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Extraordinary Growth Academy is a high-level group coaching experience with Lenka, supporting women entrepreneurs to release the limitless power of their energy to put the growth of their business at full throttle, with much greater ease and grace.

Read and watch some EGA client testimonials below and should you wish to learn more about EGA, hit the button for more information and to join this life-changing experience.


“I had already benefited from Lenka’s smaller courses so when the doors to EGA opened, I just knew I had to join. Swimming in the energy of the program helped me to upgrade absolutely every aspect of my business – from brand message, to ideal client, pricing, programmes and everything else in between. My mind was flooded with ideas and guidance on what to do next.

As a result, I created my first 50K month in business. I still cannot believe how natural this growth has been and am excited about the future. I know I would not be able to do this without EGA, so I am extremely grateful!”

Ilona Sibold


“The contrast between where I began this journey in Extraordinary Growth Academy and now is logic-defying and mind-blowing! 

For years I lusted after the elusive (for me!) 6-figure year, and I not only hit it with ease but EXCEEDED IT and had a $134,000 year!! WHAH?! 

Here comes the mind-blowing part: My first 20K (cash) month opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I entered a new paradigm and had a $54K month right after it! 

We are only 3 months into the new year and I’m at around 130K in sales for the year already! The seemingly impossible goal I kept trying to reach for YEARS has been collapsed into less than three months… WOW. 

The best part is that MY CLIENTS are experiencing spectacular results themselves, and so are THEIR clients (I’m talking $100K WEEKS and DAYS)!!! I have a lot more gratitude for the work I do and how I’m able to help others change their realities (while changing mine!) than ever before!!! It has really been a game-changer! 

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude!!!

Eyenie Schultz

I can honestly say Lenka and her Academy CHANGED MY LIFE!

“I could not even imagine how much could change for me a year ago. Back then I didn’t even run a business. Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to get fully booked with amazing clients. I now earn almost 5 figures a month and I support my family and run my business and life, exactly as I want.”

Sonia Grimes

With EGA work, my limiting beliefs dissolved and I easily made multiple 6 figures within a week… more than I would normally do in 2 years.”

Inger Lise Kontochristos

“I was struggling to make 10K months then I launched whilst in EGA and made 18K in 2 weeks”

Crystal Hinton

“I couldn’t get past 10K months, now I’m earning over 50K per month”

Eyenie Schultz

“I finally committed to putting down the money on the retreat for 2022”

Sherese Shy-Holmes

Nobody compares to Lenka and her approach.

After joining EGA Iveta started to blossom and had her best month ever (making almost 10K in 4 weeks) and since then her journey has been amazing.

“The Extraordinary Growth Academy is an absolutely AMAZING program and you will learn TONS from Lenka.

Honestly, if you are sitting on the fence-GO FOR IT (and thank me later).”

Iveta Zaklasnikova


“I experienced huge wins and shifts after joining EGA. I went from no sales to doubling my fees, selling 13 spots in my program and getting fully booked with my ideal soul clients. I also attracted 500 ideal clients into my tribe!

For all those who are wondering if you should take this course, just believe in yourself and go for it. You will not know the power of it unless you do.

And Lenka, in Indian culture we thank people who are our teachers, our elders, by using our hands, and this is called the Namaste posture, so I’m SO thankful for you, my entire October and November has been because of YOU. Everything you have taught, I have learnt and incorporated it, thank you SO much.

And ladies, PLEASE get in, please get in, you will LOVE it and your life will change. Make that DECISION and go all in – commit to yourself and you’ll be surprised by what happens.”

Poornima Peri

doubled company income within 2 months

“Investing in EGA was both an exciting and scary decision for me – I felt pressure to make it work.  So I dove into the materials and saw big changes immediately.  

After following my inspired guidance I created an offer, sold it and earned the investment back right away. That was within the first few weeks of joining. 

After two months we had doubled our company income! After four months we expanded our team for a second time! 

If you have big dreams and want to make them come true in an easy way, don’t think twice! It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.”

Polina Ševčíková

60% up in revenue

“I am 60% up in my revenue year-on-year and I am so much more confident in what I am doing, teaching and how I go about product development (courses, workshops and coaching offers) and sales. The whole process got so much more playful and effortless. I am so very grateful for that because it was always a huge pain to dare to teach what I want to teach.”

