unlock your

Live Event + Online Course

Break the Shackles of Limitations.
Call In the Abundance, Opportunities and Growth
You Never Knew Existed!

unlock your

live event + online course

Break the Shackles of Limitations.
Call In the Abundance, Opportunities and Growth
You Never Knew Existed!

A Live VIP Event + online course
with Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing

22nd July 2022
10am – 5pm UK time
(Plus the replay for life!) 

Payment Plan available here.

You’re READY, My Darling

You’re ready to expand your business so far that you’ll impact millions of lives with your life-changing service. 

You’re ready to raise your income so high that you’ll uplevel your life and potential in every area. 

You’re ready to take one giant, bold step after another until you don’t even recognize the old version of you. 

It’s time to shake loose the grip of Fear, Doubt, Procrastinator, Saboteur or anything else that is trying to pull you back from what you were put on this earth to create. 

A Divine, Millionaire, in fact. 

You don’t take small, hesitant steps toward what you want from your life and business – you leap and bound towards your heart’s desires! 

And in my upcoming VIP event, we’re going to Unlock Your Divine Millionaire, 

So you can embody her, 

And let her take the limitless reins for your life. 

Because whether you are super happy about your growth so far this year, or think you are far off reaching your goals for 2022…

I Know You’re Ready to Create MIND-BLOWING business breakthroughs in the next six months

…To grow your monthly income to £10K, £50K, £100K+ months. 

…To build your team with A-list experts. 

…To claim the world stage (speaking at high-impact events, on world stages – spreading your message to the far reaches of the earth). 

…To raise your rates to truly abundant levels.

… To experience level of freedom and purpose you never knew existed.

…To become a household name in your industry. 

That’s Where Your
Divine Millionaire Comes In

Whether you’re aware of her or not, you have your own Divine Millionaire inside of you.

She’s waiting for you to release her so she can work through you and show you her power.

Who is she?

She’s your most powerful, most wealthy, most creative and resourceful version of you.

→ Wealth in your revenue.
→ Wealth in your profits.
→ Wealth in your team members.
→ Wealth in your confidence and ability to create results in every aspect of your business. 

Abundant financial freedom gets released when you unlock your Divine Millionaire. 

And she’s dying to come out. 

She’s dying for you to crack her code, so she can take the reins and bring you a fountain of limitless wealth.

“It’s not enough to just tap into your inner Divine Millionaire from time to time. You’ve got to embody her! BECOME her so that you can operate from your highest level of abundance every day. 

She is an energetic being – fueled by (what I and my thousands of clients and their clients have found to be) the Universe’s most powerful currency. ”

When You Fuel Your Divine Millionaire With This Potent Energetic Power,  

That’s when you’re able to drastically raise your fees.

And I’m not just talking about changing the numbers on your website! I’m talking, backing up those high level fees with high level energy that attracts buyers to your upgraded prices.

That’s when you’re able to scale to 6, multiple 6, 7, and 8 figures with grace

Because your Divine Millionaire is revamping your business model. She makes your big, expansive decisions – not the old version of you. 

That’s when your services and your clients feel like a heck of a lot of fun!

When you can’t wait to sit down and do your work, your clients become your close-knit community and the people you most love to spend your time with! 

You feel energised and inspired when it comes to delivering services, implementing your marketing, and creating genius new offers. 

So if you’re ready to unlock your Divine Millionaire and embody her fully in your business,
I’ll be honored to show you how.

Participate in My VIP Event in London, Live Streamed Directly to You, Wherever You Are!

(Happening July 22nd – 10am to approx. 5pm UK time)

***The in-person event has sold out. But we’re livestreaming the whole thing so you too can be a part of this vibrational community energy no matter where you are in the world! 

During past in-person events, we have found that the potent energy carries easily into the livestream. So when you’re watching from home, you’ll have an equally powerful experience as the women who are physically in London.

Get access for just £249!

Payment Plan available here.

You’ll have access to the replay if you can’t make it live. And/or if you want to create an explosion of energy (again) with your future uplevels.

A Massive Energy Uplift That Can Profoundly Change the Course of Your Entire Year… and LIFE

During this day together, you will understand exactly what it takes to create, become and embody your Divine Millionaire. You’ll get immense clarity on how to get her flowing through every vein of your business. 

The hundreds of women who’ve attended my past in-person events have gotten results like: 

    Leigh, who manifested her dream of buying a big farm in the countryside,

    Liz, who landed multiple huge speaking events and became massively known in the media in her industry,

    And Heidi, leaning into the power of energetic entrepreneurship and becoming CEO of the fastest-growing company in her country… in the same year!

