them to make marketing and selling a lot easier, and a lot more fruitful.

But. There are many, many women out there who have no idea this powerful book exists.

And since I haven’t got a big publisher behind me, I can only rely on you, gorgeous, to help me spread the word. 🙏

One of the best ways?

Is to do it through Amazon reviews…. because? More amazon reviews, more Amazon suggestions!!

And this is why I am putting on this incredible Energetic Selling & Marketing book £4,000 Giveaway. To encourage you not only to read a book and benefit but help me spread the word about it through writing an Amazon review!

Are you up for it? And are you up for winning one of the incredible prizes?

Enter: Energetic Selling & Marketing book review Giveaway!! 😄

Enter this Giveaway to win one of these fabulous prizes:

Prize #1: In-person ‘Sell & Launch’ VIP Day with Lenka (October 2019) – value £2000. During this day together, I will share with you all I know about running a super enjoyable 6 and multiple six-figure launches, and help you plan out your next launch in detail; both action-wise, and energy-wise!

Prize #2: Three months in Extraordinary Growth Academy – value £1125 – this is my signature group coaching experience that help women change-makers scale their impact to six and multiple six figures!

Prize #3: 1-2-1 Business Breakthrough Session with Lenka – value £1K – let me go over your copy, launch plan, or anything else you need to set you up for success. Or bring your burning issues. You’ll be surprised just how much will we get done in a single session!

Prize #4: £100 / $100 Amazon voucher

Prize #5, #6 & #7: £25 / $25 Amazon voucher

How to enter the Energetic Selling & Marketing Book giveaway:

STEP 1: Step 1: If you haven’t got it yet, get yourself a kindle copy of Energetic Selling & Marketing for incredible £2.99 (70% OFF!) and claim bonus courses worth £1400!! This special offer expires on 16th July.

STEP 2: Read the book (you will love it!!)

STEP 3: Write a review of Energetic Selling & Marketing on Amazon and fill in this brief Giveaway form. You will be able to indicate which prize you’d like to win!

Press submit, and you are IN!!! 🙂

I will announce the lucky winners next Friday, 19th July 2019.

All clear?

Then, let’s do it! And thank you so much, Tatiana!!

With all my love,

P.S.: Is there anyone you know who will benefit from reading Energetic Selling & Marketing? Please share this post with them and let them know about this giveaway, thank you!! <3