Energetic Assessment

for limitless success

Find out which aspects of your energy support the limitless growth of your business, and which aspects of your energy prevent it – and what to do about it. 

With Lenka Lutonska


“Why do I find it so hard to balance my personal and business success?”

“Why do I need to work so hard to achieve the level of success I want?” 

“Why can’t I have it all?”

“Why am I hitting a glass ceiling, no matter what I try?”

“Why am I finding it hard to attract more soul-aligned clients?”

“Why should I have to make sacrifices in areas of my life for success in others?”

Do some of these questions secretly – or not so secretly – pop into your mind on the regular? 

Then it’s time to find out the answers to them and address the root cause of the imbalance, stress, lack and drama in your business and life once and for all. 

I invite you to take this Energetic Assessment for your limitless success. 

I have personally walked clients through it, and the one piece of feedback I’ve heard about it again and again is: 

“It was truly eye opening.”

It’s time to open your eyes too. Because it’s only when you are aware of what the root causes of your problems are that you can fully address them and unlock the thriving, limitless business success you so richly deserve. 

How does the Energetic Assessment work?

Upon signing up you will be directed to a pre-recorded Energetic Assessment video where I will take you through the assessment, step by step.
On that page you will also find the Energetic Assessment Handout which you should download (and print for ease) to accompany the process.
You will also receive an email with this information so that you can take the assessment in your own time, if necessary. The assessment video runs for approximately 60mins.

Sometimes it takes up to twenty minutes for email to arrive, so I will ask you for a little patience.
In case of any issues, please contact us at
love@lenkalutonska.com and my team will support you. 

Enjoy! And here is to your limitless success!! 

With love,