    How are these powerful shifts happening so quickly?

    Society underestimates the unmatched power of like minded women who come together with intention.

    As the facilitator of the event, my gift is in holding the energy of the group. I translate that into teachings and exercises that drastically change your way of thinking about (and viewing) energetic concepts. 

    You’ll get multiple, “Aha! I get it now!” moments.

    Your intuition will start working differently and you will get more potent ideas for ways to grow your business and/or how to align your work more closely with your higher purpose.

    While embodying your Divine Millionaire, you’ll also balance a stronger alchemical marriage between your Divine Feminine and Masculine energies to operate in greater flow and take aligned action.

    You’ll find the sweet spot to run your business, not in business strategy OR business energetics, but with the interlocking of both.

    And because of these essential energetic principles (and actions) you’ll activate throughout the day, the long-term results you’ll experience can be priceless:


    “If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

    Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

    Emily King

    Here’s the Breakdown of the Live Event:

    While I let the energy guide our day together, rather than planning it out hour-by-hour…

    You can expect this general outline:

    Teaching and education with practical guides to implementing energetic work to unlock your Divine Millionaire.

    We’ll go through reflection exercises to help you uncover shadows or blocks to your abundance, so you can fully step into your power.

    We’ll go through guided journeys of consciousness to reveal the hidden truths lying deep below the surface of your mind and energy.

    You’ll network and build a community with like minded entrepreneurs and business owners.

    And we’ll have fun! This experience will be life changing and revolutionary, but there will be plenty of laughs and light conversation at the same time.

    We’ll Also Have Guest Speaker Kelly Morgan In-Person at the Event!

    Few people in the world have made as much impact on me and my business as my dear friend Kelly Morgan. Initially, I was her business coach, helping her grow her coaching business. Now, she’s my coach, helping me heal and grow my sexual energy as I embody my Divine Feminine more fully! 

    Kelly channels the wisdom that touches your heart and soul DEEPLY. 

    She helps you connect with aspects of yourself that lay dormant, aspects of yourself that – once awakened – can create true miracles… At least, that has been my experience of working with Kelly!

    She’ll be speaking at the VIP event, guiding you to open your Divine Feminine and activate your sexual energy: for deeper creativity in all areas of your life and business. 

    Unlock Your Divine Millionaire Code (foundational Course)

    This one-time only live course happened this May and I’m including the replays with your ticket to the VIP event!

    This foundational course was recorded specifically to precede this live event, so it will not be available for purchase after the event!

    (But don’t worry – your ticket to the VIP event includes lifetime access ♥)

    Key #1: Activate Your Royalty Codes And Awaken The Divine Feminine Within

    Key #2: Activate Your Divine Masculine And With It, The Ability To Fulfil Your Greatest Potential

    Key #3: Alchemical Marriage For Creating 7-Figure Success

    PLUS: A recording of our group coaching session where the women who attended asked any and all questions that came up during the sessions!

    Your intuition will start working differently and you will get more potent ideas for ways to grow your business and/or how to align your work more closely with your higher purpose.

    £249 FREE with your ticket to the VIP Event Livestream!

    Payment Plan available here.

    You’ll get instant access to the online course! I recommend you watch all 5 modules before the event so you’re ready to FLY during our time live together.

    livestream access to the vip event in london

    Lifetime access to the exclusive foundational course

    Watch our VIP event livestream from wherever you are in the world

    Teaching and education with practical guides to implementing energetic work to unlock your Divine Millionaire.

    Reflection exercises to help you uncover shadows or blocks to your abundance, so you can fully step into your power.

    Guided Consciousness Journeys to reveal the hidden truths lying deep below the surface of your mind and energy

    Networking and community building with like minded entrepreneurs and business owners

    Lifetime access to the replay in case you can’t make it live and/or want to watch it again

    Lifetime access to the foundational course: Unlock Your Divine Millionaire Code

    Learn the 4 keys to unlocking your Divine Millionaire Code

    4 Consciousness Journeys to embed the 4 keys into your energy, to create long-lasting changes in your life

    Get the recording of our live group coaching session where female entrepreneurs asked any and all questions that came up for them during our live recording of the course

    An opportunity to learn from Kelly Morgan, Divine Femine Awakener

    Activate your sexual energy for deeper, more vivid creativity in every area of your life and business

    get your ticket for just £249!

    Payment Plan available here.


