Extraordinary Growth Academy with Lenka Lutonska

The time for embodying the
Limitless Millionaire within,

and unlocking the EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH in your business?

is right now!


Book a Complimentary Call for early access.

The time for embodying the
Limitless Millionaire within,

and unlocking the EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH in your business?

is right now!


Book a Complimentary Call for early access.


Let’s have a heart-to-heart, Gorgeous. 

It’s time for you to awaken and maximize your inner power for your massive business growth.

Whatever skills you have (whether you’re currently aware of them or still figuring out what they are), now’s the time to open them up. Wide.

When you do this on an energetic level, you’ll be shocked at how much MORE capacity you have to change the world and build wealth - more than you have EVER given yourself credit for.

That unique gift inside you? It is like an unquenchable fire that can sweep across the earth - performing powerful, undeniable change in every life it touches.

But no matter how dedicated you are,
No matter how far you've come...

right now, your inner power is a tiny percentage of all that it could be.

And it almost hurts.


Imagine taking a raging forest fire and bottling it up inside the small flame of a candle. 

That candle is trying its hardest to grow and expand…but gusts of wind are doing their best to extinguish that light of change and abundance that lives within you. 

That raging fire is your potential. 

The gusts of wind are your fears, doubts, lack of clarity and confidence, and lack of sensitivity to your intuition. 

Those fears and doubts tend to manifest themselves in…

  • An inability to ‘fix’ your income: Even if you’re making money, you can’t seem to get out of debt, or you always feel like you’re in financial survival mode
  • Showing up with action in your business daily, with little results to show for it
  • Hooked on likes, opens, and other analytics instead of creating from inspiration and resting in confidence that you will get results
  • Hopping from one project to the next, unable to finish what you started or trust the decision you’ve made for yourself
  • Wanting to challenge your limiting beliefs, but there is no TIME to work through them
  • Getting results by putting in the hard work and daily grind - but aching for more ease and simplicity in your work, life, and relationships
  • Watching other coaches or entrepreneurs get huge success…wondering when it will be YOUR turn for a big break

The fact is, you have the potential
to do so much more than you think you can.

Even if you think you can do a lot!

You have the ability to:

  • Enact a vision for your business and life – a vision that often gives you goosebumps because it means you’re living the grandest version of you,
  • Serve clients globally,
  •  Be paid a ton of money for it, 
  • And enjoy a level of freedom and purpose you’ve never experienced before. 

That vision will allow you to give the absolute best to those you love, to yourself, and to the wider community. 


Opening up your energy allows you to see how much you’ve been constricting and hiding those skills, those gifts - your own unique way to change the world.

And whether you know what that gift is or you’re still trying to uncover it or evolve it for further impact…

It’s all right there inside you.


There is no magic formula, magic pill, or magic tactic. There’s nothing else that you need, that is outside of you, to live that vision.


Extraordinary Growth!

I’m here to help you ignite that flame and let it expand to its full, powerful force - sweeping over the earth in its regal, majestic glory.

The Extraordinary Growth Academy is your venue to open yourself up to limitless possibilities.

Inside this container, you will find a place that is:

  • Safe - yet Daring,
  • Fierce - yet Nurturing,
  • Expansive - yet Grounded,
    And Strong AF - yet Soft and Loving.

This is where 500+ extraordinary culture makers, thought leaders, and freaking badass female entrepreneurs have gotten results like:  

“I did in a week what I normally would have created in 2 years.”

“I was terrified of selling - now I embody the sacred exchange of selling and love it.”

“I know there are as many clients out there as I want, in any given time.”

“I learned to express myself authentically.”

“I started opening up and learning about my gifts, and I am integrating them into my coaching business.”

“I’m baffled. I’ve lost weight, I eat better, I have a consistent workout routine - I feel like I’ve come home to myself in a new way.”

“I’m embodying the highest priestess within me who came here to share my art with the world.”

“I feel power flowing right through me and I am claiming it.”

“I increased my fees three fold and sold five times more my normal - with complete ease!” 


How can this be humanly possible??

It’s NOT humanly possible.

This level of extraordinary growth can only happen when you activate your Divine Millionaire Energy.

That kind of Energy…

  • Realizes that you don’t need things outside of yourself for business success. It’s only a matter of igniting the powerful flame inside you.
  • Stops writing your marketing content based on ‘have to’s’ or worrying about ‘doing it right,’ and getting lost in trivialities of formatting. Instead, you write from your heart. You create things that give you goosebumps, that you absolutely have to share.
    (And then you watch your social media posts selling your offers like hotcakes!)
  • Develops a sensitivity to your intuition as you learn to trust your own decision-making and insights. (A superpower that will take your business beyond anything you could imagine right now.) 
  • Bursts with idea after idea of what to create, how to sell it, and how to market it. Those ideas are so exciting (because they’re sourced from your inner guidance) that you let go of procrastination, fear, and self doubt. For good.

The Divine Millionaire Energy lets go of what your inner saboteur (or your family, friends, or even business besties) will admit is possible. 

Divine MIllionaire Energy transcends the shadows holding you back and springs you forward with your fully awakened, potently fierce inner power.

