Turn your greatest desire into an inevitability and open the door to an abundance of money, love and freedom.

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Desire: a strong feeling or wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

Dear Visionary, Creator, Initiator…

What is the desire that is haunting your mind and heart?

If you look inside yourself, it’s that thing you’ve been craving for the longest time, above all else deep within your heart (and you already know what that is for you)…

The everlasting love you’ve been dreaming about. A deeper connection with the love of your life, or perhaps to finally fall in love with yourself.

The financial abundance that may seem to evade you. You want to stop toiling in vain and ease into creative flow, working only a fraction of the time, but seeing your income multiply and multiply… and multiply.

Those clients you wish to serve, but it seems like no matter what you do, they’re not coming. From a trickle, create a steady stream that continues to grow day after day.

That sense of freedom that touches all areas of your life. Where you wake up feeling that you have all the time in the world at your disposal, and there is no rush to be somewhere. A feeling of deep, sincere happiness every day.

To look in the mirror, and instead of superficial flaws, see in your eyes the bravery, beauty and power of the infinite creator that resides within you.

Or perhaps, all of the above??

Your greatest desire is your soul’s most authentic expression of self, ready to live through you

But right now, maybe after years of effort, you are nervously saying to yourself…

Damn that sounds good, but how?

You may have tried many things to manifest your desires. Setting goals, getting up early, creating new routines, working your socks off… and sometimes it lasted only days before you gave up on another wasted effort. 

So you told yourself that you would live in the present moment: you tried meditating, letting things flow and allowing miracles to come to you. But nothing happened.

You may have been close to giving up for good so many times. 

Because in short… you have tried EVERYTHING and nothing seems to work.

Yet, you can’t seem to give up trying for good. 

Because after a while, that burning desire comes back. You are super committed (even if it doesn’t feel like it). That’s why you are sometimes pissed off at those desires as they haunt you.

You wish you had it in you to settle. It would be so much easier.

I hear you, and none of this is your fault.

My dear one, if you take only one thing from me today, take this: 

Don’t give up on your desires.

They’re here for you.

They’re ready to live through you.

It’s what you’re meant to be, do, have. 

I’m here to tell you that no matter how far away those desires seem to be, they’re here for you, and you will fulfil them. 

The only reason you’re not living your desire yet? 

Is because you’re trying to create from outside of it, not from within it. 

To bring your desire forth, you need to activate it from within that desire, with ALL of you.

Let me explain what I mean:

Most of us, most of the time, go about achieving our big goals with only ONE part of Self.

Some people (unconsciously) use only their Lower Self

– that aspect of us driven by logic, past experiences and programming. This often results in feeling tired because we are forced to over rely on action, often trying to prove to ourselves and others that, “No matter what, I will do it!” 

Other people only use their
Higher Self

– that aspect of Self that holds all of our potential. This happens when we discover the Law of Attraction, and let the Universe / God etc. bring that which we desire to us. Except, for most people, this never happens when it comes to their most meaningful desires.

Because trying to bring desires forth in this way, is like a moth fluttering her wings against the glass of a window, desperately trying to get into a house with shining lights. Again, and again, until she grows too tired. 

That is what it means to manifest / achieve / create from OUTSIDE of desire. 

You are aware that there is MORE for you (the light; your desire) but no matter what you do or don’t do, that light seems to allude you. 

That glass window is your awareness.

And during the Desire Alchemy Activation, you will dissolve the illusions your mind has been holding onto, so you can become ONE with the light, one with your DESIRE.

Just like when the moth flies inside a fire because she desires the light, willing to destroy herself to become one with it….

You too will alchemise your old, Lower Self in this process, so ALL of you can Activate your desire from WITHIN, and powerfully bring it forth. 

This is the sacred process called Desire Alchemy, and you’re about to experience it.

Yes, during this Activation Experience, you’re about to Alchemise Your Desire! 

But before we go into the details, let me introduce myself…

My name is Lenka Lutonska…

I’m the bestselling author of Energetic Selling and Marketing, and a wealth activator for women from all around the world. The wealth of love, money, freedom and purpose is my lived reality – and my zone of genius when it comes to help other women to create. 

I have a deeply loving relationship of 17 years, 3 healthy children, an amazing body, an incredibly successful multiple 7-figure-a-year international business, and financial abundance aplenty. This is the kind of life that many women dream of.

But of course, at one point this life was a dream to me too!

It was a fantasy, a desire so unobtainable it made me cry at night. When what I wanted to do was serve others and make a difference in the world.