    ‘I attended Lenka Lutonska’s Divine Millionaire Code Event and I’ve woken up this morning like…what the **** just happened?

    I cannot put into words the impact that this day had on me, or the extent to which my ‘Millionaire Code’ has really been activated! What I did not expect was just how next level Lenka is in person. This woman is the real deal and her incredible talent is off the scale.

    After 13 years as a teacher I don’t impress easily – but I am absolutely reeling by how bowled over I was by her and by the entire day. I must’ve cried at least 4-5 times as I experienced my own healing and expansion through the day.

    If any of you are thinking of getting any of Lenka’s programmes then just do it.

    Get as close to her as you can. You simply will not get a better business mentor, one who fully understands the inner work needed to be successful and helps you to get there.’

    Dawn Wyatt

    “What is the difference between the energetics of attracting money and embodying the Divine Millionaire?” 

    The energy of attracting money is certainly important. It’s connected to so many areas of your business: 

    • How you set your prices,
    How you sell, 
    • And much more. 

    But embodying the Divine Millionaire goes even deeper than that.  

    We’ll be working with the energetics of your mind. Who you are as a person. 

    The energetics of money attraction happen mostly in the upper levels of your energy. But if you stay primarily in these realms of energy, you won’t be able to hold the shift for long.  

    You have to go deeper in your energy: Embrace the core. 

    When you do that, you don’t have to ‘hold onto’ anything. The shift becomes who you are. It becomes part of your identity. New changes don’t have to be implemented, because they become habits that you do every day. 

    This is what creates long-term transformational changes in the way that you run your business and attract wealth and limitless opportunities. 

    HOW do I embody the Divine Millionaire??”

    In order to truly embody her, we’ll activate these two things:

    1. Your Ability to Receive Abundantly

    This ability to receive takes strong energetic mindset shifts to overcome feelings like these:

    • “I have to work hard to make more money,”

    • “I need to reach a certain point in my business, a certain certification, or a certain external qualification before I can bring in abundant income,” 

    • “Money is meant for others but not for me,” 

    • “I’m not capable of handling large amounts of money,” or 

    • “I’m not sure I can even picture what I’d do with all that money!” 

    2. Your Ability to Use Your Money in Ways That Move the Needle Forward

    Because even if you’ve managed to receive £10K, £20K, £50K months (or whatever your most expansive month has been), maybe you quickly spend all that money and wonder where it’s all going? 

    There are so many limiting beliefs when it comes to bringing in wealth to your business. 

    And in the traditional ‘money mindset’ world, it can take YEARS to work through all those beliefs. 

    After all, they’ve been handed down to you for your entire life. (Even your past lifetimes!) 

    embodying the Divine Millionaire allows you to break the shackles of these blocks and quantum leap to your next level of abundance.

    In Case You’ve Got More Questions on Your Mind…

    “What’s the difference between this event and your past events?”

    Because I don’t plan my events/courses/programmes on strategy alone (i.e. I let the energy of the container guide the structure), every single event is different. My gift is holding the energy for the group (whether you’re in-person or not). So the activities we do, the guidance I give, etc., are always reflective on the needs and energy of the container in that moment. 

    When you participate in this live event (even if you’re watching the replay) you will be co-creating the experience with me.💖

    “What if I can’t carve out the whole day on 22nd July?”

    We’ll be recording the event and you’ll have lifetime access to the replay! So you can watch it at your own pace, and you can watch it again next time you want to uplevel your energy.

    “How should I prepare for the event?”

    We recommend you go through the online course: Unlock Your Divine Millionaire before you attend the event. You get FREE access to the course when you reserve your event ticket. 


    If you can’t finish all 4 sessions before the event – no need to worry. You will still get everything you need from the livestream. The two can be done in any order.

    Ready to bring that Divine Millionaire to the forefront of your business?

    Then join us (virtually) on 22nd July!

    Payment Plan available here.


    “The extraordinary live event has given me a real kick start to this year. It just came at the right time when I was doubtful of my future as an entrepreneur. 

    I met so many amazing women during the event and the location and the speakers were absolutely amazing.

    What’s more, it’s given me the confidence to host my own online TV Show, write 5 books and host my own live event next year. It has truly helped me to unlock my magic!”

    Sabine Matharu

    My Queen…

    I may have 100 problems, but not knowing what to do when it comes to creating MIND-BLOWING growth in your business and life is certainly not one of them. This is my love, passion and genius.

    And I CANNOT wait to see you on 22nd July to show you exactly HOW you can turn your business dreams into reality too.