“When I started replacing some of my daily action activities with energy work, I decided to launch an old offer. I changed NOTHING in my strategy or the course I was selling. But because of the EGA modules, I had my first multi-6 figure launch!”



Divine Millionaire Energy is not accessible to the faint of heart!

To unlock your extraordinary growth and Divine Millionaire Energy, you have to be willing to endure the challenges that are there for your growth.

To be willing to accept your intuitive guidance - even if you’re naturally quite logical-minded.

To view the investment as exactly that - an investment into the future growth of your business and life (short term vision and ‘quick fixes’ won’t serve you well in EGA).

To see the irreplaceable value in the guidance and nurturing that comes with our incredible community of coaches (myself, my head coach - Tatiana, my powerhouse team taking you through the journey of business growth), and the Sisterhood of other EGA members who will embark on this adventure with you.

Are you ready to face your fears, welcome your imminent future of Extraordinary Growth, and unlock your Divine Millionaire code?

Then let’s dig in!

Lenka’s signature 6-month long programme is an extremely potent energetic container, where you will be called and guided to step into the highest version of yourself.

We will take you on an exhilarating journey of massive growth by tapping into your personal energy - and shifting you and your business to an entirely different level.

In other words, you will turn into a business magician and fully embody the Divine Millionaire dwelling within you! 


  • Master the principles of energetic selling & marketing and let them work in ALL areas of your business - from branding to marketing, to selling, to delivering your service. You’ll upgrade yourself, your business structures, and results exponentially.
  • Claim your place in your industry by accessing your unique gift and how to wrap it up in a powerful message that will change the world. (And the status of your bank account!)
  • Develop  - or re-invent - high-level offerings that are super-sellable and will help you scale your impact with ease.
  • Master high-level selling. Our EGA clients are routinely doubling, tripling, even quadrupling fees for their services – and selling them with far greater ease than ever before.
  • Shift your energy in relationship to money – and unlock financial overflow.
  • Harmonise the masculine and feminine aspect of your business (and being) - to operate on the highest frequency possible, and break through financial ceilings.
  • Master the energetics behind extremely effective selling and marketing - and apply it to your business, setting your results on fire.


"I had already benefited from Lenka’s smaller courses so when the doors to EGA opened, I just knew I had to join. Swimming in the energy of the program helped me to upgrade absolutely every aspect of my business - from brand message, to ideal client, pricing, programmes and everything else in between. My mind was flooded with ideas and guidance on what to do next.

As a result, I created my first 50K month in business. I still cannot believe how natural this growth has been and am excited about the future. I know I would not be able to do this without EGA, so I am extremely grateful!"

Ilona Sibold

Energy Healer & Channeller


  • Build a thriving business that continuously feeds you, your family, and your gorgeous heart.
  • Enrol clients who adore you and everything you do (and who tell their friends how wonderful you are).
  • Increase your profits, allowing you to create the life of luxury and/or freedom you deserve.
    Run your (super profitable) business in YOUR (badass, feminine) way - without following a million and one 'rules'
  • LOVE the people who are signing up with you, right from the get-go.
  • Collapse years of growth into months, months into weeks, and weeks into days!






Doors to EGA officially reopen in November 2022, with the live program starting in January 2023. 

Or apply now for an exploratory call and get EARLY ACCESS to all EGA support right away with an incredible saving of £1000.

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
6 months and extended payment plans available. 

I exceeded 6-figure year!

"The contrast between where I began this journey in Extraordinary Growth Academy and now is logic-defying and mind-blowing! 

For years I lusted after the elusive (for me!) 6-figure year, and I not only hit it with ease but EXCEEDED IT and had a $134,000 year!! WHAH?! 

Here comes the mind-blowing part: My first 20K (cash) month opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I entered a new paradigm and had a $54K month right after it! 

We are only 3 months into the new year and I'm at around 130K in sales for the year already! The seemingly impossible goal I kept trying to reach for YEARS has been collapsed into less than three months... WOW. 

The best part is that MY CLIENTS are experiencing spectacular results themselves, and so are THEIR clients (I'm talking $100K WEEKS and DAYS)!!! I have a lot more gratitude for the work I do and how I'm able to help others change their realities (while changing mine!) than ever before!!! It has really been a game-changer! 

I can't even begin to express my gratitude!!!

Eyenie Schultz

Technicolor Priestess

Why me?


I'm Lenka Lutonska, your Extraordinary Growth Academy Coach and Founder

...and I have helped thousands of women like you to grow their businesses to six, multiple six and seven figures without sacrifice.

Most importantly,
I’m a woman like you.

A woman with big dreams. A woman with a desire to change the world. A woman who never gives up.

Ten years ago, I built a 6-figure training and coaching business.

Then I lost it.

I rebuilt it again but my journey to recovering my business (and life!) was anything but straightforward. I worked EVERY waking hour on “making it work”. Yes, I was bloody exhausted. And it still wasn’t happening. And after dropping my kids to school one day, I went to a cash point and found that £7.30 was all I had in my bank account.

Why me?


I'm Lenka Lutonska, your Extraordinary Growth Academy Coach and Founder

...and I have helped thousands of women like you to grow their businesses to six, multiple six and seven figures without sacrifice.

Most importantly,
I’m a woman like you.

