Many people say that your life can completely change in the space of five years. And it’s true.

I can hardly recognise the woman I used to be five years ago, let alone everything else that has come with it – from my success in business, through to my finances, the people I surround myself with and serve and the overall happiness in my life.

I am sure you can relate in some way – it’s interesting to have this kind of check, right?

But today, I am here to propose something more: You can completely change your life in seven days.

How do I know?

For the last eleven years, I’ve been delivering a week long certification in NLP Coaching and what my gorgeous delegates have been able to create within those seven days – and in the weeks, months and years following that training – is often miraculous. They have:

  • Let go of problems that seemed ‘huge’ and that previously they had tried to hide from others and managed by themselves (if only that was possible!) – from overcoming PTSD, phobias or depression;
  • Found a new level of relationship with themselves, their higher intelligence and with the people in their lives; and
  • Truly stepped into their power, creating a super clear direction for their future and, as such, created incredible positive changes in their businesses and lives – growing their businesses with much greater ease, increasing their fees and being able to own them, leaving unhealthy relationships and attracting new, loving relationships instead, manifesting dream jobs and opportunities, you name it.

Yep, it’s rather impossible to state just how much can change within one week. (You can watch some women talking about it here.)

You know why? Because NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is all about harnessing the power of our minds. And it is LIMITLESS.

I too credit NLP with changing my life altogether. Following my week long NLP Practitioner training twelve years ago, I was able to:

  • Let go of an eating disorder – just. like. that.;
  • Attract (and keep!) my dream man, now the father of my three children, the love of my life.; and
  • Let go of my need for ‘security’ and do whatever it took to get myself trained in NLP to the highest level.

As such, I quit my job and started a business that makes my soul sing and truly makes all of my other dreams possible.

And while the journey has been wild at some points, I am still feeling the absolute joy of that. And, perhaps most importantly, NLP has helped me to make a difference in the lives of thousands upon thousands of people ever since.

That’s why women choose to complete this training with me, not just as a gift to themselves but to the hundreds and thousands of people who then benefit from their new-found transformational skills – from people in their lives through to their gorgeous paying clients.

Would you like to be one of those women?

Would you like to spend a week with me? Become an extraordinary NLP Coach and start changing your life and business right away? Change your life with NLP?

Then here is my loving invitation to reach out to me today.

In just a few weeks (9th-15th June) I will be training 12 women in this powerful technology for communication and change. And 11 of those places are already gone.

Coming and joining us for that NLP Coach training week in June may take some juggling of time and finances, and perhaps some courage.

But – you can – and will – truly change your life with NLP.

Are you up for it?

Then click here – and let’s make it happen!

I would love YOU to be that woman who will be able to create miracles in the forthcoming weeks, months and years ahead.

With love,

P.S. Did I say there is only ONE place left for this year’s NLP Coach Accreditation Training? If it’s calling you, click the link and get in touch today. You’ll be glad you did – perhaps for the rest of your life! <3

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– Cassie Hicks, Digital Marketing Mentor

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