A 2-part Masterclass & Activation
for Conscious Entrepreneurs

“Your experience of lack, struggle and slowness is NOT your enemy. It is your DOOR to limitless success.”

– Lenka Lutonska 

My Powerful One,

There are many talented women change-makers dreaming about impacting millions, and making millions – with joy, ease, and a deep sense of purpose. 

I’m one of those women who turned this dream into a lived experience.

And do you know one of the main reasons WHY I’m making millions by doing what I love? 

Because I lived through a lot of sh*t…

I lived through

I know what it’s like to dream of abundance, only having to worry about whether I’d be able to pay the bills at the end of the month. 

I know what it’s like to desire to be paid generously, only to be worried sick that the money will run out altogether (and at one point it did). 

I know what it’s like to desire to serve others through my talents, only to have ZERO clients booking with me, no matter what I tried. 

I lived through lack, and turned that experience into more abundance than I was ever able to dream about. 

I lived through

I know what it’s like to desire EASE with selling, serving and living but having struggle show its face every day as I was doing my best to make my dreams come true. 

I tried this… it didn’t work. I tried that…that didn’t work either. I tried another thing… zero results. 

I lived through struggle, and learned how to turn that experience into receiving an abundance of money and clients every month with ease. 

I lived through

I know what it’s like to want to achieve my goals today, only to see results coming…soooo…slooooow… and feeling super frustrated about it. 

I know what it’s like needing the results to show up quickly, or… a catastrophe. 

I lived through slow, and learned how to apply myself to create rapidity in my manifestations. 

My point?

I didn’t reject the duality of life. Instead, I learned how to work with it.

You see, everything, absolutely everything you desire is dual:

Just like light cannot manifest without darkness, your abundance cannot manifest without an experience of lack; 

The greatest level of ease cannot manifest without an experience of struggle;

And your manifestations cannot speed up without slowing down first. 

So, that lack you’re experiencing right now (or from time to time when you least expect it?) 

That struggle? That slowness? That ‘hard’? That disappointment? 

It’s your making!

It’s preparing you to manifest all your dreams; it’s preparing you to impact millions, and make millions!!


You’ve got to learn how to apply yourself in this ‘darkness’ the most powerfully – and through that power, alchemise the darkness into light…. and into everything you desire.

And this is why I created this in-depth, 2-part Masterclass & Activation for you.

…where I’ll work with both your Conscious Mind and Energy to: 

See your challenges for what they really are. Gain a cellular level understanding of what those challenges mean and how are they here to support you

Bring a lot more calmness, clarity, grace and rapidity into dealing with your challenges.

Use some powerful practical energetic tools for turning ‘shit’ into ‘gold’… and transmute your challenges into an experience of more peace, joy, freedom and abundance than ever before

In a nutshell…

You will be empowered and ready to use the duality of your experience as the door to a level of joy, ease, abundance and success you never experienced before.


Replays available for 2 weeks.


Hi, I’m Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of ‘Energetic Selling & Marketing’ and your Limitless Entrepreneur Mentor.

Today, I’m a CEO of a 7-figure business that deeply supports thousands of women from over 50 countries around the globe to step into their fullness, and create the limitless success that feeds their dreams and souls in equal measures.

I get to do what I deeply love, and see and feel the huge impact of my work daily. 

I enjoy an abundance of time, money and freedom, joy, love and purpose that I didn’t dare to even dream about some years back. 

I have an incredible family with a loving husband of 17 years, 3 gorgeous boys, four tiny dogs and a home I don’t need to take a vacation from (but I do, and plenty of them). 

Simply put: I’m a woman who stands in her full value. Full freedom. Full love. Full self expression. Full joy. Full purpose. Full sense of aliveness. 

And in my humble heart, I know that this is a dream for many women.

Because the majority of women (and I used to be one of them) feel like limitless success AND limitless fulfilment is hard to create. There is always so much to do, so much to aim for, so many responsibilities, so much to balance. 

I used to live this way. 

So much so, I brought my first, rather successful business to the ground, leaving me exhausted, broke, and not knowing who I was anymore, without external success. 

But that horrid experience led me to the depths of me. 

And from those depths,
a new approach to success and business was born.

Energetic Entrepreneurship.

And when I honoured my soul, and tapped into the full power of my energy, and married that power with business?

Everything changed. (Because I changed)

Clients started to pour in. Abundance started to pour in. A new way of working and living opened up for me.

Creating a life and business that you deeply love with every fibre of your feeling is a glorious feeling.

And today, I invite you to master one inevitable aspect of your business and life experience:


… and turn it into the door to your most abundant, creative, and purposeful Self.

Replays available for 2 weeks.



Powerful One,

Your experience of lack, struggle and slowness is NOT your enemy. It is your DOOR to your limitless success.

It’s time to open that door.