Master the limitless power of your energy and let it work miracles in your business and life

Find out how

Master the limitless power of your energy and let it work miracles in your business and life

Find out how

You love, love, love your business.

Because you were born to make an extraordinary impact on many other people – and your business is your ‘how’. 

Because your business makes you grow… and some growing you do!

Because you know your business can fuel your wildest dreams, and help you become the woman dwelling in your heart: 

Powerful AF. Free AF. Impactful AF. Abundant AF.

Fully alive.

But it’s not happening…. yet. 

Or at least not nearly as fast as you’d like, not as easily as you deserve. 

As such, you often find yourself asking, “What do I need to DO to finally create that business breakthrough that I am dreaming about? What else do I need to DO to grow my business the way I want?” 

(It’s not like you haven’t tried anything…or 100 things! You’re dedicated! You learn! You implement!!) 

But the truth is? 

You don’t need to DO anything else.

If success in business was about how well you implement those hottest business strategies and tricks, everyone would have a hugely successful business. 

But business success doesn’t happen like that. It’s not based on doing alone. It’s not a logical process. In fact, your business doesn’t give a damn about logic – only you do. 

(Think about it: If it was as simple as that, you’d already be as successful as you know you deserve to be…and every fellow dedicated entrepreneur too.) 

So, what do you want to do instead?

What’s the “secret” to finally creating the extraordinary growth in your business that you are dreaming about?

It comes down to this single thing:

Allow your business to become an extension of your soul.

That’s the ONLY way you will: 

Release yourself from the shackles of having to do, do, do, do, do – at the expense of your inner peace, your family, your health.

Run a business in a way that you’ll never get tired of – and as such, create a MASTERPIECE of a business that will profoundly impact millions of people, starting with your own.

Forget the ‘feast and famine’ reality, and replace it with the never ending flow of abundance

Stop wasting money on endless programmes and coaches who promise to ‘give you the secret’ (because ALL the secrets to extraordinary business growth are within you… and within you only)

Stop chasing and start allowing big time – in all ways.

Create illogical, mind-blowing growth and changes in your business, and your life.

But here’s the thing…

This, “allowing your business to become an extension of your soul”  is not for everyone. 

In fact, this path is rarely travelled. 

Because it’s easier to rely on logic, and strategies, and doing. 

It’s easier to seek wisdom externally, and hope that others will give you the secret sauce to your incredible success. 

It’s not as easy to completely drop into the power of your own energy, your soul:  the limitless well of your own creativity, personal power, ease, joy and abundance. 

It’s even less easy to trust that power dwelling within you. 


Those who dare and have the right environment to support them in travelling the path of complete soul alignment? 

…become Limitless

And that’s exactly what’s waiting for you inside

A 6 month immersive experience where you dive deep into your energy, master it, and let it create a masterpiece of your business and life.

Extraordinary Growth Academy is the only programme on the planet where you can learn to understand and master the relationship between energy and business success in such depth. And then put that knowledge to work.

But it’s not just a programme where you ‘learn the new stuff’. 

It’s a powerful energetic container that will support you to:

Recognise what exact energetic patterns of yours need shifting in order to release the limitless growth of your business – and then you’ll make that shift happen.

Tap into the consciousness of the MASTERPIECE of a business dwelling inside of your soul – and get the exact guidance and business strategies that will make a huge impact.

Transcend the shadows holding you back and let them spring you forward with your fully awakened, potently fierce inner power.

Massively strengthen your intuitive intelligence – and let it create products and strategies that will powerfully attract your soul-aligned clients.

Open new pathways to creativity and authentic expression – super-charging the impact of what you do in your business.

Master the energetics of Time, create a lot more of it, then collapse it.

Walk through the 9 stages of Quantum Leaping with power and grace – again and again – and, as such, create the extraordinary growth in your business that you’ve been dreaming about.

i have raised my prices at least 5 times!

“My whole business began on the day I signed up for EGA.  On the same day of signing up, I also signed up my first ever paying client!

Under Lenka’s mentorship I became super clear on my message, learned to express myself authentically and connect with my ideal clients.  I launched my group container (twice now), and raised my prices at least 5 times.

In under 6 months, I have built a consistent 5-figure per month business!  Every day brings new learnings and insights”

Sofia Adamova

this is how we will make it happen:

(What’s included inside the Extraordinary Growth Academy):


Upon signing up, you will gain access to some delicious – and deliciously powerful – learning materials that will ignite your extraordinary growth right away. You can go through these at your own pace, before EGA 2023 formally starts.


In early January 2023, the Extraordinary Growth Academy will kick off with a live foundation module delivered by Lenka. You will be opening yourself up to MORE big time, and turning 2023 into your most profound year to date.


This rich and life-changing curriculum is wrapped up into 12 powerful modules that will help you to master your energy – and let its limitless power flow through all the veins of your business. You’ll keep this curriculum for life.


This is where you can ask questions and get support in between live sessions, be heard, be held and be celebrated. Please note it will be open approximately one week before the official EGA kick off in January 2023.


Twice a month, you’ll meet with Lenka for a 90-minute group coaching session. This profound co-creative experience will help you to keep up the momentum on your journey of extraordinary growth, and help with challenges along the way.


This monthly 60-minute session will give you an opportunity to connect with other EGA sisters, share your wins, exchange ideas, and get the support and accountability you need to navigate EGA (and your limitless growth) powerfully


Some of Lenka’s team members will also offer additional live support on the topics of copywriting, social media, Facebook advertising etc. This is to support you with translating the power of your energy into business systems and strategies that will ignite your soul and make your business grow big time. 

The monthly group sessions are:

  • 2 x Q&A and Group Coaching with Lenka 

  • 1 x Rapid Alignment Session with Tatiana
  • 1 x Copy Review Session with Tania
  • 1 x Social Media Coaching with Hannah
  • 1 x Facebook Ads Coaching with Ajay
  • 1 x Community Call with Tatiana

All in all?

Extraordinary Growth Academy is where you release a MASTERPIECE of the business dwelling in your soul.

One that profoundly changes millions of lives… starting with your own, right here, right now:

All in all?

Extraordinary Growth Academy is where you release a MASTERPIECE of the business dwelling in your soul.

One that profoundly changes millions of lives… starting with your own, right here, right now:


Book a call to chat with my Client Success Coach, Monika, to see if EGA is the perfect fit for you or send us an email with any questions.