A woman with big dreams. A woman with a desire to change the world. A woman who never gives up. 

Ten years ago, I built a 6-figure training and coaching business.

Then I lost it.

I rebuilt it again but my journey to recovering my business (and life!) was anything but straightforward. I worked EVERY waking hour on “making it work”. Yes, I was bloody exhausted. And it still wasn’t happening. And after dropping my kids to school one day, I went to a cash point and found that £7.30 was all I had in my bank account.


There I was, an “accomplished” woman with years of business experience, having trained and coached over one thousand people (some of them at board level of global organisations) yet I was totally wasting my talents and unable to afford a family dinner.

To say I was ashamed would be a massive understatement. It was my wake up call.
I could have quit that day, given up on myself, my vision, my gift, all the people I dreamed of reaching. I could have admitted defeat and found a "real job".


I came out of the spiritual closet (something that scared the shit out of me at the time), and re-defined what marketing, selling and serving clients truly means.

Today, I run a global brand helping thousands of women around the world to integrate Energetic Selling & Marketing principles into their business and experience EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH in a NEW way.

(Forget hustle, constant pushing and, “It’s never enough!”) 

The Best Part?

As a mightily experienced coach, I know exactly how to break it down into a system EVERY WOMAN with a huge calling in her heart can use to achieve her version of miracles. Including you.


“I took the decision to invest in Lenka's Academy because her energy was so good and I felt I would benefit from it. 

After deciding to do it, in one month I had made the money to pay for it!

In the academy I worked and worked and went to now almost €10,000 per month just by doing the energy exercises, visualisations, and other energy work Lenka teaches. 

My soul expanded and now and now I am an abundance and wealth coach for women of colour and I’m really happy.

Thank you so much Lenka!"

Love Voundi


See what other women say about their experience working with Lenka

Let's break it down a little, shall we?

This life-changing curriculum is wrapped up into 12 powerful modules that will help you master your energy: letting its limitless power flow through all the veins of your business.

Here’s what you’ll find inside these modules:

In this foundational module, we will expand your energy and get you ready to create masses of growth over the next 6 months. The work in this module will create a powerful energetic foundation upon which you’ll build your limitless success. You will:  

  • Start developing your strategic thinking when it comes to building a super-successful business;
  • Expand your capacity to serve and receive;
  • Address major patterns that might have kept you stuck up until now enabling you to release your Extraordinary Growth Code.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I find more ideal clients?” Or found it difficult to attract clients who are happy to pay high-level fees? Well, you will be asking and searching no more. The work you will do in this module will turn you into a soul-aligned client attraction magnet by Unlocking Your Limitless Brand and putting it to work. You will:

  • Claim brand positioning in the marketplace that is totally aligned with your soul and able to attract thousands of soul aligned clients with ease;
  • Unlock your next level client that will love to invest in your work and shout about you to others;
  • Shift the energetic DNA of your business so it can become a powerful (and natural) client attraction magnet.

Limitless Income and impact can only be released when we internally create a marriage between The Divine Feminine and Masculine - and let this union work its miracles through all the veins of our business. This module will help you to not just understand this powerful concept but also to live and breathe it. You will: 

  • Uncover the distorted feminine and masculine patterns you’ve been practicing unconsciously and address them in order to put the growth of your business at full throttle;
  • Increase your ability to receive exponentially;
  • Get time and energy back by stepping into your divine birth-right and letting your energy do the work for you.

Limitless Impact starts with incredible offerings that are 100% aligned with the next version of yourself, the next version of your clients and have the ability to impact and make millions. The work you will do in this module will help you to do just that. You will:

  • Create - or re-invent - incredible offerings such as 1-2-1 packages, group programs, events and courses that are joy to market and sell;
  • Discover the secrets of selling out your programs with ease;
  • Align your pricing with the greatest level of impact and income you can make - and feel good about it.

The work in this module will upgrade everything to do with Marketing in your business and, as such, help you to attract an avalanche of ideal clients with much greater ease. You will:

  • Become aware of your natural marketing style and how to utilise its power in your business;
  • Unleash the next level of creativity so you can create content that lights up the hearts and minds of your ideal clients and attract them powerfully to you;
  • Discover the secrets behind marketing copy and videos that will turn your raving fans into high-level paying clients.

This module is all about mastering the art of high-level selling. If you don’t love selling yet, you will. If you love selling already, the work in this module will release the next-level Selling Goddess within. You will:

  • Master the energetics of creating high-level sales out of thin air;
  • Increase your fees and serve many more clients than before;
  • Minimise and powerfully address clients’ objections by harnessing the power of your energy (not just your words!)

Online (digital) launches are a fantastic way to invite an avalanche of clients and money into your experience. And yet, most people find launches stressful or not nearly as successful as they would like. Not you. The work you will do in this module will support you in:

  • Creating incredible programme launches and selling out your offerings with ease;
  • Aligning your marketing activities with your soul and mastering the energetics of successful launches;
  • Bringing ease, fun and next level success into your marketing and selling.

The work in this module will support you massively in addressing parts of your psyche and energy that were holding you back from enjoying the financial abundance you deserve. You will:

  • Re-define your relationship to money and learn to receive it with greater ease, saying good-bye to ‘not enough’ or ‘just enough’;
  • Integrate some powerful money practices into your business and life that can multiply your income ten-fold;
  • Address distorted energetic patterns that prevented you from creating financial overflow.