Nadja Polzin

You are the secret to your

Extraordinary Growth

“I went from 1k months to 15K months in 6 months”

Alessandra Lanzafame

“Is EGA for artists?
Damn yes!”

Dominika Zurawska

“I changed my brand message, made changes on my website and landing pages, added more courses and raised prices.”

Ilona Sibold

“I had a dream rather than a business when I joined EGA, now I have a highly successful sustainable business earning almost 5 figures a month”

Sonia Grimes

Amazing, phenomenal, supportive.

“Extraordinary Growth Academy has been overwhelmingly awesome – and the key thing in there for me has been Lenka’s energy, first and foremost. The reason I chose Lenka over anybody else was because of her energy, because she has that unique balance of feminine and masculine, of strategy and intuitive guidance.”

Crystal Hinton

i have raised my prices at least 5 times!

“My whole business began on the day I signed up for EGA.  On the same day of signing up, I also signed up my first ever paying client!

Under Lenka’s mentorship I became super clear on my message, learned to express myself authentically and connect with my ideal clients.  I launched my group container (twice now), and raised my prices at least 5 times.

In under 6 months, I have built a consistent 5-figure per month business!  Every day brings new learnings and insights”

Sofia Adamova

I have increased my fees by 5 times!

“When I signed up to EGA, I only had two clients and charged them £1100.

Being part of the Extraordinary Growth Academy helped me to increase my fees by 5 times, sell out my programs and create a 6 figure impact all in the same year! 

I’d highly recommend signing up to everyone!”

Anita smith

Lenka has helped me transform my life

“Lenka has helped me transform my life from living from month to month, and supported me to continue to expand beyond what I thought possible.

I don’t have anyone in my family who runs their own business and often felt alone in it. But Lenka’s energy, love and business guidance have been so so vital and helped in my business success over the years.

I’ve never seen a business coach who is as open, authentic and aligned as you, Lenka. Please keep shining your light and sharing your love ♥”

Adri Ana

“With no more work involved, no launching or spending more money, as if by magic I noticed I was making double the amount of money with ease like I had never experience before.”

Veronika Reicheltova

“I wanted so badly to be able to do it myself but it’s a lonely road if you try to do it on your own and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be in the same headspace or feel as good or feel as excited about what’s to come without having invested in Lenka”


“You made me feel like you believed more in me than I believed in myself”


“I went from charging 300€ for a 3 month package to charging 3000€ for a 6 month package”

Terezka Rothova


“I’ve been working with Lenka as her Facebook Advertising Manager for the last 2 years. As such, I’ve seen the crazy amount of love and success amongst her clients.

So much so, I decided to invest in Lenka’s Extraordinary Growth Academy. It helped me to become a stronger communicator and more confident in my abilities, growing my client base and bringing my agency’s profits to over 10k per month. I am blessed!”

​​ajay rai


“Before joining the EGA, I didn’t even consider my art to be a part of my business ever again. I lost an art business a few years back which left a huge mark on my psyche. All I wanted was to be a coach and never deal with art again.

I was a disempowered artist. I was creating damn good DIVINE CHANNELLED ART, but I’d never seen it. I would lay my tiny trust into galleries that were ripping me of 50% or more of my sales. And I never thought I could reach for more. To sell a painting myself? – OH NO!!!

However, once I joined the EGA, I was blown away by the impact it has on my business and my life. It gave me a bunch of priceless keys and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

Now, I have withdrawn my paintings from galleries and I sell them myself. I have raised my prices and feel aligned with them. I’m not scared to shine anymore. I love talking to my clients and take them through the process of channeling art. I see how my paintings heal them. I add my knowledge and coaching to that. I became my Whole Self.

So answering the question – is EGA for artists? Damn yes! Artists, coaches, healers. EGA, most of all YOU – are the light that women like me a year ago need to learn from.”

​​Dominika Zurawska

everything has changed

“Everything has changed since I joined EGA. I changed.  My business is growing. I started with practically nothing. I was really at the beginning. And now? I am running a masterclass for 2.200€. Can you imagine? I could not a half year ago. I am sooooo grateful for Lenka and EGA!”

Marjeta Olar

“I created incredible success in my business despite the ‘language barrier’”

Hana Mikešová

“I quadrupled my income, I had my highest income month to date.”

Karen Evans

“The work I have done within EGA not only affected my life and business but also the lives of my clients.”

Teresa brooks

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