Book a 20 min Exploratory Extraordinary Growth Academy call with a member of Lenka’s team

First of all, thank you for considering stepping into what may prove to be the most life-changing experience of your life – Extraordinary Growth Academy

I appreciate that sometimes we have some questions before we make important decisions about our futures – or we simply just want to make sure we are making the right decision, at the right time. 

These brief exploratory calls will give you an opportunity to do just that. 

Monika (who has completed the EGA programme) is here to answer your questions and help you to decide whether EGA is the perfect fit for you at the moment, given your unique circumstances. 

Please be assured we are against any traditional ‘pushy’ sales tactics! The call will simply be a genuine conversation between yourself and one of my dear EGA clients. You will be the one who will be making the final decision about your next steps, and if it’s a strong ‘yes’, you will book yourself into the Academy via a link provided. 

Ready? Let’s do it! 

With all my love,

I would like to book an exploratory call for:

(VIP upgrade of EGA for 10 women only)