To create Limitless Impact and Income means you need to surround yourself with talented people who will hold your vision and drive it forward with you. This module will help you to build the most amazing 7-figure team that will help you to do just that. You will discover:

  • The secrets behind super successful hiring - when to hire, how to hire, who to hire;
  • Two of the most important energetic keys to ensuring each of your team members will contribute massively to your success;
  • How to think strategically AND energetically about your team structure and become clear about who you will want on your team in order to take your business to the next level.

Waking up to many new paying clients and thousands in your bank account is not just a dream - it can be your reality. But your energy needs to be aligned with building highly profitable automated systems in your business and the work in this module will support you in just that. You will:

  • Discover powerful energetic practices that will help you to design and create highly profitable marketing automations and funnels;
  • Address distorted energetic patterns that can create resistance towards profitable structures in your business and hold you hostage to your current level of success;
  • Learn in & outs of Lenka’s energetic approach to funnels that give her 3-4 times return on her investment every month - with practical examples and the breakdown how she makes it happen.

Shadow is a deeply hidden part of our psyche we don’t want to look at. It can be dark. At the same time, on the other side of this shadow lies our Golden Shadow - our greatest potential. As you do the work in this module, you will be releasing the levels of ease, creativity and joy when it comes to growing the business you never thought was possible. You will:  

  • Discover the main Shadow Archetypes that profoundly impact the success of business - and work with them to unlock the next level of your impact and income;
  • Transcend all fears, doubts and worries into your forward driving force;
  • Fully embody the Magician within - and create miracles in your business and life consciously.

How does one go from a relatively unknown coach or entrepreneur, to being featured all over the place and invited to be a key-note speaker at major events? By claiming the world stage. This, of course, must be done internally first. The work in this module will help you to:

  • Get energetically aligned with world wide exposure via PR, glossy magazine feature articles, key-note speeches, radio and TV interviews;
  • Become aware of the next natural steps that will take your business to the world stage - and make it happen with ease;
  • Get ready to create your next level of quantum leap in your business.


Creating extraordinary growth in your business requires the highest level of support - and that’s what you’ll get through live coaching inside lenka’s academy.  

Meet your team:


Limitless millionaire mentor

Creator of Extraordinary Growth Academy and your guide through this powerful, 6-months long experience, Lenka is a renowned trainer, speaker and coach, inspiring thousands of women around the globe to screw playing small, and bring their grandest business dreams into reality. 

Lenka has turned her business and life around in recent years by marrying business strategy and spirituality, and is deeply passionate about helping women like you to do the same.

Tatiana Fecikova

HEAD Associate Coach

Tatiana joined Lenka’s team over six years ago, just when Lenka’s business started to pick up. Today, she is one of the key members in Lenka’s company.  

Trained in NLP and Time Line Therapy™ by Lenka, Tatiana is a force of nature who is both extremely detailed and honest (so you can expect quality feedback from her!) and highly intuitive, with well developed psychic abilities. The combination of these two opposite qualities makes her a very powerful coach, and a huge asset to Extraordinary Growth Academy clients.



Tania is the owner and Chief Mischief-Maker at Badass'D Digital Ink. She brings copy support to the Extraordinary Growth Academy clients in the way of copy reviews and more.

Trained in the necessary techniques that bring forth emotion that elicits an enthusiastic "YES!" from readers, she's been writing copy since 2011.

Gifted with her own intuitive abilities, she's able to tap in easily and quickly to the reader. We love Tania and her work, and you will too!


Social Media Manager

Hannah joined our team over a year ago as Social Media Manager. Since then, she has not only helped Lenka grow her following and engagement, but has also built strong connections with potential and existing clients. Her social media strategy has increased my passive sales so I am selling in the background to create passive income in ADDITION to my other sales and marketing strategies!

Hannah’s passion is in creating content that resonates with the target audience and build a connection. She manages all of my social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Youtube. She converted me into a reel enthusiast!

She aims to help everyone fall in love with their social media and have the confidence to show up as their true selves.



The founder of Upcoach, computer science engineer (and yes - complete data nerd!) Ajay Rai has been running my ad campaigns since 2019.

He has spent more than 4 million in ad spend - and it all turned out in profit!

He has helped many coaches around the world start, promote, and grow their coaching businesses to 6 and 7 figures.

I am one of those coaches. And now Ajay will support you too through monthly FB ads group coaching sessions.


Launch & funnel copywriter

Mia is a launch and funnel copywriting specialist for spiritually and energetically focused business owners, and the founder of Evoke Writing. She writes and teaches sleaze-free sales copy that helps you SCALE while working LESS.

Since joining my team one month ago, she has added connection-driven storytelling, and value-packed copy for my emails and sales pages. Her writing gives me goosebumps!

Most importantly, she knows what it takes to turn incredible ‘potential’ clients into actual, high paying clients. Mia has already proven to be an instrumental part of our sales and marketing campaigns - so it gives me huge pleasure to offer her support to you too! 

