Masterclass & Implementation Session

with lenka lutonska

Masterclass & Implementation Session

13th & 14th March 2024

There’s a common myth in the minds of women entrepreneurs that says, “The more successful your business becomes, the more busy you become.” 

I lovingly call BS on this. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

I’m far less busy while making millions on repeat by doing what I love, in comparison to, say, when my business was 10 times smaller. 

I enjoy far more free time for holidaying, travelling, doing whatever I fancy, than I used to. 

But: I’m insanely productive… 

… as is every super-successful Conscious Entrepreneur.

And what’s my number 1 secret to insane productivity?


Not any type of creativity though.

Not that type of creativity where you get a million and one ideas but implementing any of them is a whole other subject.

Not that type of creativity that leaves you with a sh*t ton of work, and very little results at the end of it.


Divine Millionaire Creativity: Where you materialise extremely potent ideas all the way through to their intended outcome:

 Insane impact

Insane profitability

Insane uplevelling of your business and life

Insane joy and sense of aliveness

And because I’m very often getting questions on my creative process, I decided to create a container where I can take you into the depths of the Energetics of Creativity, and help you release your highest level of (aka your “Divine Millionaire”) creativity from within!


Masterclass & Implementation Session

I wrapped the power of
Divine Millionaire Creativity
into two sessions:


During this session, I’ll deep dive with you into the Energetics of Creativity. You will gain a deeper understanding of: 

  • The energetic nature of ideas, and how that relates to your entrepreneurial success; 
  • When to honour new ideas, and when NOT to honour them (as some ideas can slow your business down!!); 
  • How to bring the most potent ideas to their full intended impact – the process; and  
  • How to overcome common self-sabotaging strategies that creativity can activate.


During this session, I will personally take you through my powerful Morning Activation and Creation Process that will help you to: 

    Get into the state of Flow and release your full creativity;

    Connect with your greatest creative power; and

    Create business strategy and content that is bound to make a profound impact.

    This session is highly practical:

    • First, I will take you through a few energetic processes that will put you in your highest levels of creative consciousness
    • You will then go through a brief “energetic” audit of your business with me and download the next step/s for your powerful creation
    • Then, you will go off on your way for about an hour to start creating. You will work on something tangible, something that will make a difference in your business.
    • After, we will meet again for the second part of the session and wrap up. 

    It is an extremely powerful creativity session and I cannot wait to take you through it!


      There are two ways to access the Divine Millionaire Creativity Masterclass + Implementation Session:

      1. 3 DAY REPLAY

      $555 $33

      for a limited time


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