To create a high-level offering to sky-rocket your success, to reach the first six figures in your coaching business is a reason for a big pat on the back.

It’s a wonderful moment. You’ve proven to yourself that it’s worthwhile to believe in your dreams. And your diary, which is full of client or training calls, gives you a sense of purpose.

At the same time, it can often be a bit of an “oh shit!” moment too.

This was certainly the case for me.

You see, by the time my online coaching business was in a full swing, I was pregnant with my third boy.

With his imminent arrival, I had to admit to myself, “If I want to spend quality time with my little one AND continue growing my business, I have to change something.”

It wasn’t uncommon that I was working with as many as twenty 1-2-1 clients at a time (Yes, I know!).

I also ran a successful group program. So yeah, my ‘Get Fully Booked’ coach title at the time was well earned.

But being fully booked with 1-2-1 clients, no matter how amazing they are, has its limits.

What changed? How did I continue tripling my business? Year on year while creating more time in my life?

A good few things.

But first and foremost, it was switching from a 1-2-1 model to a one-to-many model. In other words I:

  • introduced a group mastermind at my then current 1-2-1 fees,
  • transformed my signature program, the Extraordinary Growth Academy, into a high-level program,
  • and once a year I run The Extraordinary Live Event in a luxurious environment.

Creating 10K, 15K, 20K, 30K or 50K offerings that your clients will love, and that will help you to scale your impact fast, is available to each and every one of you.

Yes, you’ve got to be willing to work on yourself so you can be completely aligned with charging those sorts of fees. (Sometimes, this “work” is far from “easy”.)

You’ve got to be willing to learn to market and sell from a new place.

And, first and foremost, you’ve got to have an offering that can proudly wear that “price tag.” An offering your high-end soul clients will love. An offering that you can sell out with joy and ease – every time.

So today, I wanted to share a great resource with you – The Super Seller Program Guide

Click here and you will receive it via your Facebook Messenger.

This PDF will guide you through the process of selling out your high-level offerings and impact the lives of your soul clients.

It includes a ‘checklist’ of strategic “must dos” for your ideal clients to be inspired to say yes to themselves and your offerings.

As well as some powerful journaling questions that will get you in complete alignment with what you are aiming to accomplish.

All of my VIP clients use it to prepare for fabulous launches, or simply sell out their 1-2-1 offerings with much greater ease.

Just in the last hour, I heard from one of my gorgeous VIP masterminders that she signed up a $11K client for a group programme.

In spite of the fact that the client initially said: “It’s wrong to charge that much for spiritual coaching.”

… she held strong and gave a prospective client a loving choice to love it or leave it. And the client signed up a few hours later. That’s call super-alignment!

Click here to have the Super-Seller Program Guide sent to you in Messenger.

With love,

P.S: Want even more help with creating a super-seller program that will skyrocket your impact and success in business?

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