Monthly Group Coaching calls



2 X Q&A and Group Coaching with Lenka 

Twice a month, Lenka will hold a live ‘Q&A and Group Coaching’ session.
Bring your burning questions and challenges into these sessions so you can be fully supported in your growth and learn from the struggles and questions of the other group members at the same time.

Getting this level of customised support from Lenka is invaluable and will give you the breakthroughs and clarity you need to create the growth you desire much faster than working through the modules on your own.


1 x Rapid Alignment Session with Tatiana

Whatever challenge you might face on your way to releasing the power of your Divine Millionaire into the world, this session will help you look at the root cause of that challenge, and transmute its energy: so it supports you, rather than limiting you.

Tatiana will work with up to 5 clients during these powerful 60-minute sessions - but be assured that even if you do not end up in the ‘hot seat’, you will get exactly what you need to move forward powerfully. This is a process of co-creation.

1 x copy review session PER MONTH with Tania

1 x Copy Review Session with Tania

Every month, renowned copywriter Tania Dakka will spend one hour reviewing your sales pages, landing pages, and any other marketing materials. Even if your marketing material is not picked for review, you can be assured you will walk away from these sessions with enhanced copywriting skills which you can implement right away (a must for marketing and selling effortlessly.)

Daily coaching within the EGA FACEBOOK Group

1 x Social Media Coaching with Hannah

Social Media is a massive opportunity to attract an avalanche of soul-aligned clients. It connects you with your clients in an intimate way. But - it can be a minefield to navigate if you don’t know the strategy and energetics of using it!

No more. Hannah will work with you once a month to teach you the latest from the world of social media, give you feedback on your social media activities, and answer any questions that come up. 

1 x Facebook Ads Coaching with Ajay

Ajay is “my man” when it comes to optimising and scaling funnels through Facebook Advertising.

And now, he will support you too. He will educate you about successful Facebook advertising, AND review your campaigns and offer you feedback!

1 x Plan-Your-Launch-Emails with Mia

Planning your email campaign is 80% of the job when you’re writing your launch copy. Mia will take you through what emails to write, and how to write them in a way that is rooted in soulful connection with your high value clients.

This session will take away your overwhelm when crafting your sales sequence and give you the structure you need to balance out the energy behind your launch. 

1 x Community Call with Tatiana

Finally, once a month you will have an opportunity to meet for a Community Call facilitated by Tatiana. This 60-minute session will give you an opportunity to connect with other EGA sisters, share your wins, exchange ideas, and get the support and accountability you need to navigate EGA (and your limitless growth) powerfully.

You’ll never be alone on your journey of extraordinary growth and change.

You’ll have access to a sisterhood of women who are equally committed and on the same path as you, as well as Lenka’s associate coaches who will make sure that all your questions between Lenka’s sessions are answered. 

And of course, this is where you will celebrate your huge achievements!



Book a Complimentary Call for early access.


"When I signed up to EGA, I only had two clients and charged them £1100.

Being part of the Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to increase my fees by 5 times, sell out my programs and create a 6 figure impact all in the same year! 

I'd highly recommend signing up to everyone!"

Anita Smith



Do you settle for nothing less than the highest and best support available?

Then consider…


The Extraordinary Growth Accelerator

This VIP mastermind upgrade is available for just 10 high level entrepreneurs. If you’re already running an established business, but you’re looking for:

  • More rapid growth,
  • More flow and ease in your strategies and execution,
  • More high touch, intimate coaching sessions with Lenka (PLUS full access to everything else inside Extraordinary Growth Academy),

Extraordinary Growth Accelerator might be for you.

Do you already have an established audience in your marketplace - but now need to get out of your head to claim that leadership role you’re destined for?

Have you already found your sellable offer and validated it with plenty of high value clients – and now you need to make it scalable and align it more deeply with your vision?

Do you already implement performing sales techniques in your business - and now you need to fall in love with selling and get phenomenal at it?

Are you searching for clarity about which structures will scale your impact to 6 figures (and beyond) - while supporting your ideal lifestyle and having FUN implementing them? 

Then click right here to apply for EGA’s Accelerator version


“I came across Lenka about 18 months ago and invested in one of her programs. The investment really stretched me back then, as at the time, I was making approximately £1K per month.

I can say that Lenka’s work completely changed my business and life. My income went immediately to £5K months, then £20K month and £35K month, all together over £400K in 12 months. I continue working with Lenka and most recently, I sold £430K worth of my courses in just 2 weeks!

I don’t have a fancy website. I have relatively small (but fast growing) mailing list and I serve clients in a small country.

So no matter what your mind is saying, trust the power of your energy – it truly is limitless!’

Alessandra Lanzafame





Most business building programs out there focus either on the technical part of growing a business - sales techniques, building funnels, etc. - OR the mindset of successful entrepreneurship.

(You might have completed a few of them already!)

Lenka Lutonska is a world-class expert on integrating both.

As such, her clients’ results are often extraordinary, including:

  • Women increasing their fees five times and selling with greater ease than ever before,
  • Booking themselves solid with ideal high-end clients,
  • Turning their annual income into their monthly income, 
  • And doubling, tripling or quadrupling their sales revenue within several months.


Meaning? You will fully understand how your energy shapes success in every aspect of your business – from building a super-engaged community to building super-profitable funnels and creating epic sales months.


