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Massive congratulations!

All of your desires are about to turn into inevitabilities and you about to open a whole new level of abundance in love, money, freedom and purpose!

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And now, why not step into this reality physically? 

Following on from Desire Alchemy, I warmly invite you to join me, at the end of June, for a very special FULL day where you will get to experience that new energy of your true Self and activate another whole new level of potential within you.

Nothing compares to the power of focussing a full day on the co-creation of your miracles!

And this is is all going to happen on 30th June at my special VIP event, Miraculum Live.

Online as well as in-person tickets are available and, should you wish to join me in London in-person, I’d be delighted to offer you a seat at an exclusive, no-longer-available-anywhere-else discounted fee!

Use this discount code when checking out to claim your super special discount: DESIREMIRACULUMLIVE100

I can’t wait to see you very soon, my dear! Read on for details!