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Attract the right high-end clients

Clients not responding to you? Attract the right clients.

by | May 1, 2019


As a business coach for women, I’ve naturally heard the phrase, “Clients don’t respond to me, I’m attracting the wrong type of clients!” on more than one occasion… or ten.

And I don’t buy into it anymore.

Here is why.

Of course, I know there is such a thing as “non-ideal targeting” on Facebook ads.

I know there is such a thing as clients not responding to our offers… and/or feeling like you are shouting into the abyss when using social media … and/or marketing our hearts out only to hear NOTHING back. I’ve experienced all of this before.

It can be annoying, disheartening, disappointing. So, when clients are not responding to you? How do you attract the right high-end clients?

Assuming, “I’m attracting the wrong type of clients” is not a solution.

I mean, where do you go from there?

>> Change your FB ads targeting to be able to attract better clients? I guess you already tried that.

>> Tweak your discovery call intake form to ‘filter out’ people who are not ‘ready’? … The chances are you have tried that too.

>> Say to yourself, “Screw it!” and go and binge-watch Netflix for a day?

I mean, you could do all of these things.

OR – you could acknowledge that:

  • Other people’s behaviours – including your potential clients – is a direct reflection of what you believe to be true.
  • If you think of your clients as ‘not ready’, ‘unresourceful’, ‘not willing to invest in themselves’, ‘not engaging with your content’… then they are much more likely to show up like that.
  • But, if you are able to see your potential clients for who they can be, rather than for behaviours they currently display and start seeing them as resourceful, powerful and READY, the likelihood of them showing up in that way will increase exponentially…. aka: they will start engaging with you… take action… say yes to themselves – and you.

Remember Dr. Massaru Emoto’s water experiment? The same water can, molecularly, turn into horrible looking “mud” or a beautiful snowflake depending on what you project onto it.

It’s the same with the people in your life, including your ‘tribe’.

Who do you consider them to be?

Make a choice and let your marketing and selling demonstrate that choice.

And then watch!!! 🙂

With all my love,

P.S. If you ask me, I know you to be capable of creating miracles in your business, spur extraordinary growth, scale your impact and create masses of difference in the world, and your life with it.

I also know you are smart and committed and freaking talented… and you appreciate how much difference it can make having a powerful coach by your side. 😉

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