... so you will be shifting your identity as a woman and entrepreneur and at the same time taking powerful action, developing essential entrepreneurial skills and building structures in your business that will scale your impact to 7 figures and beyond.


“When I first enrolled in Lenka’s Academy, I booked 10 clients (that meant I was fully booked) in one week after following one of Lenka’s calls.

That was the beginning of my first 6 figure year. I haven’t looked back!

I’m still here as Extraordinary Growth Alumni, with multiple six figures a year, consistent high 5-figure months, loving my work, making a difference and exploring more.

The Extraordinary Growth Academy has everything you need to up level your business – again and again.”

Sarah Negus




Absolutely not.

There are no magic pills or magic fixes within this program.

Yes, you will most likely have quick wins and results shortly after joining. But a serious commitment is required to fully integrate the principles of energetic marketing and selling into your life and create a LIMITLESS business.

As such, you need to have a good deal of self-accountability & self-drive to benefit from the EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH ACADEMY fully. You will also want to have a BIG calling and BIG dreams – Lenka’s teachings are not about a ‘slow & steady’ approach.
If, however, you are a self-starter willing to do the work and willing to get a bit uncomfortable (the work will stretch you!) the time in the EXTRAORDINARY GROWTH ACADEMY may prove to be the most transformative 6 months of your entire life.

Frequent Q&As 

You may be wondering whether Extraordinary Growth Academy is truly a perfect match for you, based on your business, circumstances and needs. Please review the frequent Q&As section below where you will most likely find your answer. If not, please feel happy to reach out to us at love@lenkalutonska.com with your specific question/s.

How much of Lenka’s support will I get?

This program has been carefully built by Lenka to give you everything you need to grow your impact to 6 and 7 figures and beyond by expanding, and utilising, the power of your energy.

You’ll get access to Lenka twice a month, via live group coaching sessions, where she’ll deliver new training material, as well conduct group coaching.
In between Lenka’s sessions, you will benefit from sessions run by her associate coaches and, of course, you will use the Extraordinary Growth Community for additional support. Lenka’s associate coaches will make sure that all your questions are answered and there are plenty more incredible women in the Academy who will be there to support you when you need it as well.

Enough of incredible support? It is, for vast majority of change-makers. If you are, however, one of those special women who settle for nothing but the highest support averrable, and would like customised support from Lenka and put yourself on her priority client list, you might want to consider applying for Elite VIP upgrade

I’m NOT a coach. Is EGA still for me?

Yes, yes and yes!! While currently most of the EGA clients are coaches, this programme has helped professionals from many other industries to grow their business enormously - owners of (marketing / research / PR etc) agencies, copywriters, therapists, healers, photographers, wedding planners, artists to name just a few.

EGA will help you to shift your perspectives about how you run and grow your business and how you think about the various aspects of your business. The work you will do in EGA will be shifting you as a person, thinker and a  leader and your business will reflect that.

I already have an established business. Will EGA help me to scale my business?

Fantastic! And absolutely - as long as you are open to working with your energy directly to do so. This is not a programme where I will give you a step by step ‘blueprint’ to scale your specific business (apart from occasional suggestions and processes that I have used in my own business)

Instead, you will be shifting your energy and perspectives in all areas of your business massively and opening yourself up to the best strategies and steps for you to grow your business big time. Many clients in EGA doubled, tripled, even quadrupled their sales revenues and profits within a matter of months of joining, even though they were trying to do so for years prior to that. That is what can happen when you stop relying on strategies and action alone and introduce the power of your energy into your business.

I am a brand new coach / entrepreneur. Is EGA for me?

Yes it is - so long as you acknowledge that this is not a standard business course but rather a powerful energetic container that will support you in becoming the most powerful, resourceful, confident and "IN FLOW" entrepreneur possible.

While there will be plenty of strategy as part of the EGA programme, we will NOT focus on the detailed 'steps' and the 'how to's' of starting a business from scratch, like building landing pages and setting up FB ads etc.

First and foremost, EGA is about releasing the limitless power of your energy and making it work through all aspects of your business, including those landing pages and FB ads!

All in all, if you are asking, "Is EGA for me?", acknowledge that where you are now is not nearly as important as who you are and where you want to go.


I am an artist. Is EGA for me?

Yes, absolutely – energy work is universal, right? And energy applies to all businesses. Here is just one example of results one of our gorgeous Artist EGA clients experienced:

“I didn’t even consider my art to be a part of my business ever again. Once I joined EGA, I was blown away by the impact it has on my business and my life. I gained so much clarity on myself. I finally faced the unhealed victim within, stepped into my full power and stopped being controlled by my past.

I reclaimed my freedom back on all levels and once you get to this point, you become limitless. You know you can create anything in any kind of business.

Before joining the EGA, I was a disempowered artist. I was creating damn good DIVINE CHANNELLED ART, but I’d never seen it. I would lay my tiny trust into galleries that were ripping me of 50% or more of my sales. And I never thought I could reach for more. To sell a painting myself? - OH NO!!

Now, I have raised my prices and feel aligned with them. I’m not scared to shine anymore. I love talking to my clients and take them through the process of channelling art. I see how my paintings heal them. I add my knowledge and coaching to that. I become my Whole Self.