    You’ll know exactly what steps you need to take to turn your wildest business dreams into reality.

    And most importantly, we will turn those “can I really do it?”, “will I do it?” and other uncertainties into an accelerator of your growth, into an absolute inevitability.

    Yes, I cannot wait to help you Unlock Your Divine Millionaire Code!!

    Payment Plan available here.

    I am here to help you grow your income and impact exponentially!

    I tripled my multiple six-figure business in six months and went over £1,000,000

    “Working with Lenka has been an incredible experience. I tripled my multiple-six-figure business and crossed the seven-figure mark.

    Lenka guided me to make some crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, changes to spur my business growth. At the same time, we continually worked on my energy and mindset because that’s where it all starts.

    Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way I’ve never experienced before. What difference did this make for me, my business and the people I work with? A huge one, if you ask me!!”

    – Leigh Daniel


    I made £52K in 10 weeks, then £20k in a day DURING LOCKDOWN!

    “Working with Lenka has been the biggest game changer for my business. She is by far the best coach I’ve ever worked with.

    Before working with her I felt stuck, I was doing all the right things but not getting the results I wanted.

    Since working with Lenka I’ve made back my investment several times over. For example, I closed £52k of sales in 10 weeks and I later had a £20k day. And I was able to do it with ease and without feeling like I’m hustling.

    My business is thriving and we are now getting systems in place so that I can automate a lot of my work.

    I highly recommend working with Lenka, she helps marry energy, mindset and strategy really effectively and she is so supportive.”

    Dina Behrman



    “If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

    Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

    Emily King


    Working with Lenka has changed my business forever!

    “When I first came across Lenka I’d been online for about a year with patchy success, feast then famine in terms of clients and finances. That’s all changed. Lenka has given me strategies to build my list, attract my tribe and to send the right message to my soul clients.

    She is there supporting me through thick and thin and has been a beacon of light in my growth. She is the best mindset maven I have experienced, this for me made all the difference, that together with her business acumen makes magic.

    After signing up to work with Lenka I immediately manifested 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously. After 3 months of working with her I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

    A BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”

    Sarah Negus



    “Working with Lenka has completely changed my life and business. By applying her ideas I quickly went from making around £1K per month to steady £5K months. 

    I kept going, and by following through on the inspired ideas I received, I made £20k in 4 days, and hit my record month of £35k! All within 4 months.

    Lenka creates an extremely powerful energetic container for the right women – women with BIG dreams and callings, women with a great deal of personal responsibility, women with the willingness to make changes.

    If this is you, I warmly recommend you go for it. With Lenka’s support and guidance you can create miracles for you, those you love, and those you serve.”

    Alessandra Lanzafame



    “I signed up to work with Lenka simply because I felt the calling. It wasn’t without pain however, I was scared as s*it at the investment! But I did it anyway.

    My expectations were high but I received more than I could’ve imagined. I got my investment back in just one month! This was the best month ever in my business – I’m from a “low income” country and I easily made 11k. This was just the beginning.

    Now with Lenka’s valuable guidance I’m launching my on-line course in a week’s time. I know this will sustain my business for many years to come and my confidence and energy are sky high. Thank you so much Lenka!

    P.S. If you feel in your heart that signing up to work with Lenka is the right choice for you, then believe me, it is. Go for it!”

    –  linda berger



    “I am loving the whole experience of working with Lenka.  The direction both energetically and strategically is incredible! On her recommendation I tripled my fees and made five figures within the first two months.

    I have consistently grown my income and in the first month of lockdown had my most successful business month ever. The growth in my business is a direct result of my personal growth. I feel unstoppable. All my money blocks have gone – I can’t even remember them now, and that is really saying something!

    I have done things that made me feel uncomfortable and owned them and the rewards, both financially and personally they have bought me are priceless.  I do less work for more money, I am in alignment, joy and peace and that is exactly the energy that attracts my clients.

    I didn’t know what to expect from working with Lenka, I just knew that if I wanted to grow, I had to trust in someone special, and she is that person.”

    –  sonia grimes



    ” Lenka and my amazing tribe of ladies thank you so much for this incredible experience. Or shall I say TRANSFORMATION? Because that’s what it honestly feels like.

    I’ve been inspired every day and I never held my vision more clearly in my mind as I do now. I’m on my path of growing my business whilst having so much fun. It’s one of the best investments I made.

    Having had this experience I now serve my clients more powerfully and show up more powerfully in the world. I highly recommend it to those amazing women who feel called to reach higher.”

    –  julia kotula


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