Don’t you just love it when you can mix work and pleasure? When you can make an impact while having fun and feeling a sense of connection? Enter a Chat about business growth, life and all things extraordinary… with a twist. 😍

Yesterday I hopped on an impromptu live stream in my Freaking Amazing community – with a glass of Slovak brandy!!

Apart from the brandy, I thoroughly enjoyed having a chat, discussing these “random” topics:

  • The four prerequisites for continual business growth;
  • “Difference” vs “Sameness” people and why it’s important to know what our preference is and how it plays out in growing our business;
  • Why I got rid of my signature pink lipstick (for a while, haha);
  • How to structure your masterminds, and other high-end offerings, for the greatest impact and profitability;
  • A few things I learned from running the second Extraordinary Live event and one reason why making £250K in sales within a week felt so easy (I am putting together a full masterclass on this topic – “Creating a super transformative and super profitable live event”. If that’s of an interest to you, watch out for more info next week);
  • How to deal with lack of structure when starting and growing a business;
  • Why I don’t own a single piece of clothing or jewellery worth over £1k and why I’m planning to change that;
  • And much more.

So my gorgeous, if you are up for something closer and more personal (and fancy a glass of something fabulous) head over here and catch up on our chat.

Please note you need to be a member of the Freaking Amazing Facebook Group (it’s free and …ehm, ehm, Freaking Amazing!) to be able to watch it.

With all my love,

P.S. Here are a couple of updates that may be of value to you:

1. Yes, we sold out of all printed copies of Energetic Selling Marketing that were available on day one (oops!) but the good news is that it’s now back in stock. And the first results are coming in!!

One incredible reader created over £8K extra sales revenues after reading the book, in just a few days! Yay, how I love reading messages like this. 😍

Please feel happy to order your copy and claim some fabulous bonus courses at energeticselling.com if you haven’t done so yet!

2. Last week I opened the doors to the Millionaire Code VIP experience. I will be working very closely with two groups of 12 powerful women for the rest of the year to help them scale their impact.

If you feel it’s your time to go big and would love my personal support, please feel happy to read more about this VIP experience here and apply for a call with me. We now have five spaces left in the VIP group, and only one space left in the VIP Elite group.