So answering the question - is EGA for artists? Damn yes! Artists, coaches, healers. EGA, most of all YOU - are the light that women like me need to learn from.”

My business primarily sells products - is EGA for me?

Unfortunately EGA does not cater for product based businesses specifically. It is not Lenka’s zone of genius.
Although there is a huge crossover in areas such as upgrading your money consciousness, sense of self-identity as a thinker, strategist, marketer and person, the materials within the Academy are tailored more towards service-based businesses.

I love the sound of this (and oh yes, I do want to unlock my extraordinary business growth ) but I am too busy to undertake another course...

Sorry to break this to you but if you're, "busy, busy, busy" and still aren't serving and living at a level you want, you're not investing your time in the right way.

EGA is not just ‘another course’. It’s a six-month long experience that will help you to utilise your personal energy in your quest to grow your impact to multiple six or seven figures – meaning more time, less struggle, less hard work, less ‘busyness’.
But – your commitment and time investment WILL be required to shift yourself and your business to an entirely new level.

Lenka will guide you to use your time in the most productive way.
If you’re not willing to invest your time in the process, please don’t apply.

What's the investment for the program?

Stanrd Fee: £6500*

Super Early Special Offer: £5500*
Doors to EGA officially reopen in November 2022, with the live program starting in January 2023.
OR apply now for an exploratory call and get EARLY ACCESS to all EGA support right away with an incredible saving of £1000.

*Plus UK VAT where applicable.
6 Monthly and extended payment plans also available.

What if I have some fears or doubts about joining EGA?

It’s very normal that some doubts, fears or concerns may be in the way of you doing something that is aligned with your greatest growth.

First and foremost, ask yourself, “What would my NEXT version of self do here?” and if the answer is, “Join EGA!” then follow up with a second question, “What is preventing me?”

Offload those reasons and fears on to paper and challenge the validity of each and every one of them.

Your fears and doubts reflect the areas of your psyche and energy that you will need to work on during the EGA experience!

Also, you may like to listen to the worries some previous clients had before signing up and how they dealt with them. You can find out more 

Will EGA work for me?

Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: Yes, probably better than you'd expect. Caveat: unless you decide not to do the work or think Lenka will save you or hand hold you at all times. She doesn’t do saving or hand holding, instead she has created a powerful energetic container for growth, where YOU do your work to succeed.

Do you offer refunds if EGA doesn't work for me?

Absolutely not.

Getting phenomenal results in the Extraordinary Growth Academy requires your full commitment and we would do you a disservice if we offered refunds. It’s not the programme by itself that will give you results. You’ll get all the guidance you need - but you’ve got to do the work!

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own results.

How can I best prepare to start this program?

Pull out a pen and paper. Take your last chance to document your current state of affairs. This is your “before” picture and things will never look like this again.

Then, set some mighty big powerful intentions for the programme!

What have I got to lose? 

Plenty. Your fears, your doubts, hours upon hours of busy work, frustration, internal limitations, feast and famine cycles, disappointment and the ability to never be able to settle for less than you truly deserve… just to name a few things.

Sounds great, how do I get started?




"I’ve worked with numerous business mentors before but nothing and nobody compares to Lenka and her approach.  

I’ve had my best month ever (made almost 10k in the last 4 weeks) and you know what’s best about that?

I know it’s just the beginning of a very long and amazing journey.

The Extraordinary Growth Academy is an absolutely AMAZING program and you will learn TONS from Lenka.

Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence – go for it (and thank me later)."

Iveta Zaklasnikova


ega helped me bring my agency's profits to over 10k per month

"I’ve been working with Lenka as her Facebook Advertising Manager for the last 2 years. As such, I’ve seen the crazy amount of love and success amongst her clients.

So much so, I decided to invest in Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy. It helped me to become a stronger communicator and more confident in my abilities, growing my client base and bringing my agency’s profits to over 10k per month. I am blessed!"

Ajay Rai


Ajay Rai

founder of Upcoach


"I highly recommend Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy to every single person on the planet!

I signed up 6 clients within 5 days and increased my fees by five times within the first month!

Lenka’s work also helped me to completely re-define my relationship with selling and go from local reach to global reach. Do it, do it, do it!”

Noha Essop


is EGA for artists? Damn yes!

Before joining the EGA, I didn’t even consider my art to be a part of my business ever again. I lost an art business a few years back which left a huge mark on my psyche. All I wanted was to be a coach and never deal with art again.

I was a disempowered artist. I was creating damn good DIVINE CHANNELLED ART, but I’d never seen it. I would lay my tiny trust into galleries that were ripping me of 50% or more of my sales. And I never thought I could reach for more. To sell a painting myself? - OH NO!!!

However, once I joined the EGA, I was blown away by the impact it has on my business and my life. It gave me a bunch of priceless keys and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

Now, I have withdrawn my paintings from galleries and I sell them myself. I have raised my prices and feel aligned with them. I’m not scared to shine anymore. I love talking to my clients and take them through the process of channeling art. I see how my paintings heal them. I add my knowledge and coaching to that. I became my Whole Self.

So answering the question - is EGA for artists? Damn yes! Artists, coaches, healers. EGA, most of all YOU - are the light that women like me a year ago need to learn from.

