We all want to sell out our high-end offerings, our one-on-one programs, our group programs, masterminds, retreats, and many more. But do you know that the moment we make sales about us, it becomes harder because clients unconsciously pick up on it?  

Clients are very smart. They know when the person who is selling is just focusing on themselves or about the client. They need to feel like they are being heard and understood. They need to know that what you are offering would greatly benefit them. When you make it about you rather than your client, they will feel it.  

If all my needs and desires were guaranteed and I directed all my attention only to my clients, how would I go about my marketing and selling? It’s very important to focus on them and not you. 

Do not focus on yourself or your needs and how you deserve it. Make it about them, the client will freaking feel it! 

Last year, the first extraordinary life, was a huge stretch for me and the event was really fantastic. Of course, I opened an opportunity during those days. Three days together to step into the Mastermind container. I have been advised that apart from the formal during the day teachings, I have to be social with the clients and it is very sound advice and I did exactly that. 

In a day or two, after I pitched the Mastermind, I went for a VIP dinner with my previous clients with some who were considering the Mastermind.  

At one point during this dinner, I think it was the idea of one of the speakers, she said, Why don’t we go around and share what we appreciate about Lenka?” And they started to advise me that I should sell more. I deserve to sell because I put so much energy into it. I deserve to be rewarded and they meant it really well. But you know the difference between someone giving you a bit of advice which then feels like a freaking scolding.  

That evening, I went to my hotel room and I broke down.  

On the next day, I turned up in the last of the evenings with eye bags under my eyes which I got from crying my eyes out. From a sales perspective, I didn’t do very well. The first event was great but I did not do very well.  

So, I changed my focus. I made a very conscious preparation for the second Extraordinary Live event. This time, I introduced the incredible high-end offering from a space of zero egos. And honestly, it was not easy. 

There are ways how to trick your ego. The bottom line is, we need to bring all attention to them and zero attention to us. There was much advice that I did not follow in the second time around. Basically, I said I’m not going to do any social event. As much as I love my clients, I’m not doing social. I’m going to switch off and just be by myself. So, I went against all the solid advice. 

But what I certainly didn’t do? I didn’t sell from the perspective of “I need to sell or I deserve to be rewarded for all that freaking energy I put into it or my Mastermind is the best. And it turned out, more women really came forward. The Mastermind is beautifully filling out and it led to 250k sales in the first weeka huge difference! 

There are so many strategies that you can use to sell out your high-end offerings. There is one chapter in my bookChapter 8 of Energetic Selling and Marketing. The “Detachment” chapter which has got some really great tips on how to do that. And you can actually make it work too!