No matter what I did, there were no clients pouring in: only a trickle. When I so wanted to feel freedom and abundance, my reality was carefully counting every £5 note because I was flat broke. I envied other women for their amazing bodies, because my baby weight never seemed to shift.

So when I say that no matter what it is that feels like a million miles away, it is available here and now.

And I mean it, because I have lived it.

I created this Activation Experience called Desire Alchemy, so that many women, including you, can powerfully bring forth the desires that are meant for them. 

This is how you will live as your FULL SELF, this is how you’ll express the most authentic, full Self, and as such, create a new path for yourself, for your dear ones, and for generations to come.

 An Activation Experience, in which you’ll: 

Awaken the Desire Codes in your body, making that which you’re dreaming about possible for you.

Get in touch with the illusions in your mind and energy that have been keeping you stuck and trying, alchemising them into the fuel of your growth and creative power.

Discover the “rightful use of energy” – the way to work with Desire Force in such a way that you turn even your greatest desires into an inevitability.

Shift your awareness around creating exponential changes and growth in business, relationships, financial affairs, health and fitness – making it far easier for you to create desire changes in these areas.

Eliminate any if’s, but’s and maybe’s when it comes to fulfilling your greatest desires, and become ONE with them, collapsing your time line along the way.

Through this powerful Activation Experience, you will open the door to massive abundance of money, love, freedom and miracles in your life.

One payment of £555 + VAT where applicable

Module One


In this first session, you will get in touch with the desire force in your body, and activate it fully, with ALL of you. This is the beginning and the end of the manifestation process. It speeds up everything exponentially. It collapses timelines and turns years into months, months into weeks, weeks into days.  I’ll teach you how to activate your Desire Force through the principles of unconscious and conscious reality creation, and guide you in your first activation. 

Module Two


In the second session, you will be lifting the veil of your senses, so you can feel, with every cell in your body, who you really are – an infinitely powerful creator, capable of creating heaven on earth, and living your most heart-felt desires. It is only when you lift this veil of human senses, you will clear your Desire of its Shadow – and as such, make it ready to live through you. 

Module Three

ENERGETIC Resurrection

Your desire wants you to sacrifice your old self for it; and rebirth yourself as the woman that IS her desire.

This is the process of energetic resurrection – and you have started it by applying the law of oneness.

But perhaps you don’t understand exactly what is happening, or what to do with it.

This session will help you not only understand, but also support you in birthing your New You – and with that, the life you so richly deserve.

Module Four


During the fourth Desire Alchemy Activation session, you will enter your Lion’s Den – face your deepest fears when it comes to materialising your desires…. And you will powerfully alchemise them, so those fears can no longer stop you from living as the highest expression of your Self. 

What other women are saying about their Activation Experiences:

After you go through this Activation Experience you will:

Dare to dream big, bigger than you thought possible.

Manifest and create the abundance you desire in your heart.

Dissolve all illusions of fear and obstacles standing in your way.

Create a deeper connection in all relationships, including the one with yourself.

See your income multiply, and multiply… and multiply.

Feel a deep sense of sincere happiness every day.

Look in the mirror and see the bravery, beauty and power within you.

Desire Alchemy is a gift for the rest of your life

Desire Alchemy is the foundation module of my brand new, life-changing, year-long group coaching experience called Miraculum. 

The tools and techniques I will impart to you in Desire Alchemy will be enough in themselves to kick-start a profound transformation in your life and open the door to massive abundance that only existed before in your wildest dreams.

Are you ready to activate miracles?

One payment of £555 + VAT where applicable

Darling, if you feel the time has come…

Swap heavy for light…
Leave the world of hard drudgery and start using the infinite power of your energy…
Relax into the creative process and enjoy the cosmic play…

Say it with me:

“I deserve it.
I allow it.
I choose it.”

And if you decide to step in,
I would be honoured to be your guide on this journey.

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One payment of £555 + VAT where applicable

What’s included:

Desire Alchemy Activation
Experience includes:

4 Desire Code Activation Sessions

Bonus Coaching Session

Special prompts, exercises and activities for deeper reflection

Access to a community that will support, celebrate and uplift you

Lifetime Access to all of the above


How long is each module?

All modules last approximately 60 – 90 minutes.

How can I access the modules?

Within 15 minutes of purchase, you will be sent a Welcome email giving you log in details to Lenka’s courses portal. This is where you will find all the modules for Desire Alchemy.

I don’t have a business… Is Desire Alchemy still useful for me?

Of course! Desire Alchemy will help you in all areas of your life, such as relationships, money, health, personal happiness, and any other area in which you want to manifest miracles!

One payment of £555 + VAT where applicable