Dominika Zurawska


Dominika Zurawska



“In the past I paid $55,000 to another coach, who didn’t offer even a thimble-full of what I’ve learned from Lenka and her Academy. 

Above all, what I love about Lenka is that she keeps it real. The value, integrity, honesty, business and HEART savvy she offers to her clients is off the freakin’ charts! 

If anyone is on the fence about working with Lenka, I say get your arse off the fence right now and sign up, because she brings it!” 

Maria McMahon


Maria McMahon


I grew my business TO 10K MONTHS WITHIN 3 MONTHS!

"What an extraordinary year it’s been being part of the Extraordinary Growth Academy family!

I connected with my energy and with other powerful female entrepreneurs. I’m no longer scared of putting myself out there and really going for it.

I re-launched my business with Reach For Greatness TV and have interviewed over 100 women so far, published my first book and took my business to 10K months within 3 months!!"

Sabine Matharu


Sabine Matharu



"The Academy was a revelation! Before I joined it was a very difficult period, I was overwhelmed with too many ideas and felt like even if I did all of them, I would never earn what I desired to earn. I kept hitting a ceiling of limitation and couldn’t find a way to make my business profitable.

Investing in EGA was both an exciting and scary decision for me - I felt pressure to make it work.  So I dove into the materials and saw big changes immediately.  

After following my inspired guidance I created an offer, sold it and earned the investment back right away. That was within the first few weeks of joining. 

After two months we had doubled our company income! After four months we expanded our team for a second time! 

If you have big dreams and want to make them come true in an easy way, don’t think twice! It's the best money you'll ever spend."

Polina Ševčíková



“I joined Extraordinary Growth Academy as the Covid-19 situation had affected my business negatively, and I felt Lenka’s teachings could help me bounce back. 

Once I started with the curriculum and attending Lenka’s sessions, I became aware of unhealthy patterns that were stopping me and my company from growth - and with support from Lenka and other incredible women inside of the Academy, I started to break them. 

It took some courage and work but was it worth it? Absolutely!! I felt liberated - and my business reflected that. 

First, we won the biggest project to date for £120K, followed by another two projects - all in the span of a few days, while I was on holiday! And the work keeps coming. 

The team is back full time, my company is growing and we are on track to becoming a 7-figure company soon. 

My personal life and the way I feel has changed dramatically too. I bought my dream house, and wake up every morning with excitement in my heart about what miracles will each day bring.

Everything I do now is with the intention that I will do it with the click of my fingers and it happens. I am so happy and grateful!"

Joanna Brassett


I raised my fees five times over and got fully booked within 6 months!

"Joining Lenka’s Academy helped me to grow my Facebook Group from 50 to 3200 members, raise my fees 5 times over, and get myself fully booked with amazing clients – all within six months!

I now love my business – and Lenka. She is such a great example for us all.

I got my investment back for the programme in the first month.

If you’re willing to commit fully, this is available to you too!"

Heidi Plumberg


I went from zero sales to 10K+ months.

"I experienced huge wins and shifts after joining EGA. I went from no sales to doubling my fees, selling 13 spots in my program and getting fully booked with my ideal soul clients. I also attracted 500 ideal clients into my tribe!

For all those who are wondering if you should take this course, just believe in yourself and go for it. You will not know the power of it unless you do.

And Lenka, in Indian culture we thank people who are our teachers, our elders, by using our hands, and this is called the Namaste posture, so I'm SO thankful for you, my entire October and November has been because of YOU. Everything you have taught, I have learnt and incorporated it, thank you SO much.

And ladies, PLEASE get in, please get in, you will LOVE it and your life will change. Make that DECISION and go all in – commit to yourself and you’ll be surprised by what happens."

Poornima Peri


Poornima Peri



"I could not even imagine how much could change for me a year ago.

Back then I didn’t even run a business.

Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to get fully booked with amazing clients.

I now earn almost 5 figures a month and I support my family and run my business and life, exactly as I want. 

I can honestly say Lenka and her Academy changed my life!"

Sonia Grimes



"I almost talked myself out of signing up for Lenka’s Academy. It was June so I thought I wouldn’t have time to study since the kids were about to start their holidays, plus financially it was a big stretch. Luckily, I said to myself: “F**k it, I’m doing it.”

Shortly after I signed up and dived in, I landed a new client, then another one. I truly fell in love with selling (it was my biggest issue before). Then I increased my fees and got fully booked.

By the time a year was over, I was earning 5.5 times more than ever before in my coaching... and I had brought my vision board to life!

As Lenka says, “Anything is possible. Anything is possible for me. Anything is possible for me right now.” It’s true for me and if you are willing to do the work, it will be true for you too!"

Terezka Rothova


Terezka Rothova



We don’t talk.

We command it and make it happen. 

“It’s time to release the world shattering power of your energy and turn your current ceiling into your floor, your greatest vision for your life and business into every day normal. It’s not just your right, it’s your duty!”


The time has come to ignite the flame of your limitless potential in life and business. 

Will you light it? 


Book a Complimentary Call for early access.

The time has come to ignite the flame of your limitless potential in life and business. 

Will you light it? 


Book a Complimentary Call for early access.

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